How to Help Your Child Focus in School During Covid-19
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How to Help Your Child Focus in School During Covid-19

|Apr 26, 2021

Working from home is fun; however, distance learning is no more fun when it comes to studies. Students normally escape from their online classes and refuse to have productive studies. In this scenario, making your kids focus on their studies is a great challenge. However, some minor changes in their routine and the way you communicate with them can be enough for helping your child focus in school.

The first thing that a parent should do for improving their kids’ focus on studies is planning a routine for them. This routine should not be hectic. It should mainly focus on different age-specific factors. It should also include different online education programs according to their age. You can also search for such programs on television and radio, etc.

Most parents ignore putting reading time in the routine. But reading is extremely vital for enhancing the focus of students on studies. Moreover, don’t forget to add play and fun time to the schedule while distance learning. Along with studies, fun is also important. Your kid should not be only focused on studies but also on having fun. Just forcing your kids to study without pushing them to devote time for themselves has more chances to make them hate their studies.

But make sure you don’t get harsh with them. Speak like a friend with them, tell them the importance of education, and encourage them to concentrate on their studies. Remember, forming proper routines is important, but don’t get too rigid. Also, provide some flexibility to your kids. Allow them to switch between different activities as per their choices and it may help kids learn during covid efficiently. Additionally, if your child finds online programs hard, ask them to transfer to a more productive and better option.

Make their learning fun

Make their learning fun.jpg

Kids look for fun everywhere. Most kids find studying all-day boring and exhausting. And they are true to some extent. For kids who are in the beginning phases of their education career and continuously learning, it is important to make learning fun to increase their interest in studies. Especially when they are learning online and do not follow the classroom set-up with their friends around them, the need for making learning fun has increased more than ever.

In this situation, making learning fun for the kids has become the responsibility of parents. This includes various techniques such as buying various colorful accessories for your kids to improve their interest and study space. Moreover, parents should also design activities for their kids. Parents have open hands here to help your child focus in school. They can design their kid’s schedules the way they want. They can add anything that makes learning fun for their kids, improves their concentration, and pushes them to study.

Moreover, parents can also search for ultimate desks for their kids, get an ergonomic chair for kids, buy new books, get them some colors and water paints, bring storybooks with visuals, and much more. Sit and play with them and teach them while playing. Make learning as fun as possible because if they get bored and feel exhausted, it will hurt their learning and productivity, which won’t be good for their future. Ignoring studies will become a habit, and it might stay with them even if the pandemic ends. 

Build your kids space where they want to stay around or where they can do their own 'projects'

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Very few parents focus on building specific spaces for their kids to study and do their projects. It is one of the major parts of homeschooling advice for children. Parents should dedicate a specific space for their kids to stay, do their projects, and even play. However, this space should not be like a school. You kid should not feel bound and like school in that spot. But how to make the study spot effective enough to know how to help your child study during COVID? Some ideas for building such space are discussed below.

Add Some Natural Lightings

Add Some Natural Lightings.jpg

While designing a space for your kids to stay around and do their projects, you should select a spot with a lot of natural lighting. This is because natural lightings make kids more creative and improve their wellbeing and creativity, which is also proved through different studies. It also helps your child focus in school. However, if you can’t find such space inside your home, then don’t panic. You also have an option of building study space outside.

Pick Good Colors

Pick Good Colors.jpg

Colors play a vital role in designing the study space for your kids because they can impact your kids’ minds to a great extent. Colors can improve your kids' mood and motivate and inspire them to perform and study better. It is better to select bright colors to boost mood and productivity for the study space of your kids. A good option is an orange color which is warm and can increase the productivity of your kid. Another option is green, which is known for boosting concentration. You can paint the walls and even select furniture of these colors.

Select Comfortable Seating

Select Comfortable Seating.jpg

Designing the room effectively without choosing suitable seating will put all your efforts in vain. Remember, your kid will stay there almost all day; that’s why getting comfortable seating for them is extremely vital to help your child focus in school and help kids learn during covid. Make sure the seating offers good support for the back of your kid. Some good options include a chair set, reading nooks, and bean bags, etc. This seating will give your children the flexibility and freedom of moving, playing, and studying with great comfort.

Don’t let your kids’ productivity and studies suffer because of the pandemic. Prioritize their education, devote some time for them and make learning fun for them. Show your support, and don’t let them stay away from their studies.

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