How to Arrange Compact Computer Desk to Utilize Working Space
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How to Arrange Compact Computer Desk to Utilize Working Space

|Nov 11, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most people are confined to their homes. For office workers, this is a nightmare. This is because most of them have a small working space. As a result, it can become difficult to create an office set up with a compact computer desk.

For this very reason, we have come up with corner desk ideas for small spaces. This will help in saving some space while making your workspace productive. Hence, you can look below to find ideas on how to arrange a space-saving computer desk. 

How to Arrange a Compact Computer Desk

How to Arrange a Compact Computer Desk

If you are someone who spends hours working at your compact computer desk, then even the smallest things like a workspace can affect your productivity. So, here are a few tips that will help you to arrange a compact computer desk to make use of the working space in the best possible way. Check them out now!

Using the available walls

When you have limited space for putting your compact computer desk, you have to make the best use of every corner. For this, you have to make your walls hard. A storage unit on the wall with foldable compartments offers plenty of space for keeping your desk. This is the best small desk setup as it allows you to fold every section when it is not in use.

Transform the dividing wall

If you have a kitchen design with an open plan, you can transform your dividing wall into a compact computer desk station. You can therefore invest in a tall and narrow desk with a lot of space to balance shelves for storage of office supplies and a laptop. For this purpose, you can make use of an Autonomous x Timotion small standing desk.

Use the available space under the staircase

Use the available space under the staircase

If you do not have any separate room to use as an office, you can use the space that is available under your staircase. You can go for furniture that has a painted finish along with a mixture of neutral wood. Adding open shelves to your compact computer table can help in personalizing the space with some objects. You can highlight the latter with some internal lights.

Put your desk within a cupboard

It is important to maintain a good and healthy balance between work and home life. Therefore, you can hide your desk inside a cupboard so that you can put it away once you are done with your work. A customizable Autonomous x Wistopht small office standing desk with storage shelves can help you in this regard.

Adding a wallpaper

Adding a wallpaper with compact computer desk

If you want to give your portable computer desk a dedicated workspace, consider adding wallpaper. You can keep it in the corner of a room. A wallpaper can upgrade your small working space by creating a specific space and delineating a room to give a purposeful feel to your office.

Using an attic

It may be that you have an attic that still does not feel complete. However, if you have a small home, why don’t you utilize your attic as a working space? Exposed rafters with sloped and angled ceilings can offer the perfect background for working with your compact portable desk.

Hanging shelf

Hanging shelf

In case you are looking for an adjustable standing desk for small spaces, do away with the idea of a traditional desk. You can instead opt for some shelves. Reclaiming old wood for your hanging shelf will create a rustic look for your workspace. Therefore, a hanging shelf will be the best idea for any working space.

Vertical space

If you have some available space on your wall but not on your floor, then look for a compact computer desk that has vertical space for the purpose of storage. You can search for a minimalist office design so that it does not give off a bulky look. And it must also not take a lot of your visual working space.

Walk-in closet

Walk-in closet

If you have a hidden walk-in closet, you can use some of its space to keep your compact computer desk. At first, it can feel a little bit odd working next to hanging clothes. However, it has its own benefits as it can be a soundproof room for attending work calls. The only thing that you have to do is to adjust your background.

Make the space bright

You can select a workspace by going for stimulating and bright colors like blue. It blends the traditional idea of a working desk with a new tinge of colors that brightens up your day. It will boost productivity as well. In addition, if you decorate this space well, you can utilize it as a bright upholstery, colorful bust, and gallery wall.

Use your guest bedroom

Use your guest bedroom

We all know that most of the time, our guest bedrooms are left empty. But if you have a space, why don't you utilize it? You can add a sofa bed in your guest bedroom to alter the functionality of that room. It can be a comfortable space to work as well as it will be a suitable space for taking some rest in-between your work. You can further add a compact computer desk there.

A floating desk

If you have a corner that is not yet utilized, you can add a floating desk or a shelf. It will provide you an ample space to work with. You can also use any available space near a window to benefit from the natural light that comes in. This space will be helpful for the storage of coffee cups, notepads, and pop books.


You can use any of these ideas mentioned above for keeping your compact computer desk to make the best use of your working space. In addition, you can opt for a space that has some storage. This will help you store all the necessary items while they are not in use.

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