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How to Build A Compact Workstation For Space Saving
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How to Build A Compact Workstation For Space Saving

|Feb 25, 2022

Computer tables have been the center of attention whenever we talk about decorating a workplace or furnishing it with essential items. However, a compact workstation is an important part of an ergonomic workplace and offers certain benefits. A compact workstation desk is not only space-saving but also ensures you get the desired level of privacy without intruding too much into the living space of others.

Such small standing desks for home and conventional compact home workstations are ideal for people who are limited on space but don't want to subject themselves to an improper workstation. Hence a compact computer workstation offers advantages in saving cost and space. But to build a perfect compact computer desk workstation is a challenge, hence here is a brief guide on how to achieve one.

How to Build a Compact Workstation in a Tight Space

Using the Hallway

Using the Hallway for compact workstation

Hallways are present in almost all homes, and it is the entry point; hence one might not be thinking about setting a desk here. But the thing about the hallway is that it is usually a wasted space with no furniture. A small standing desk can be a right fit for such places as you can dedicate an 8 by 8 area for your work adventures. And if you don't want to be a barrier between your daily home lives, then using a foldable desk is the right choice. Open up when you need to work, and then you can fold it off and slide it under the couch.

Use your Dining Table

It's all about seeing things differently, and we all know the unusual places we have chosen to work from home amidst the pandemic. We kept our laptops on all possible flat surfaces from the bed to the top of our car. But a dining table is a good option for homes that are not too noisy around the dining table. You can also use a standing desk converter and work while standing to make things ergonomic.

A Convertible Workstation

A Convertible Workstation

Standing desk converters usually have a single platform, but one step ahead are convertible workstations. Just like this motorized standing desk converter by Mount-It!, this converter comes with two platforms, one for your screen and the other one for your keyboard.

This feature also makes it useful for multi-monitor setup as you can use a laptop and an individual screen at once. The best thing about mounting its convertible workstation is that it significantly improves your working posture by allowing you to adjust the height.

Compact Desk by Wistopht

The only way to create a compact workstation is to choose a compact desk to pair it with. This means you need to opt for space-friendly desks, ensuring you get the maximum benefits of an ergonomic workstation without using the maximum space.

This compact standing desk for the office by Wistopht is specially made for tiny spaces and is also height adjustable for ease of use. The desk is easy to assemble and can lift multiple XL desktop screens and other accessories.

Use A Pillar Desk

Use A-Pillar Desk for compact workstation

A compact workstation desk like a pillar desk is known for its easy assembly, and the same is the case with this compact desk by Happen. With a 2-minute no-tool assembly process, you get all the ergonomic functions right in your budget. This workstation allows you to use and fold as you please, all thanks to the sturdy, foldable legs. And the best part is the LED display memory keypad that allows you to adjust the height with a single push.

A Wall Mounted Desk

For people who are relatively tight on space, such as setting up a desk in a dorm, a wall-mounted desk will do the job right. You can get tons of floating desk choices in the market, and they also come in foldable options to go right back to the wall when done. The only catch with a floating desk is that they don't allow you to adjust the height. Hence you are limited to working in the same posture always.

Define Your Workspace with Color

Define your Workspace with Color

Setting a compact workstation in your home is all about marking your territory, and there are many ways to do that. Use paint to delineate your workplace in an open-plan setting, such as a loft bedroom or living room. A simple idea is to create a backdrop that frames your desk in the front. You can achieve this by forming a panel of colors slightly under the roof lights and extending to the floor. This backdrop can mark your work desk territory.

Use a Corner

Smaller households may not have the luxury of dedicating a whole room to a home office, but fear not: a corner will suffice! Pull up a comfortable chair and a small table in the kitchen corner to create a tiny workstation. When not in use, the chair can be moved around the room, and the table may be put against the wall to save important floor space. And if you want more of a permanent setting, then an L-shaped corner desk can be the best space-efficient solution for you.

Use Space under the Staircase

Use Space under the Staircase

Other than the idea of space utilization under the stairs in Harry Potter, there are other ways to make the most of that place. And many of us discovered that while working from home. Use the space under the stairs to make one of the home most private and focused working corners.

Choose bespoke furniture for compact workstation that may be built to work in tight locations, add a small workstation or make one from a basic shelf. It is wise to remember that if you are following an open plan and open layout office, it should have a complementing nature to the rest of the room so your workstation doesn’t look out of place. 

Office in the Attic

A fresh coat of paint and a roll of carpet may turn an attic from a storage space to a place where you want to spend time. Attic is the best place for compact workstations and it is also easy to set up. All you need is to take and place your work desk in a corner in the attic and make sure to invest on the cleaning and preparation of the attic. A deep cleaning job, a nice paint and detailed look on creating a positive environment all can have a positive impact.

Sum Up

Before we picked the right house for us, not all of us knew we would be confined inside the walls for work-study and various other purposes. Ever since work from home has observed a rise in productivity, many organizations have adopted an entire remote time approach. Hence a home should have a proper home office setup to achieve the desired level of productivity. Above are some ideas for making a tight space for home use and setting up a productive compact work corner. Let's note them down and start now!

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