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How to Get the Best Price for a Standing Office Desk according to your Budget

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 24, 2018

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Getting ready to buy a standing desk? ...before buying it is best to know the best prices that are out there in the market. Knowing what and how a standing office desk cost will help reduces the probability of wasting money because there are standing desk out there that aren’t worth the price put on them. On this post, there will be guidance on how to get the best standing desk at the best prices. Generally, the aim of this post is to ensure the users of the standing desk get satisfied and/or saves money.

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What is a standing desk anyway?

This is just like a regular desk but it used while an individual stands at it, providing him/her comfort and helps to increase productivity during work. The standing desk comes with various styles and they also have certain special designs that diversify them.

For instance, there is the normal standing desk, sit-stand desk, and electrical (or AI) standing desk. The three categories of standing office desk mentioned are based on their designs and mechanism. They also vary in price. As seen, it actually increases as you move from the first mentioned to the later.

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How much should a standing office desk cost?

In order to get the best price of a standing office desk, it is best to know the standard price of their particular design. Each of the designs has a price range one can use to judge their target product. And as said earlier on this post, there are several standing office desks out there in the market. They all have different designs and features to choose from. This good because it allows the existence of a choice so that the ever different needs of the users will be satisfied.  At the same time, it also means making a decision will be hard.

Standing office desk: desktop converter

This is a small design of the standing office desk. It ready to use once it placed on the regular standing desk. Buying this desk will be like one is buying a mini desk and the job of this mini desk is no different from the full standing office desk. Since it has the capacity to hold a monitor and a keyboard which is the standard for a working station in the office.

The desktop converter is adjustable, which allows the user to adjust the mini desk on the normal desk to the preferred height by the user while he/she is working. This mini standing office desk cost is expected to be within $100 - $450. The reason for the price range being this low is because the mini desktop converter is more of an add-on to the sitting desk which should already be available.

Standing office desk: the sit-stand desk

This is a full sized adjustable standing office desk. The name sit-stand desk means it has the ability to convert from a standing desk to a sitting one and back. This type of standing office desk design and mechanism is ideal for users in the office. It allows the user’s working station to be completely comfortable while he/she works.

This is because there is freedom of movement, no restrictions, unlike the office chairs which may allow little or no movement. This freedom of movement while working is important for good circulation of blood in the user’s system. Without circulation, the user is in danger of being uncomfortable and unproductive during work. The mechanism of this sit-stand desk will ensure those two are avoided.

The sit-stand desk is advisable for users so that they can enjoy the smooth transition from standing to sitting and sitting to standing.  The transition is best because the user will enjoy an active working station which is good for productivity and creativity in the workplace.

This basic standing office desk cost usually starts as low as $180 and from there it rises on.

Please note that as the price is cheap the less ease the standing desk will provide compared to the ones that are expensive. For instance, the cheap standing desk would make use of a hand crank to adjust the height of the standing office desk. The expensive sit-stand office desk’s manual adjustment tend to be much easier with the special mechanism used.

The hand crank can discourage users from adjusting the desk continuously. The reason is sometimes it will require more effort from the user every time he or she wants to make an adjustment of the desk height.

Users usually leave the desk in a permanent height which will prevent the user from proper circulation in the body while he/she works. The legs will then begin to struggle with the user’s weight. In the end, the desk that was supposed to improve the user’s productivity might very well affect it negatively.

With what is here, a regular adjustable desktop converter will be better to use compared with the stressful hand crank sit-stand desk.

Standing office desk: Electric Sit-to-Stand desk.

For those who wish to enjoy a smoother transition between sitting and standing during work, the electric sit-stand office desk is the best for the job. The standing office desk is designed with an electrical mechanism which allows the user to easily stand and sit during work. All that is required is the push of a button.

For the desk to have an electric mechanism, it will mean the standing office desk cost will start a bit high. Its cost range is $480 - $2000. And it all depends solely on the desk’s construction, engineering, and features.

Standing office desk: standing desk with artificial intelligence

This is a desk that shares the features and functionalities of an electric sit-stand desk and it has a trick of its own which is a memory. For the desk to have memory then it means it has some sort of machine conscience which makes it artificial intelligence.

The feature in which the AI standing desk shares with the electric standing desk is its two buttons meant for adjusting the height of the desk. As for the feature they don’t share, the AI desk has memory coupled with the buttons for adjusting the height of the desk.

The memory allows the user to program the chair to meet his/her height preferences anytime the desk is in use. This will enable the user to enjoy that perfect adjustment best for his/her body. This standing office desk cost starts at $600.

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How much does a custom desk cost?

Generally, product customized is naturally supposed to be higher in price compared to the economical products.  The reason is that human effort and craftsmanship were put into making the product, unlike the ones made from the factory.

For instances, plastic toy watches are most likely made in factories or by low skilled people with little effort. But for the case of original watches, they are all handmade. It is because of the quality of the material and the effort (and skill) the watch tend to be very expensive.

The same goes for the customs office standing desks, their prices will for sure be expensive. The standing desk price starts at $250. But note that its expensive depends on certain factors one can consider.

Factors to consider when buying a custom sit-stand office desk

Quality material

For the office desk to be custom made it means it should have quality materials that will ensure its efficiency for a long time. For instance, the wood of the desk must be top grade and well-polished so it will be able to survive wear and tear over a long period of time. 

The right technique must be used

For this to happen, the builders that are making the standing desk has to be greatly skilled at what they do. So that there will be no hindrance of the desk’s quality while in use. That is if they use the right technique. To know if they are doing such it is better to ask the builder how they are going to make the standing desk and with what techniques.

The builders will offer various techniques to build the perfect custom model of the sit-stand office desk. And then they advise on which is better in order to make things much easier. If the perfect technique is already decided then discussion of it will be best so the outcome will be positive.

With good quality of the material and the right technique used in making the standing desk, the user is ensured a great piece of furniture that meets his or her preferences.

How to get the best price for a standing office desk according to your budget

Tips for buying the best standing desk according to your budget

These are just the things to do that one will be able to find the best standing desk with the best price according to his/her budget. Not all desks have what is required, that is why it’s best to follow this tips. Here they are:


Before going out there to the store, do some research on the best standing desk that will meet individual preferences. The desk must be for convenient use on a daily basis. While doing research, the desk must meet certain major factors that will ensure comfort during work.

The preferences can be based on factors to consider before buying a sit-stand desk. It includes the following:

  • Height adjustability – the sit-stand desk must have a height range that is best for the user’s height. So that there will be no problems of slouching and stressing the user’s neck and shoulders.
  • The smoothness and quickness of transition –the sit-stand desk should be able to transit between a sitting desk and a standing one with ease and speed. So that there will be no downtime during work.
  • Quality of the material – certain parts of the standing office desk should be made of quality materials. For instance, the desk should be made of good, well-polished wood because it is the most important part of the desk. It is even supposed to last longer and support the equipment of the user.

Test out the product

After gathering enough data from the research on the type of sit-stand desk is perfect, the next step is going to stores in search of the desk. Once the desk is found, it should be tested out to see if the features are really quality.

Test out how high the standing desk can go, to see if the desk is best for your height. Also, check to see if the transition between sit to stand is smooth and quick. In the case of an artificial intelligence desk like Autonomous smart desk 3 AI standing desk, it is best to check if it actually has a memory which is usually common among electrical and AI office desk.  

Buy an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat

Since standing is involved, there will be a lot of pressure on the user’s leg. So in order to keep comfortable throughout the working session the anti-fatigue mat is a good option. The mat is able to provide the necessary comfort while the users stand by its design.

Its thickness and extra cushioning should help the user last for more hours a day during work.

How do you sit properly at a sit-stand desk?

•    The user‘s arms should be at 90 degrees while typing

•    The computer screen should be at the user's eye-level

•    And the monitor must have an arm length space away for the user


The standing office desk cost depends on several factors such as its design and features. On this post, there are several standing desks that have different designs. They have been categorized to three, which are: desktop converter, manual sit-stand desk, and electrical (or AI) desk. Each of the categories has a price range which can be followed during shopping for those products. 

To end your long search for the perfect sit-stand desk price just visit our website: The standing desks over there are top notch and will provide its users with better comfort and productivity in the workplace. To get more post and updates from our site, please leave an email in the box below.  

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