How to Protect Your Eyes in the Office - 8 Tips
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How to Protect Your Eyes in the Office - 8 Tips

|Aug 25, 2022

Eye strain is a very common problem in office workers, especially in those that spend several hours staring at a computer screen. Some of the most common symptoms of this condition may include dry eyes, constant headaches, red eyes, sight fatigue, and even eye twitch.

It's important to work on office lighting for eyes, whether you are at home or working in an exterior facility. This way, you will be able to prevent serious eye damage while also keeping your productivity and overall well-being in good shape.

We'll describe different tips on how you can protect your eyes in the office while also giving you advice regarding home office lighting for computer work.

Learn to Protect Your Eyes While You’re Working – 8 Tips to Consider

1.  Consult your eye physician and get a comprehensive eye exam

Consult your eye physician and get a comprehensive eye exam

Before we start describing the best home office lighting for the eyes, the first thing we can recommend to you is to seek advice from a medical expert. Let your doctor know about your working habits, and make emphasis on the time and frequency in which you use a computer and other electronic devices while you're working and during your free time.

This exam can also give you more information about your sight health. You may think that you don’t need glasses, but it may actually be the opposite. Therefore, it's better to get to know what's happening with your sight beforehand and leave other problems out of the question.

2.  Use proper lighting

Use proper lighting - office lighting for eyes

It’s essential to make sure that your workstation is appropriately illuminated, especially if you often have to deal with physical documents. Even if you don’t have to touch papers very frequently, solely relying on your monitor’s lighting can be quite dangerous for your eyes. Remember that screens produce blue light, which is responsible for different problems (such as insomnia and even permanent eye damage) and affects women more than it affects men.

Make sure that your monitor distance is appropriate and that you have office lighting for sensitive eyes around. A low blue light lamp can help you illuminate your workstation if the room’s illumination isn’t enough to keep your work area fully lighted.

You can also take a look at different computer desk lamps for eye strain.

3.  Adjust the settings of your monitor

Adjust the settings of your monitor

Most people don't "adjust" their monitor settings after they acquire it and start using it with the default settings. However, if you truly want to prevent struggling with eye strain or even more serious problems in the long term, you can play around with the settings, so the screen is easier on your eyes.

Your monitor’s brightness should match your surroundings. If it’s too bright, it’ll likely stand out like light sources. Furthermore, make sure that you’re using a correct resolution that allows you to see everything on the screen at an appropriate size for your eyes.

4.  Focus on something different than your screen after a while

If you’ll use your computer for a long time, it’s recommended for you to look away from your screen every 5-10 minutes or so to prevent your eyes from becoming tired too quickly.

Additionally, please, don’t forget to blink. In fact, you should do it more frequently. Remember that the light from your monitor will likely dry your eyes after a while. So, blinking more can help you keep your eyes lubricated to prevent eye strain from becoming a more serious problem.

5.  Adjust your workstation

Adjust your workstation

We’ve already talked about the best office lighting for the eyes. However, this is not the only change you should make to your workstation if you're struggling with eye strain now and then – your desk should be as ergonomic as possible to make sure that you're comfortable while you're using the computer.

For instance, your monitor should be at least one arm at a distance away from your eyes. Furthermore, the screen should be about 10-15º below eye level, so you can keep your neck in a comfortable position.

You should invest in the best computer chair for long hours and other office accessories that can help you feel more comfortable while you’re working on your daily responsibilities. Remember, your comfort should be a priority. If something feels out of place or leaves you feeling strange while you’re working or after you finish working, perhaps there is something on your workstation that you need to work on. Try to analyze your surroundings and make the necessary modifications.

6.  Remember to take breaks

Although we all want to be as productive as possible throughout the day or even keep playing or watching something we like, it's important to take breaks from screens now and then. Staring at the screen for prolonged periods can make you more tired in the long run. Hence, taking 5-minute breaks throughout your work sessions can do wonders for your eyes and your overall well-being.

You can use some time management techniques to remember to take breaks, such as the Pomodoro technique.

The Pomodoro technique consists in concentrating on something specific for a 25-minute period, then you can have a break for 5 minutes. You repeat this at least four times, and then you can take a break of 15 minutes. You can adjust this method at your convenience.


Even if you include the best office lighting for eyes in your home office, it will not be enough for you to prevent eye damage. You should also adjust your surroundings so you can be more comfortable while you're working and can improve your overall well-being. It's easy to overlook these aspects while we're so concentrated on what we're doing, but these actions can have bad repercussions on our general well-being in the long run.

Hence, you can prevent a serious problem before it even happens with slight changes in your lifestyle. After all, all of the advice we’ve listed here is for your comfort, and you can only be the best version of yourself when your health and body are in excellent shape. There are also special discounts available to Autonomous employees through the employee purchase program.

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