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How to Attract Tech Talents: Top Tips to Follow

How to Attract Tech Talents: Top Tips to Follow

|Jan 15, 2022

Technology companies aren't the only ones competing for talent; other industries are also catching up and winning a larger share. While this tech talent trend has been going on for a while, it's getting more pronounced. It is becoming increasingly difficult for many companies to compete for top tech talent recruitment. Many top-flight candidates are being snatched up at unprecedented rates by the largest technology companies and tech startups.

By broadening the funnel of hiring tech talent candidates, emerging winners will be able to overcome the talent crunch by seeking candidates with a broader range of desirable capabilities - beyond just technical skills - from a diverse pool of applicants.

Tips on How to Attract New Tech Talent


A company's mission and purpose, competitive pay and benefits packages, and a track record of investing in training and career development are not enough to win the attention of qualified candidates, as job seekers now consider these to be table stakes. Additionally, these companies create market differentiators when attracting top talent, including Generation Z and millennial, whose numbers are on the rise. Here are some ways of how to attract talent.

Culture and cause must be emphasized

Culture and cause must be emphasized

It may sound simple, but a great company culture starts with great colleagues, and that's a huge factor in creating a great and productive work environment. Players who want to improve daily want to be surrounded by talent. The people of today want to feel part of a bigger picture. They want a job that aligns with their values and makes sense in today's world. Ensure that this is understood at your company.

Don't make the same pitch to everyone

You should remember that every recruit is unique, so you should tailor your pitch to their needs. As part of the recruiting process, you have already determined whether the recruit is a good match, so now explain to them how their skills and requirements fit your company's needs. In case you’re struggling with changing or tailoring your pitch, try to use the help of recruitment process outsourcing to adapt to and be flexible with the different needs of hiring processes.

Emphasize the significance of the job

Emphasize the significance of the job

Both the hiring company and the candidate have to market themselves. Sell your candidate on the significance of the position they will begin once you have found them. Tell them how this role will affect both the external and internal worlds. Coders play a small role, but the job has a large impact.

Tell them how you'll meet their needs

It is imperative that leaders do an honest assessment of candidates' needs, wants, and motivations and see if there is a good match. Tech talent candidates need to be explained how the company meets their needs if it is a good match. Engage current employees with similar needs, wants, and motivators in an informal discussion to tell the candidate how they have treated them.

Identify career growth opportunities

Identify career growth opportunities for tech talent

The new currency is technology leadership and talent. In addition to providing technical talent with advancement opportunities, leaders must emphasize their organization's culture of innovation. Provide an opportunity for your potential hire to meet with your current technology leaders, and share customer success stories that demonstrate the true value of technology.

Provide best office furniture, accessories, equipment

Utilize modern tools and frameworks, hold fewer meetings, and provide tech talent candidates with high-impact technical projects that measurably increase people's quality of life. Meetings and other formal corporate rituals typically turn off high-performing engineers. Establish formal procedures to limit context switching. Ensure your engineering team is protected from interruptions so that they can focus on delivering.

It's important to be flexible. Business owners should update their workflow from a work-in-office to a hybrid environment by finding new tools and processes. 

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