How To Choose The Best Desk Lamp For Your Home Office
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How To Choose The Best Desk Lamp For Your Home Office

|Jan 7, 2022

A desk lamp for the home office can be your biggest asset when reducing your eye fatigue.  At the time, you may be working in your bedroom home office while your loved ones are trying to sleep.  Or you are up for a conference call as per some other time zone across the globe.  A desk lamp for home office is the right choice, not only aesthetically but also functionally.  However, you have a range of office lighting ideas for your office. 

Desk Lamp for Home Office: Buying Guide

Good Housekeeping recommends that you don’t keep the lighting decisions as an afterthought while building or renovating your house. Here are the top three considerations.


The purpose of a desk lamp is to help you with a specific task.  And hence, most desk lamps provide you with a focussed area of light that you can direct on your work area.  Some folks prefer a desk lamp for aesthetics, and these may have diffused lighting given a particular type of shade.

Types of Desk Lamps

Types of Desk Lamps

1. Basis Adjustability

A desk lamp for home offices may vary between adjustable and non-adjustable ones.  Adjustable ones are one of the best as each user has a different need or focus area of light depending on their preferences and height.

  • Swing Arms: A swing arm enables you to turn the focus of the light in whichever area you the user would like.  This gives you great adjustability.  Longer swing arms allow you to move the light towards the focus area you need.
  • Telescopic height: Offering greater height flexibility, some adjustable desk lamps offer you the telescopic height to manage your needs as the end-user.

2. Basis Source of Power

  • Power: Most desk lamps for home offices are power-based, while others offer you a rechargeable battery to enable greater mobility.  You can then carry your desk lamp to an area where a power socket is not easily available.  
  • USB: Many lamps can easily be plugged into a USB outlet of your computer or laptop or even the wall socket.  Today, some desk lamps offer you to charge your electronic gadgets like cell phones and more.  
  • Cordless: Some desk lamps offer cordless charging, just like your electric kettles.  This is also popular with some audiences as cords don't get tangled and provide a safe working environment.

Basis Functionality of desk lamp for home office

3. Basis Functionality

  • Stand-up Desk Lamps: Most commonly seen these regular stand-up desk lamps give you practically nil flexibility in adjustments.  They are usually good as pieces of art.
  • Magnifying Desk Lamps:  Many professionals require light and a magnifying glass due to their function or nature of work.  For example, healthcare professionals, beauticians and many more.  
  • Clip-On Desk Lamp: Some professionals may require both hands to be free and a strong light available for their work. Clip-on desk lamps offer you greater portability.

Desk Light Bulb Options

Desk Light Bulb Options

Yet another factor to watch out for is the type of bulbs used in home office desk lights.  The top choices for home office desk lighting ideas are shared below.

1. Incandescent

The most common and contemporary bulbs are incandescent bulbs.  They are easily available and are affordable.  They emit yellow light for warmth and clear reading.  The only con is that they have a short life.

2. Compact Fluorescent (CFL)

CFLs use only about 30% of energy compared to incandescent bulbs and yet have a greater lifespan.  It is best not to use them in closed lamps as high heat decreases their lifespan.  Naked CFLs are difficult to look into.

3. LEDs

LED bulbs are energy-efficient, have a longer life span though they may have a higher cost while buying.  Instead of wattage, one needs to consider the lumens it emits.  Higher lumens generate more light.  A general rule of thumb says 1 Watt represents 100 lumens.

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Top Brands to Consider

Forbes mentions that desk lamsp for home office are often used to reflect the executive style and class in an office. As you look to buy a desk lamp, here are the best brands and models to consider.

1. Light Bar by Autonomous

Light Bar by Autonomous

This ultra-wide desk lamp by Autonomous is one of the best home office desk lamps.  The thirty-one and half inches of illuminated LED bulbs give you about twelve hundred lumens of bright light.  It is available in four different light colors.  The map has five different brightness levels for your mood or reading pleasure.  Don't miss the lamp lifespan of a whopping fifty thousand hours.

2. LED desk lamp from Autonomous

Autonomous desk lamp for home office

Need an extra length to reach the far end of your desk?  Need brighter light?  No problems when you have this LED desk lamp, also from the house of Autonomous.  This lamp has a minimalist design so that it doesn't occupy much space on your desk.  Easily fixable with a C-type clamp, there is nearly no installation required.

3. Stella Go portable LED lamp

Stella Go portable desk lamp for home office

Which is the lamp that offers you ten different brightness levels?  Which lamp gives you a shelf-life of eleven hours for use with a single charge?  All this and more in the Stella Go portable led lamp.  Yes, that's right.  The Stella Go portable LED lamp is your solution for a desk lamp that does not produce ultraviolet light.  It has very little heat emitted when switched on.  You will not need to replace the lamp bulb.

This home office table lamp offers you three different color lights.  These are warm white (2800K), pure white (4500K) and Cool White (5500K).

Offered with a Qi-certified charging pad, you can easily charge this lamp.  You can carry it with you anywhere you travel.  With the Stell Go portable LED lamp, there will never be a dark moment in your home!

4. Lexon Mina M Medium Portable LED Lamp

Lexon Mina M Medium Portable LED Lamp

Have you tried the Lexon Mina M Medium Portable LED Lamp?  You will be awestruck by its aesthetics and functionality.  This portable led lamp is cordless and available in eight different colors to go with your room décor.  The marvelous twenty-four-hour battery life gives you ample time to work or study.  You can charge using the Qi wireless charging pad or a USB C-type cable.

Carry it along with you wherever you go! 


In summary, a desk lamp for your working or studying is a necessity that you should not ignore.  It strains and spoils your vision over a while.  When choosing a desk lamp, consider functionality over aesthetics for longer usage.  Happy reading!

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