How To Fight Loneliness In the Remote Working Era?
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How To Fight Loneliness In the Remote Working Era?

|Mar 21, 2021

Do you work from home or other remote locations? While it comes with a host of benefits and convenience factors, a remote job may instill a feeling of loneliness. Are you wondering why is working from home lonely?

With all your family members around, you can still feel lonely while on a work from home job. This is professional loneliness that may occur due to reasons like absence of face-to-face conversations, lack of socialization, boredom, etc.

This article outlines the various causes of loneliness while working from home and how it can impact your well-being. Plus, you will also find some awfully simple yet useful tips to combat this situation to stay healthy and productive.

Reasons Why You Are Lonely At Work

Reasons Why You Are Lonely At Work

Remote working from home can significantly affect your mental health. When you work from home or a café, your mind is not as focused as it would be when in the office. It is mostly due to your daily activities, environment, and habits that you will see a drastic effect on your mental well-being. Here are a few major causes of loneliness while working from home.

Disconnection with Colleagues

If you had been working in-office before shifting to a remote job, you very well know the importance of colleagues. These individuals share the same burden and challenges as you do, being one of your top supporters. For some individuals, their job was the only means of socialization.

Working from home leaves you with only emails and messages as your prime communication with colleagues. Resultantly, you enter a phase of professional loneliness despite your family being around.

Unhealthy Work Patterns

Unhealthy Work Patterns

Another major reason behind loneliness at work is due to disrupted work patterns. You are not using an ergonomic chair or wearing your work clothes. The right workstation can significantly affect your mood and focus.

Perhaps, you do have an ergonomic workstation, but you stay in this corner all day long. Sitting in an isolated room, even if it is a comfortable one, can considerably impact your mental health. Loneliness is likely one of the multiple results of not practicing a resilient work culture of productivity and positivity.

How Does Loneliness While Work From Home Affect You?

You got your answer to why is working from home lonely, but how does it affect you? According to Google Trends, the search for ‘symptoms of anxiety’ has taken a toll since the recent shift towards remote working.

The feeling of isolation and loneliness has been shown to adversely hamper motivation, work efficiency, personal life and relationships, and more.

Hampers Productivity

Hampers Productivity

Studies illustrate that workplace loneliness can significantly affect your work performance. When you are mentally disturbed, you cannot give your 100% to important tasks. Moreover, lack of communication may also lead to delay in work and misguidance.


Loneliness is an underrated condition that gives rise to severe situations. If you are lonely, you may feel less approachable and lose self-confidence. Lonely workers fear rejection by colleagues and view every situation as a negative one. Resultantly, such individuals may develop anxiety and depression traits.

Personal Life

Personal Life.

Loneliness while work from home has serious repercussions like stress, demotivation, inefficiency, etc. Consequently, you will find yourself drifting away from your friends and family. Remember, your professional and personal lives are co-related and can significantly affect each other.

How to Fight Loneliness While Work From Home

There are countless reasons why you may be feeling working from home lonely, lonely at work or remote working sessions. However, the best part is you just need to take a few steps to turn the tables around! Here are all your answers for how to fight loneliness and have a booming work from home life.

1. Take Up A Hobby

Take Up A Hobby

Remote working has countless benefits for business and employees, and one of the top ones is the extra time on your hands. Catch up on that hobby you couldn't take up due to your 9 to 5 job. Work from home gives you the liberty to divide your day as per your choice.

Try to finish your work in time and leave the evenings for your long-lost activity!

2. Make Time for Socializing

Sitting in an isolated room may help improve concentration, but that does not mean you will sit there 24x7. Walk out of your room during breaks, de-stress during lunch break with a good meal and after work to spend time with your family. Plus, make sure to catch up in-person with at least one friend every week (or two weeks).

Remember, you need to make that effort to plan a hangout!

3. Focus on Fitness

Focus on Fitness

Do you often find yourself glued to your chair even when working from home? There are some effortless solutions to this problem, including getting a standing desk. If you switch between sitting and standing while working, you can easily shed off the extra pounds.

Alternatively, you can also opt for some quick desk exercises. Remember, staying fit will also improve your mental health.

4. Connect with Your Team

Why is working from home lonely? Because you do not interact with your team. You can follow simple ways like always switching on your video calls while at the conference, catch up with a coffee, etc. Practicing collaborative activities with your team members to improve remote collaboration, like organizing casual weekly calls, is highly essential.

5. Stick to A Regime

If you do not have a fixed routine, your entire day can get busted. A disrupted regime will make you stick to your laptop screen all day long—consuming your relaxing and socializing time. Make sure to fix a time to start and end work, keeping ample time for your personal life.

Wrap Up

Now that you know why is working from home lonely, you are well-prepared to face it. It can adversely impact your personal and professional lives, leading to situations like stress, depression, and anxiety.

That said, you can easily combat such situations of loneliness while work from home by correcting your routine and habits. Get a healthy ergonomic workspace, socialize as much as possible, and never forget to save time for relaxing!

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