How to Choose the Right Shed Style for Your Backyard
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How to Choose the Right Shed Style for Your Backyard

|Oct 3, 2022

Being able to work remotely is quite a blessing. However, it can sometimes feel like a two-edged sword if it's not managed well. Your backyard shed design and implementation contribute to your comfort and productivity. 

Why is this the case? Well, when you do go to a physical office, transit time is an example of one of the biggest problems. This is especially true if you must deal with a high volume of traffic to get to or from work. 

On the flip side, if you work from home, you may lose the ability to separate the work environment from your personal life, leading to a terrible work-life balance. 

Having a prefab cabin outside is a great way to address this problem, as you leave your “comfortable space.” 

That's not meant to imply that you would opt for an uncomfortable garden shed design. The point being made is that being in the house may make you feel relaxed, so much so that you don't achieve the levels of productivity you can. 

Today's all about exploring work and storage shed design options for your backyard or garden space. Before looking at them though, you will see some useful tips on what you can do to ensure that you choose the right shed style. 

How to Choose the Right Shed Style

How to Choose the Right Shed Style

Typically, choosing a prefab shed style is going to come down to your personal preferences in both aesthetics and functionality. For example, you may like the color white for your external walls. This would be an aesthetic preference. 

Additionally, your equipment footprint may be very large, which means that any backyard office pod you use must have a large internal space to handle it all. 

Here are a few standard elements of consideration for anyone who may be thinking of a garden shed design. 

How Do You Plan to Use It?

How Do You Plan to Use It?

What is it that you're planning on doing with your shed? The answer to this question alone is enough to heavily narrow down the style options that you have. A high barn style, for example, is typically great for vehicles or maximizing storage space. 

Conversely, a more confined space is appropriate enough to host an office desk, chair, and typical workspace equipment. 

The Style Preferences

Sadly, when people think about backyard shed design options, what often comes to mind is a traditional barn-like design. With that said, they may wonder how it is that they're expected to work in such a space. 

Those looking for storage or a place to house animals would not necessarily have a problem with this style. 

Thankfully, those on the other side of the fence have a host of contemporary options to suit their needs. The studio shed design style is an excellent example of such a layout. 

Shapes may also come into this decision. There are rectangular options, circular options, as well as designs that may yield unconventional shapes. Which one visually appeals to you the most? 

Property Placement

Property Placement in shed design

Your backyard shed studio is not to be placed with an isolated view. Remember that you are working with an entire property, which means there are likely other structures to consider. 

Would you be inhibiting anyone with the placement that you are considering? Are there any buildings near you that you should be keeping in mind? Is there perhaps a better position than the one you're currently thinking of? 

How much privacy do you need? Does your intended placement spot provide the said privacy? Remember that in most cases, once your studio garden shed has been set up, changing its placement requires a huge time and monetary investment. 

Therefore, it's in your best interest to get the placement right on the very first attempt. 

What’s Your Home’s Style

What’s Your Home’s Style

You may want to ensure that your shed design will complement your home’s style. Does your house give off a contemporary look? Perhaps it looks like a Victorian-era building or a hybrid. 

Understanding how certain styles offer complementary or contrasting features to others is essential. Of course, you can certainly do a contrasting shed design if you're trying to get it to stand out. 

In any case, you should still consider the style of your house as you think about what your shed will bring to the table. 

20 Backyard Shed Designs to Consider

With the factors to think about out of the way, now it's time to have a look at some prefab shed designs.

1. Autonomous Pod

Not many designs can handle uneven terrain. This design from Autonomous does it well, with great visual and quality of life features such as electrical outlets and cabling that will allow your shed to function as intended immediately. 

2. Autonomous WorkPod

This work pod is an improvement on the previous entry. There is nothing different about the physical structure, but what's inside is where the extra value comes from. There's no need for you to worry about an ergonomic chair or standing desk as an Autonomous Desk and Autonomous Chair are included with each purchase. 

3. Autonomous WorkPod Versatile

The Autonomous WorkPod Versatile may be the most visually impressive design on this entire list. It's a modern home office, storage space, extra living space, or even an Airbnb, all rolled into one tremendous structure. 

Any socket or connection you need for electricity and climate control is present. Additionally, mood lighting with three color modes is included. The physical inclusions are a coffee table, electrical cabinet, desk, TV shelf, two bookshelves, and a closet.  

4. Allwood Estelle Cabin Kit

This 157-square-foot design has a traditional look, and it falls under the studio shed variation. The design concept is very easy to get your hands on, after which you can give it to a professional to have the cabin built. Alternatively, if you are up to the test, you can also choose to make a DIY project out of it. 

5. Sheds Unlimited Classic Home Office Shed

Sheds Unlimited Classic Home Office Shed

These wood shed designs are great for those who may want a low-cost office shed to work with. The interior isn't fancy, but it's very well designed and will give you all you need in a sturdy design that lends itself very well to your work needs. Sheds unlimited provides these in both wood and vinyl.

6. Professional-ii Garden Home Office

If aesthetic brilliance is anywhere on your radar, then you may want to consider this one from Professional-ii. It's a general-purpose design, allowing you to use it for different applications. Two separate workstations can fit into the home office shed, so if you have a significant other or a child who may use the space with you simultaneously, this model will do you well. 

7. Sheds Unlimited Modern Home Office Shed

Sheds Unlimited Modern Home Office Shed

Sheds Unlimited also has modern home offices that you can choose from. This is the definition of working in style with a high-end solution that still manages to remain on the affordable style of the spectrum. Choose from the Modern Studio 1 or Prefab Modern Urban 360. and get access to several siding options. 

8. OfficePOD

If you don't have a large amount of space in your backyard or garden, then consider the OfficePOD. It has a modern visual with a rounded rectangle glass design. You would think it's incredibly expensive based on the way it looks, but you will find that it is highly affordable. 

9. Office in My Garden Pod

Office in My Garden Pod

The name is certainly a bit strange, but the advantage here is its custom-designed nature. There is a catalog of the design elements and possibilities that you can use for inspiration, after which you indicate exactly how you want your shed design to be done. 

10. Sheridan & Co Fokus Breathing Room

The disclaimer must be given that this is not a cheap design. However, you can see the quality in the build, which certainly justifies the price tag. It's sturdy and includes several essential features to ensure that you can work comfortably and efficiently. The internal workspace has a respectable size and should accommodate you well. 

11. Allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin Kit

There are 86 square feet of coverage provided to this 172-square foot unit. Therefore, you can get both an inside and outside experience from one design. It's highly multifunctional, allowing you to use it for storage, an office, or even a small recording studio. 

The kit will require about three days of assembly time, and you'll need about two people to help you. 

12. Rattan Lounger

Rattan Lounger - shed design

If you're the kind of person who likes a design that stands out, then the Rattan Lounger is likely for you. It's meant to be a garden shed and has an incredibly unique apple shape. A part of the design is open allowing you to get fresh air. Don't worry, however, as it's coverable when desired, so inclement weather shouldn't be a problem for you. You even get a couple of plush pillows to boost your relaxation. 

13. Rowlinson Connor Office Pod

You'll need to have a large space if you are hoping to use this backyard office shed. As large as it is, it happens to be very affordable while maintaining the sturdiness and comfort you need.

14. QualitySheds Studio Shed

QualitySheds Studio Shed

This is another manufacturer that has components you can choose to have assembled in whatever way you see fit. Therefore, shape, color, style, and even size can be freely adjusted. It's the perfect way to inject your personality into your shed.

15. Linea Garden Office Pod

Linea did a great job here as far as modern backyard shed designs go. If you've ever seen a cottage before, the design style here is very similar to one, and it's constructed with a low profile. 

The lack of roof overhang means you can optimize its placement, especially since its size is very accommodating. Unembellished exterior leads are present, as well as internal guttering.

16. Yardpods Custom Shed

If you enjoy customization and freedom, this is yet another design that gives you that kind of satisfaction in spades. Simply look at what's available, consider the design tropes that you would like to have implemented, and communicate exactly what you want. 

17. The Bunkie: Premier Deluxe

The Bunkie: Premier Deluxe

There is a lot of optimization going on in this backyard office shed. It's very elegant looking, thanks to a tall wall-to-wall glass design style. You get a layout that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful, which means you will likely enjoy journeying into it and getting your work done daily. Best of all, its size means North American locations will likely require no permit. 

18. Archipod

If you like the idea of spherical design, perhaps you may want to consider the Archipod. The opaque walls are excellent for blocking out distractions, and the upward-opening door feels incredibly futuristic. There is no need to purchase a desk since there is a semicircular one affixed to half the wall. 

19. Platform 5 Architects Shed

If you're fascinated by the Fibonacci sequence and how it fits into designs such as those on a snail’s shell, then you will likely be enamored with a design that's also based on the sequence. Glass, metal, and other materials come together to provide stability and visual brilliance. 

20. Ten-seater Glass Pod

Ten-seater Glass Pod

Everything you need to know about this spherical office pod is in its name. A large interior provides the ability to seat 10 people and the glass design is stunning. Additionally, a Bluetooth audio system, fan, heater, and LED lighting are included.

Final Remarks

Whether you're most comfortable with glass, metal, or wooden shed designs, it's still essential that your prefabricated adu meets whatever requirements you may have to work as comfortably and as productively as possible. 

Even if you were considering a backyard studio shed before, you probably had some doubts about what you should be considering where design prospects are concerned. 


Now, not only do you have some thought starters about the factors to consider in choosing a shed, but you also got to see 20 styles that you can choose from. 

Just remember that you must be at the center of this decision. As good as the specs may sound objectively, if you don't feel like a shed design resonates or aligns with you, choose another one.

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