How to Clean a Gaming Chair Step by Step
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How to Clean a Gaming Chair Step by Step

Autonomous|Mar 5, 2022

A gaming station is a gamer’s sanctuary. We know that as gamers, you are highly concerned about the cleanliness of your gaming station, especially your gaming chair. Since you are aware of how harsh chemicals can damage your gaming furniture, most of you are interested in learning more about how to clean a gaming chair.

Even if your gaming chair is slightly stained, you need to take all the precautions and go stepwise to ensure its fabric doesn't get damaged. After all, no one wants to lose their favorite chair, which is more like a throne to them at the hand of some cheap chemical circulating in the market.

We understand that you are emotionally attached to your gaming station and care greatly about its management. That's why we have shared a complete action plan that will help you clean your gaming chair whenever you want to.

Whether you have an office chair or a gaming chair, you can follow these steps to get desired results. So, without any further delay, let's have jumped on to the step-by-step guide. 

Step 1 – Evaluate Your Gaming Chair’s Material

Step 1 – Evaluate Your Gaming Chair’s Material

Different gaming chairs are designed using different fabrics and materials. Although you can find myriads of upholsteries in the market, there are four most heard: PU leather, PVC leather, fabric, and mesh. If you have a mesh chair, you will have to consider the specific guidelines that talk about how to clean mesh chairs.

Once you have evaluated your gaming chair’s upholstery, you should check the material used for making its armrests, casters, and other parts. Usually, these parts are either made of plastic or steel. Each material requires different cleaning equipment. 

Step 2 – Get the Right Cleaning Items for Your Chair

Step 2 – how to clean a gaming chair

Now, you are aware of the material and upholstery, so you should work on collecting the essentials. The basic cleaning items that you will be needing are a warm water bucket and a cleaning cloth.

In addition to this, it is better to have a mild detergent with you to remove dark stains. You might need rubbing alcohol as well if you are unable to remove the stains using mild detergent, so have it beforehand. Once you have them, get yourself some small cleaning brushes, sponges, and paper towels. Such items will help you clean your chair better. 

Step 3 – Clean Your Chair’s Surface from Any Dust or Debris

Step 3 – Clean Your Chair’s Surface from Any Dust or Debris

If you are about to clean a leather gaming chair or any other gaming chair, make sure that you clean its surface from any sort of dirt or debris. In the case of a PU leather gaming chair, a microfiber cloth would work for this task.

However, a mesh chair, for instance, a gray fabric gaming chair, will require more effort, as in that case, you will need a handheld vacuum for cleaning its surface from any dust or dirt. You can add a brush in front of the vacuum to ensure you pick all the dust and have a clean surface. 

Step 4 – Gently Clean the Chair’s Fabric with Cleaner or Water

Once the dry dirt, dust, and debris are removed from your chair, you are all set to remove the tough stains and dirt from your chair. Say, if there are any coffee spills or your gaming chair is slightly stained, this is the point where you will target them and ensure you clean them well.

However, do not make the mistake that beginners often do of scrubbing their chair so harshly that it decolorizes their chair's fabric. If it's a breathable gaming chair, its fabric is more likely to get damaged when you scrub it vigorously. So, such mesh fabric should not be rubbed. It is your responsibility to understand the delicacy of your gaming chair’s fabric. 

Step 5 – Clean Rest of the Parts of the Chair

Clean Rest of the Parts of the Chair

Since fabric was the delicate part, we discussed it first. Remember we asked you to get some brushes and sponges? This is the time when you are supposed to use them to clean the casters, armrests, and other parts of your gaming chair.

You can even think of soaking a sponge in warm water and cleaning your chair's part using it. So, all the discussion regarding how to clean a gaming chair becomes quite simple with that. 

Step 6 – Look for the Minor Details in the Cleaning That are Left

Look for the Minor Details in the Cleaning That are Left

This is an additional step only for those gamers who are up for a highly detailed cleaning session. At this point, we would suggest you unscrew your chair's caster to clean that part by removing any sort of debris. You can use any of the cleaning items, like the brush and sponges, to clean these minor parts to attain satisfying results. 

When Will Your Chair Can’t be Cleaned and Need a Replacement?

When Will Your Chair Can’t be Cleaned and Need a Replacement?

No matter how hard you try to maintain your ergonomic gaming chair well, a point will come where its term will end. At that point, you will have to think of some replacement. Nevertheless, the good part is if you clean a leather gaming chair or a mesh gaming chair regularly, you can expect a fine 7 – 10 years performance from them.

Let's say your chair got some irreplaceable damage; in that case, you will have to replace the entire chair, and cleaning alone would be of no help. However, in most cases, you can replace damages.

We would suggest you read the specified cleaning guidelines that come with the gaming chairs to have a better idea of how to clean a gaming chair. Once you know the basics, judging when your chair requires cleaning and when it requires replacement will become a much easier task. 

Final Words

To summarize, we believe that now you have a clear-cut idea of how you can clean your gaming chair. Although it might be a difficult task for beginners, it becomes easier with time once you make it your habit to clean your chair regularly. So, go ahead and make your gaming station clean and pleasant to have an alleviated gaming experience.

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