How to Charge Laptop Without Charger - Simple Ways
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How to Charge Laptop Without Charger - Simple Ways

|Oct 15, 2022

Consider that you are leaving town for a short vacation. You could be traveling to a cousin's beach wedding, traveling on vacation with your family to the seaside, or going on a vacation with your buddies. You decide to carry your laptop since it will be convenient to watch movies, complete some business, or enjoy a Video game when you have free time.

While you're away from home, a laptop might make you feel more at home. But what if you suddenly find out that you forgot to bring your laptop's charger? You will probably wonder how to charge a laptop without a charger. You might have to make do without your PC on this vacation, given that it only has 10% of its power. You might even have to put off sending that crucial email to the manager or supervisor.

However, it is not necessary to be this way. You don't even need a typical laptop charger to power your computer. If you are a fellow twentieth-century resident who feels obligated to take your PC along when you go on the road, you must learn how to charge a laptop without a charger since it's fairly simple. Here are a few simple methods for charging your laptop if your adapter is missing.

Here is How You Can Charge Your Laptop Without Its Charger

Are you wondering how to charge a dead laptop without a charger? – These techniques allow you to recharge your laptop without a power supply. Try starting your laptop with one of the ways to charge laptop without charger if your adapter or charger cord isn't an alternative available:

Locate a Replacement Battery

Although it appears straightforward, not many individuals use this industry-secret advice. Batteries are a popular replacement item sold by laptop makers. By purchasing another rechargeable wireless charger for multiple devices, you can probably keep your laptop operating if you're traveling and do not have access to a source of power. Buy an external spare battery when uncertain how to recharge a laptop without a recharging connector. This appliance is immediately plugged into the outlet. Charge your primary battery using your laptop adapter and your backup battery with an extra rechargeable battery as a practical method to get ready for extended journeys. Be sure to buy an additional charging system such as a wireless portable charger compatible with your laptop type because they are sometimes brand- and line-specific.

Employ a Type-C Cable

Employ a Type-C Cable - charge laptop without charger

A high-power connection is provided through USB-C ports, which transmit substantially more current at faster rates than a USB-A dock. You may use a USB-C cable to recharge laptops with built-in USB-C connectors. Make sure that the USB-C cable includes a plug adaptor if you're thinking about how to recharge a laptop battery using a USB-C connection. Connect one end to an electrical socket while the other connects to your laptop. We recommend using a magnetic wireless charger, or the Anker 60W converter is a dependable USB-C adapter that can concurrently supply up to 30W of energy to five USB-C external devices at maximum speed. Four such power connectors feature sophisticated designs that increase charging rates by automatically identifying the sort of item being charged. Likewise, your phone may utilize the USB connector on the PC to recharge its battery.

Utilize A Power Bank to Power Your Laptop

With a portable battery bank or your magnetic wireless charger for your phone, you may change your PC without needing a charger. What you are required to do is attach the battery bank to the USB-A or USB-C connection on your computer. If you intend to use your laptop while it is still connected to the power bank, you should choose a strong USB-C power bank that is 8 volts or greater because USB-A power cords are often less intense. Most power banks only have a 5-volt output, but most laptops require 8 to 12 volts to recharge. Or you may also charge your laptop utilizing a UPS electricity supply. In addition to providing backup power, a UPS has a battery that can run a laptop. 

Charge the Laptop Using Your Smartphone

Charge the Laptop Using Your Smartphone

Using your smartphone as an alternative power source, particularly in an urgent situation, can be the ultimate survival. Attach one side of a USB-C cable to your computer and the second to your phone using this method. Go to your connectors' power options and choose the "Power another device" checkbox. As your PC starts up, you may anticipate your device's battery will swiftly deplete. There are several disadvantages to this strategy because your phone can't store as much juice as a rechargeable battery:

  • You'll only have access to thirty minutes of laptop energy.
  • In some circumstances, a dead smartphone might be more of a bother.

Even though it's not the best long-term fix for a dead battery, it remains a useful tip that really can help you out of a jam.

Consider Purchasing a Universal Battery Charger

Do you have an outdated laptop with a charger that isn't being manufactured anymore? – It does not imply that your PC has become useless. Purchasing a universal power adapter is an option. The numerous replaceable pins on this AC/DC gadget make it ideal for supporting a diverse range of laptop models. You may use your PC while it charges using universal power adapters, which function exactly like your standard charger. Keep an eye on your voltages and current to prevent overheating on your equipment or batteries. If you lose an important component, you can instantly change them because they are conveniently accessible online.

Use Your Car's Power Connection to Charge the Laptop

Use Your Car's Power Connection to Charge the Laptop

The ideal way to charge your laptop while traveling by car is here! All you require is an AC adaptor and a USB vehicle charger. Car USB recharging operates well with USB-A to USB-C connectors. Here's how to use your car's engine battery to power your laptop:

  • Start your car's engine.
  • Connect the vehicle charger.
  • Connect the USB-C to your laptop.

Since most cars today have a USB connector, you will not require a USB battery case.



The techniques in our guide are ideal for starting up your laptop if you're stuck in a jam, even though certain individuals would suggest it's risky to use a laptop charger cord that isn't from the official designer. If you do not have an adapter or power supply handy, think about recharging your laptop using any of these techniques, particularly if you're organizing a long work trip.

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