How To Clean Desk Mat - Easy and Detailed Guide
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How To Clean Desk Mat - Easy and Detailed Guide

|Nov 7, 2022

Unsurprisingly, people are curious about how to clean mousepads, desk mats, and wrist rests. The cleaning of such items might appear to be tedious but is worth the effort for anyone who uses them. In addition to taking good care of your keyboard regularly, you should also clean the desk mat and all of your other desk accessories regularly. This will extend their usefulness and maintain a sanitary environment; see how to clean desk mats.

Mousepads and Desk Mats: How to Clean Them?

In addition to collecting stains, dust, and germs, desk pads can collect a lot of dirt. As a result of drips and condensation soaking into the fabric, your favorite coffee mug or cold drink can also discolor a mousepad. You might not believe it, but that nice desk pad on your standing desk may be causing your mouse to track less accurately than it did in the past.

Mousepads and Desk Mats: How to Clean Them?

You can tell if your mouse pad is full of dust and dirt by lightly scratching the surface using your fingernail. Does the color change from a darker shade to a light shade? Keeping your mousepad and computer accessories clean periodically is a habit worth developing, not just for aesthetic reasons but also so that germs are less likely to spread from the mousepad to your hands. So it's good to know how to clean gaming desk mats.

Desk Mat Cleaning Steps

1. Discover the fabric of the desk mat and identify it

What is the point of identifying the fabric of the Desk mat? Allow us to clear up any confusion you may have. The desk mats on your compact desk need to be cleaned and washed based on the material; if the fabric needs to be machine washed; do not try to wash them by hand. Throughout today's guide, you will find information applicable to all kinds of mouse pad fabrics. Here's a guide on the best way to clean a desk mat, no matter what kind it is: leather, neoprene, or ultimately rubberized.

Discover the fabric of the desk mat and identify it

2. Make a bowl of hot soapy water

Replace the bowl with a bowl of hot water or your kitchen sink. Use hand soap or dish soap, but preferably hand soap. Dish soaps are harsh on fabrics and may damage the desk mat. By using your hands, dilute the hand soap thoroughly in lukewarm water by mixing it firmly with it. When soap is diluted with hot water, it becomes firmly diluted. When a fabric pad is used, the mixture gets stronger to remove dirt from the Desk mat and your gaming furniture.

The desk mat or desk cover protector can be placed in any tub or bowl of water so that it can lie flat. In warm water, soak the desk pad and add some laundry detergent or dish soap liquid to it (be careful to use antibacterial soap if you are worried about sanitizing the surface as it could stain the surface).


3. Make sure the desk mat is rubbed gently

With a soft cleaning brush, scrub the entire surface with additional soap, if necessary, after letting it sit for a few minutes to remove the dirt, grease, and stains on the Desk mat; rub it out once the mixture has soaked nicely into the desk mat. Next, run a toothbrush or soft bristle brush to gently rub the pad, be careful not to put any tremendous force on it because it may damage the Desk mat if it is made of sensitive material. Be gentle with the pad so it doesn't lose its softness and smoothness.

Make sure the desk mat is rubbed gently

4. Rinse properly

The Desk mat is ready for rinsing once you have finished brushing it and are satisfied with the results. Simply brush out all the stains and dirt with a soft brush to maintain a clean mouse pad. After rinsing the pad nicely under water, dry it off. To thoroughly rinse your desk mat, use lukewarm or, ultimate cold water.

5. The desk mat should be dried

To keep the Desk mat smooth, it is essential to dry it after rinsing it. It is also important to dry the Desk mat so that dust doesn't stick to it. The mousepad should be allowed to drip down fully and then blotted down with towels before being hung over a clothesline or hanger for thorough drying.

You should make sure the mousepad or desk mat is completely dry before placing it back on the desktop. If there is still moisture trapped inside, it could result in mold growth that can ruin your entire desk and desk pad. By hanging the mousepad sunlight, window pane, or fan, you can speed up the drying process especially in colder weather to keep the desk pad 100% dry.

The desk mat should be dried

Got an RGB Desk Mat?

Since non-RGB mouse pads are made of rubber, fabric, and fibers, they are best cleaned by hand. They'll degrade if you use another method, such as putting them in the washer machine or dishwasher. Hand-cleaning a mousepad is the gentlest option and is highly recommended. The manufacturer's recommended cleaning method should be followed before cleaning RGB desk mats or mousepads.

Got an RGB Desk Mat?

It is necessary to unplug the RGB mat and desk pads before cleaning them because they have electric wires and components inside them. If you want a quick clean, you can also choose to wipe down the surface of an RGB mat using only a dry, microfiber cloth.

  • Unplug the desk mat, and disconnect the power cable, if any. Remove the batteries, if any.
  • DO NOT soak the desk pad in a bowl of water. Instead, add ten to fifteen drops of dishwashing soap to a bowl of warm water.
  • Dampen a microfiber cloth and then wring out any excess water.
  • Cleaning the dirtier areas thoroughly with this damp microfiber cloth till clean
  • Make sure that the microfiber cloth is then fully rinsed out with fresh, clean, non-soapy water - preferably warm water.
  • With that damp, non-soapy cloth, wipe down the mouse pad once more till all the soap water is gone.
  • Now use another completely dry, clean microfiber cloth to wipe off all water from the desk pad.
  • Let the desk mat dry out completely is best - just by laying it flat on the slotted surface like wire racks.
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