How To Heal Shoulder Pain For Office Workers
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How To Heal Shoulder Pain For Office Workers

|Feb 27, 2021

Shoulder and neck pains are getting increasingly common in office workers, students, and gamers alike. Instead of being dealt with, most people tend to ignore the problem or use quick-fix solutions. However, the only way to actually stop office injuries is to make some drastic changes.

Cause of Shoulder Pain

Bad posture

Before you look into your shoulder pain treatment tips, it is necessary to understand what could be causing it. By having the right cause, you can quickly make the necessary changes to avoid the pain.

  • Bad posture
  • Your arms are over shoulder level while working.
  • Pressure on your shoulders
  • Mechanical contact stress, such as resting your wrists on a hard edge for an extended period of time.
  • You’re holding the same position for too long
  • Hand-arm vibrations like those caused while using a power tool.
  • Full-body vibrations are similar to those caused by driving on rough roads.
  • Extreme temperature exposure.

Physically intensive work is bound to leave behind some aches and pains, but for entirely different reasons. However, a sedentary lifestyle with active sitting leads to a weakening of your muscles that eventually causes pain in those very muscles and joints.

Shoulder Pain Relief Tips

Shoulder pain relief tips

If you find yourself in the same position as millions of other people, then it is time to switch positions. When you find yourself sitting in your office chair day after day, there are changes you can make to ease shoulder pain. Get the necessary shoulder pain treatments and do not allow it to go untreated. 

Sit Correctly

Slouching or hunching may feel good at the moment, but your shoulders and spine take their revenge later in the day. When you slouch, there is an incredible amount of strain on the body. Good posture takes away the constant strain and pressure on your neck and shoulders, thereby making shoulder pain relief.

Catch yourself slouching and push yourself back into the right sitting position. Here is the right posture for when you are seated.

  • Feet firmly planted flat on the floor or footrest.
  • Thighs need to be parallel to the floor.
  • The lower back needs to be supported, usually by your ergonomic chair such as Autonomous Chair 2 and Kinn Chair .
  • Elbows need to be supported and close to the body.
  • Your wrists, hands, and forearms need to be in a single line.
  • Most importantly, you should relax your shoulders.

Desk and Chair

Smartdesk and Chair

If you find that your desk is too high or low to let you get into the ideal sitting position, then it is time to rearrange your space. If you’re having lots of problems with pain in the shoulder region and do not know how to stop shoulder pain, then investing in a standing desk like Autonomous Desk 2 and a good ergonomic office chair is a good idea.

Apart from a good, supportive chair and standing desk, there are other changes you can make to your space.

  • The computer monitor needs to be an arm's length away.
  • The very top of your screen should be right below your eye level. 
  • The monitor and keyboard need to be in the center and right in front of you.
  • Keep tools and supplies that are used frequently within arms reach.

The biggest mistake we make when arranging our office spaces is forgetting that constantly twisting and stretching can hurt us in the long run. So, while a comfortable chair and standing desks, maybe white standing desks if you are minimalist, are necessary investments, it is also important to rearrange the workplace.

Take Regular Breaks

Regular break

One of the biggest issues with office workers is static loading. This is when you’re seated in one position for too long. Preventing the issue of static loading is easy and has a very quick fix. It is to simply take a break, it can help to stop shoulder pain. 

Every 30 minutes or so, take a 30-second break to relax your eyes, shoulders, head, and neck. Maybe rotate your head to stretch out your neck or do some shoulder rolls to ease some of the tension accumulated.

Every two to three hours, take a 10-minute break where you simply walk around. Stretch your legs and get some movement in during this break; it disrupts the static loading. Make sure to shake your arms and body a little bit at every 30-second break and larger break. You require all the movement you can get during the workday. 



Exercising is truly a treatment option for most health grievances. This is especially true of shoulder pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle. The extra movement after or before a workday eases your muscles and helps release any tension. Exercising also helps make the muscles stronger and less susceptible to pain, then make shoulder pain relief.

Working out doesn’t have to include going to the gym for four hours a day. You can take classes such as yoga to help ease muscle pains and build flexibility. Yoga also teaches you how to keep your posture right through the day. But traditional gym workouts also work really well. If you do not have much time, you can do some simple desk exercises in your office.

Apart from easing your shoulder pain, exercising will improve your mood, health, and productivity!

Invest in a Headset


When you spend long hours on the phone, your neck gets strained and starts affecting your shoulder. Your shoulders are usually tensed and up to your ears when attending phone calls. Many call centers provide their employees with headsets to avoid back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain.

A headset will prevent the excess strain on your neck caused by continuously cradling the phone. But if you don’t want to use a headset, you can avoid cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder. Also, keep it within reach of your non-dominant hand to simultaneously work and talk on the phone.

Professional Help

Professional Help

If your shoulder pain is intense and chronic, your last option is to seek professional help. After a point, you’re just pushing yourself to live a pain that could eventually turn into something more serious. A doctor is going to be able to judge your pain better and determine the exact cause.

Apart from determining the extent of the problem, they will provide valuable advice on how to ease shoulder pain. However, remember that it doesn’t have to be your last option; seeking professional help can also be your first.


Shoulder pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle can be inconveniencing at best and disastrous at worst. With the problem spreading worldwide, it is becoming more important to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to get some shoulder pain relief.

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