How to Clean Faux Leather for Home and Office Furniture
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How to Clean Faux Leather for Home and Office Furniture

|Sep 14, 2022

Hello faux leather fans, have you ever found it difficult to clean faux leather accessories on your own? If so, it is common because not every office worker is aware of the nitty gritty of cleaning furniture upholstery. It is vital to know what your product is made of if you wish to plan its cleaning routine. Basically, you need a complete walkthrough to help you with every step, from the basics of understanding your faux leather.

That's why we are here with this blog today. We will help you understand the product you are using, i.e., faux leather, in great detail by exploring what faux leather is and its types. Then we will give you a detailed overview of how to clean faux leather and all the related accessories that you own.

By the time you are done reading this article, you will not only know how to clean faux leather but will also know how to clean a faux leather couch or how to clean faux leather furniture that you have at your workplace. Isn’t that exciting, so let’s dive right in. 

What is Faux Leather?

What is Faux Leather?

Inherently, faux leathers are layers of synthetic material belonging to the plastic family, with a fabric underlining and a grain-like leather embossment. Although faux leathers come in wide varieties, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), Polyamide microfiber, and Polyurethane (sometimes referred to as PU) are the most used types among office workers.

Although all kinds of the aforementioned faux leather types are famous among users, PU leather is the most sought-after type of faux leather. But why should you buy it? PU carries a significant benefit over PVC or any other faux leather type that is the ability to be cleaned easily. On top of that, they are environmentally friendly.

Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that, like any other material, they are prone to getting dirty. Durability-wise, they are the market leader, even better than PVC, but at the end of the day, they are still a non-porous substance which means that persistent dirt marks may appear. But you shouldn't worry about that because we will tell you all how you can clean faux leather and say goodbye to dirt stains once and for all. 

How to Clean Faux Leather

How to Clean Faux Leather

Keeping your faux leather accessories clean is not just of high importance for the outlook of your workplace but for your coworkers as well. Clean faux leather and clean faux leather furniture will not only comfort you but also your fellow workers. Clean faux leather furniture will add a great look to your workplace and give your coworkers a space to enjoy work.

While working from home, clean faux leather furniture without any scratches or stains will provide you with the most comfort and add ambiance to your home. So, let's talk about some tips on how to clean faux leather and all its related accessories that you own. 

"Protection" is better than a cure

Protecting faux leather is essential to cleaning faux leather products. Well-protected faux leather furniture is easier to clean. A great way of protection can be protective treatment. It creates a protective coating over the faux leather and doesn't allow moisture to permeate the surface.

This helps clean faux leather furniture even with simple cleaners. Make sure to always clean faux leather furniture with simple cleaners and always avoid harsh cleaners as they tend to make the faux leather dry, which makes it different from cleaning faux leather and related accessories.  

Use Warm Water Dabs

Use Warm Water Dabs

Consistently clean faux leather furniture at your workplace or home office. You don’t have to do it over and over throughout the day; once a day works just fine. Dabbing your faux leather recliner or couch with warm water and mild washing liquid would work perfectly. While doing this, make sure you are using a non-abrasive cloth.

Dip the non-abrasive cloth in the water and washing liquid solution and rinse dry it before applying it to a clean modern office chair made of faux leather. Once you are done applying that on the surface to clean faux leather, it is now time to wipe the surface again with a soft microfiber cloth. This will help keep it clean and will give your furniture a sparkly shine. 

Use Baby Wipes to Clean Persistent Color Marks

Color marks may transfer from dark-colored clothes to light-colored faux leather couches or recliners. Don't worry; we are here to tell you all about how to clean faux leather recliners and couches. A baby wipe does the trick.

Gently wipe the surface of your faux leather couch or recliner with the baby wipe, and the mark will immediately come off. Pro-tip, cleaning once a day will help avoid any marks left by a darker colored cloth and would prevent these marks from becoming consistent. 

Don’t Use Harsh Materials

Don’t Use Harsh Materials

You may have a mid-century modern office chair in your office. If you think using an abrasive cloth to clean faux leather or scrubbing the surface of your faux leather furniture really hard would take off the stain, you are wrong. Scrubbing will lead to cracks in your faux leather which will make it even tougher to get the stains off.

Instead, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to clean the faux leather product that you are using. The best way to clean faux leather is to wipe it softly and slowly in a circular fashion by moving the wipe in small circles. 

Final Words


Coming towards the end, we hope that you now have a holistic idea of how to clean faux leather without professional help. You would be more than happy to know that we have the best budget office chairs available on our online store under a discount purchasing program, the Autonomous employee purchase program. You may also avail of this program's perks and buy your favorite office chair at reasonable rates. All you are required to do is sign up for this program using your corporate email. Once you do that, a vast avenue of discounts will open up for you, under which you will receive exciting discounts.

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