How to Improve Concentration on Study: 6 Proven Steps
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How to Improve Concentration on Study: 6 Proven Steps

|May 6, 2021

As a student, you are always looking for some vital study concentration tips because it is pretty tough to concentrate on your tasks when there are so many distractions awaiting your attention. Your mobile phone, social media, emails, are some of the few common distractions that almost every student has to face; thus, they are always looking for tips to improve concentration on study.

No matter which grade you are in, having a lack of concentration and focus is pretty common among the masses. We know that as a student, you are looking for some effective concentration techniques for studying. Therefore, we have shared a step-by-step guide that can help you focus on your studies and ace your next exam. So, are you interested to learn more about how to improve concentration in studies? If yes, let’s read further.

1. Find the right environment.

The environment that you choose to study matters a lot. Some students can only study in an environment that is quite like a library, while there are some who find it easier to connect with their studies when they are sitting in a park or some other noisy place where the bustle of the city is pretty audible.

How to Improve Concentration on Study: 6 Proven Steps

This selection is solely based upon your interests and ease. For most of the students, a quiet place to study is the ideal location, so you can create a quiet space if you like.

2. Align your study space

It is important that you align your study space with respect to the type of task you are going to work on. To make it clearer, you must avoid clutter, as that is seen as a common cause of distraction when you study.

How to Improve Concentration on Study: 6 Proven Steps

Having a clean workspace with minimal accessories helps you have a clear mind and focus on your subject better. You can also consider adding a good ergonomic chair while aligning your study space to ensure you have a nice chair to sit for long hours while studying.

3. Eliminate Distractions - Keep your phone away

How to Improve Concentration on Study: 6 Proven Steps

Once the study space is aligned, make sure that you eliminate any sort of distractions from your study space. This can be your tablet, mobile phone, PlayStation, or any other device that can possibly divert your attention from studies.

4. Use tools to plan ahead

Once you are all set to begin your study routine, plan ahead to list down the topics or tasks you are planning to cover in this sitting. Having a bigger picture is always better, as that makes you more efficient in reaching your goal and staying more focused and productive throughout the time that you study.

How to Improve Concentration on Study: 6 Proven Steps

You can use certain apps like Todoist that are dedicated to helping you devise a list of your tasks that you can rate to judge which subjects or areas require more attention so that you can do them first.

5. Use Pomodoro Technique

Often students find it tough to focus on their studies because they are unable to identify their optimal time to study and spend most of their time procrastinating even after they have devised a list of the tasks that they are supposed to do.

When you are trying to improve concentration on a study in such a condition, you can use The Pomodoro technique to have maximum focused and concentrated study sessions. To make them more interesting, you may even give yourself a treat after every fifty-ninety minutes as per the slot that you decide to study.

6. Play some white noise in the background

Once you have the timer ready and all prepared to start a focused study session, play some white noise in the background or any classical music that could help you cancel out any possible noise in the background so that you do not have to worry about what is going on around you even if you are working in a busy place.

How to Improve Concentration on Study: 6 Proven Steps

The Bottom Line - How to Improve Focus and Maintain Concentration With Time

We shared those study concentration tips and techniques in a chronological manner that will help you have an overall better focus and plan a fruitful study session overall. Your focus matters a lot, and even the slightest of distractions can cost you too much. A study has shown that it takes you around 23 minutes and 15 seconds to regain your lost focus if you are interrupted while studying or working.

How to Improve Concentration on Study: 6 Proven Steps

Along with adopting the six steps that we shared above, you can even incorporate meditation and exercise in your routine to improve concentration on study. Certain games will help you concentrate better, so you can think of having a dedicated game station with an ergonomic chair for gaming where you can spend some time of your day playing games that can help you improve your focus.

After you have aligned everything on the right track, self-evaluation is the last most important thing you need to take because those students who don't reflect on what they are doing in their daily lives will never be able to learn how to improve concentration in studies. For this purpose, you may think of tracking your activities and having a keen check of how much you covered at the end of the day. Once you are able to do all this, you can become more focused and dedicated towards studies.

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