How To Focus When Remote Work is Stressful

How To Focus When Remote Work is Stressful

|Oct 9, 2020

Have you ever asked yourself how to stay focused while working from home? As a remote worker, your personal workplace is essential to productivity. Staying focused at work requires both concentration and a high comfort level, which can be difficult at times due to your chair's design or elevation of your desk.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in a work environment. A number of factors determine your work productivity, which includes your body posture and room temperature. If you are uncomfortable because of this, it does results in your body's stress. Health experts advise chairs that accommodate your needs, in addition to daily routines. You need to figure out what causes friction within your body and how you can alleviate it. Staying focused at work is made easier through ergonomics, but it has its pros and cons to deal with usually.

The Pros and Cons of Ergonomic Setup

  • icon checkFewer workers experience pain as a result of comfortable furniture.
  • icon checkYour workstation is more efficient due to space and flexibility.
  • icon checkThere is a better safety culture, thanks to fewer movements.
  • icon checkMorale is sure to increase as you improve your productivity.
  • icon checkA quiet workplace with a relaxing atmosphere with fewer distractions.
  • icon checkYou are more likely to finish your projects faster when you focus.
  • icon checkYou are more likely to finish your projects faster when you focus.
  • icon timesCertain items like treadmill desks and exercise balls might be a distraction.
  • icon timesIt requires long-term planning for the implementation of any given strategy.
  • icon timesThe upfront cost of ergonomic practices is costly at first.
  • icon timesIt takes time for these effects to take place.
  • icon timesPoor use of ergonomics can result in headaches and muscle pain.

How to Focus Working From Home

With that said, the advantages of ergonomic design far outweigh the disadvantages. Ergonomics are proven to raise the quality of life significantly. It includes minimal neck pain and blood sugar reduction. Productivity of your workplace depends on how you design it. If you want to maintain focus while you are at work, you need a personal space which gives you privacy, relaxation, and readjustment.

Smart Desk

It is for these reasons Autonomous Smart Office can provide you the product you need.

Zen Work Pod

What you need is the Zen Work Pod from Autonomous Smart Office. It redefines the home office to provide you the focus you need in your workflow.

Zen Work Pod

It would help if you had physical and mental comfort as you find your focus, which is made more accessible by the work pod's lasting benefits. Soon enough, you can finish your projects in no time.

What is it Made of?

The Zen Work Pod is a private outdoor workspace so that you can enjoy the view of your backyard. It has four layers of walls which provide durability for the outdoor environment:

  • The steel wall gives extra resilience, defense, and strength.
  • The insulation foam makes the work pod soundproof.
  • The water-proof cover protects against rain and weather.
  • The wood plastic composite does not erode quickly.

Zen Work Pod

The glass panels allow direct sunlight into the work pod, so you get that natural light while you work. Inside the work pod, you find enough room for your ergonomic needs. It includes a Kinn chair, a Autonomous Desk 2, a bookshelf, and a glass door for entry purposes. The furniture is easy to reach within your workspace, which limits unnecessary movement.


Thanks to the Zen Work Pod's minimal design, your delivery and setup are fast and affordable. There are early bird deals that cut down the retail price up to $9,500.


The premium materials guarantee no damage is done to the pod itself, so it is worth every penny. A five-year warranty is in place with the return policy.

How Does it Give You Focus While Working at Home?

The Zen Work Pod provides a calm atmosphere that frees you from distractions, thanks to the soundproof walls and outside view of your backyard. You can relax while you work at home in this comfortable environment. The open yet enclosed space gives you the privacy you ended to get the job done quickly. You have the freedom to move around with your ergonomic furniture and high ceiling. Furniture placements also make it easy for you to reach your chair's supplies, which eliminates waste of time. The Zen Work Pod promotes a productive work style so you can maintain your focus. Thanks to this personal workspace, it has never been easier to stay focused while you work from home.

The Solution to Your Focus Problem

The Solution to Your Focus Problems

Autonomous Smart Office continues to receive high praise for the Zen Work Pod. It is a fresh solution to the problem of how to stay focused during work. As a remote worker, this pod provides you a comfortable distraction-free zone so you can maintain your workflow consistently and efficiently. From the expert craftsmanship of the shed to the workplace's ergonomic design, you can preserve your focus with high energy, increased morale, and newfound stamina. The results speak for themselves, thanks to customer satisfaction. Try the Zen Work Pod for yourself and enjoy the ergonomic improvements for your new workspace.

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