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How to Negotiate Salary: The Do’s and Don'ts

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At times, negotiating a salary for a new job is uncomfortable and stressful. As long as you know what you deserve, it’s better to take a risk. Salary negotiation is a technique where you don't want to anger or annoy your employer. Create a personal and empathetic connection with your employer. This is a good strategy for salary negotiations. There are many ways on how to negotiate salary but first let’s figure out the requirements.

How to Negotiate Salary

By following the guidelines below, salary negotiations should not be challenging anymore. Ensure to follow these salary negotiations tips:

·  Realize your value and ability for task executions before thinking of salary negotiations.

·  Professionally create a personal connection with your employer to ease the negotiations process.

·  Learn to focus on important matters before asking for salary negotiations.

·  Express what the company stands to gain by hiring you.

·  Avoid exaggerated qualifications to justify the position.

The Do’s

As a new employee in the industry, learning the basics of negotiation salary is ideal. Here are the Do's to help you through the process.

Do Carry Out Research

Doing research is an in-depth way of informing you of the salary range for the job. Before attending the interview, prepare a reasonable salary for the position. It is ideal for the interviewee to check the company background and salary ranges.

How to Negotiate Salary

Do Realize Your Value

When negotiating a salary, keep in mind your value and capabilities. Talk about your qualifications and the help you are bringing to the company. Getting what you deserve in exchange for your expertise is fulfilling. Do let the company know your value to avoid underpaying or overpayment of services.

How to Negotiate Salary

Do Check Other Company Benefits

Doing a background check of the company before attending the interview is ideal. Find out about things such as bonuses, expenses, and paid training. To get a higher pay and job elevation, continue increasing your working skills.

Do Offer a Salary Range

Giving the potential employer a salary range creates room for choice and better pay. The range makes sense in a way that you don't have to stick with one specific figure. Though you may request more benefits, ensure to keep in mind your value and the amount of work you can offer. Show that you are flexible enough to accommodate changes and working pressure.

How to Negotiate Salary

Do Respect the Interviewers

Being realistic in salary negotiations shows respect and honor for the position. Giving realistic suggestions makes the employer want to work with you. Be open to taking up risks and challenges for the sake of the company. Learn how compensation affects employee performance before handling tasks beyond your responsibilities.

Do Sell Yourself

Being confident enough to face the panel is an ideal point for a strong negotiator. Stand with what you believe you can do for the company by explaining your skills. Remind the employer of your qualifications, strength, and work achievements.

Do Collect Notes

Taking notes during the salary negotiation process is ideal. The notes help you and the employer remember the salary terms and negotiations. Write down all the offers and prices on paper for easy remembrance. Ask questions on the requirements to make sure you are on the same page.

How to Negotiate Salary

The Don’ts

Don't Bring up The Salary Subject First

Unless it is a request from the employers to talk about the salary, avoid the subject. Wait for the right time to talk about salary negotiations. Show your enthusiasm to work first before the money.

How to Negotiate Salary

Don't Exaggerate Qualifications

The art of salary negotiation is all about building trust with your employer. Being honest with your qualifications creates room for improvement. Being trustworthy helps the company to create a realistic employee goal setting. Balance your salary request to not undersell or oversell your skills. Instead of exaggerating your potential, back up your qualifications with facts.

Don't be Difficult

Confidence is one of the values that shows you know what you want. This does not mean you become stubborn when negotiating a salary offer. Put into consideration the employers' side to weigh the salary option. Instead of being difficult, find a way on how to fix miscommunication by sharing your ideas.

How to Negotiate Salary

Don't Be Quick to Conclude

Avoid accepting and rushing to a conclusion upon issuing a counteroffer. A genuine response to a salary expectation is weighing the workload and description. When the company gives you an offer, don't be quick to accept. Request for some time to think about it and get back. There is no harm in waiting and getting what you deserve.

How to Negotiate Salary

Don't Personalize

Do not make all the discussions about you. Share a company's visions by explaining where you see it in, let’s say 10 years. Don't wash your dirty linen in a salary negotiation interview. Unless asked, avoid talking about your bills, family problems, and loans.

Don't be an Autocrat

Salary negotiation is a sensitive and conversational subject. Avoid being a dictator and let the company control your worth. Don't be quick to judge the situation or quick to quit the interview due to salary negotiations. Gather your facts and value and share them with the company for consideration.

Don't Demand Favors

It is professional to get your salary settlement put in writing. Sometimes the contract comes with unexpected figures, be professional and ask for explanations or changes. Be grateful for the offer and guarantee success for the company. After signing the offer, you become an employee. Start the learning process of how to conduct productive meetings to plan for success.


With the current economic challenges, negotiating a salary offer is difficult. It is ideal to realize that the company is also going through harsh challenges. Fair salary negotiations create a conducive working environment for employees. Before attending an interview seek salary negotiation tips. Go through the do’s and don’ts to know how to fix miscommunications when negotiating the salary.

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