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How to Reinvent a Work Space With Stylish Office Chairs

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 29, 2018

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How to Reinvent a Work Space With Stylish Office Chairs

The modern workspace is changing. Companies hire designers to reinvent the space. But even regular workers can have a better workspace with simple changes such as stylish office chairs. However, simply changing the chairs is not going to do too much in the entire context of a workspace. It is why a holistic approach is recommended to reinvent the space. Some of the recommended steps require no investment while others, such as new furniture and accessories require some investment for a new feeling. 

Declutter at the beginning

But this picture can change with the right mindset. In truth, having a decluttered office space can make a huge difference as most workers are able to concentrate better when everything is organized. There are a few items which can help workers declutter. They include a cable tray which can even be seen as a safety recommendation in order to avoid tripping on all types of cables from computers, printers or desk lamps. A filing cabinet is also highly recommended. With files organized precisely, there are no more documents lying around the desk to distract attention from work. Even a monitor arm can free-up much-needed desk space to offer a larger working area and to improve the position at the desk.

Declutter at the beginning

Change the desk

One of the biggest factors which influence the style of an office is the desk. In many cases, workers have to deal with old desks. However, they might not come with a vintage appeal. Instead, they can come with the regular issues of an old desk such as lack of adjustability and even outdated designs which cannot fit the modern minimalist workspace anymore.

A new desk is also a great time to reassess the work priorities. Not all desks are created equal. Small and large designs are able to offer a different experience. Fixed and height-adjustable desks are different as well. With growing concerns on the health of the workers, a height-adjustable desk is a great idea to get started with improving work posture.

It is also true that stylish office chairs are often chosen in relation to the desk. So a new chair is often purchased with a new desk. The height of the chair needs to match the height of the desk. With an adjustable desk, this becomes less of an issue but in terms of style, both need to match for the simple look most workers are going these days.

Consider artwork

Artwork is rarely present in modern offices. But those who work in redesigned old buildings might still be able to decorate the walls with a great painting, a few small shelves for decorative statues or various pictures.

Artwork is so diverse that it is impossible not to find a stylish piece to immediately improve the look and feel of an office. The idea is to keep things simple. Contrasting artworks works best. A white wall is perfect for a painting or a picture with a darker color frame. Different color walls such as gray or blue represent a great foundation for modern artwork. White frames can work well in this situation. Placing the artwork in a way in which is it enhanced by natural light is also recommended. In some cases, small accessories for artificial light such as picture lights can work as well.

Of course, artwork requires different levels of investment. From free to expensive artwork, there are hundreds of options to consider. It is often recommended to avoid the standard mass-market art in the favor of rare pieces, which can also be a great topic of conversation with visiting clients or coworkers. Unique artwork can be found in galleries or online. Many students offer free artwork if their name can appear on it.

A simpler alternative is to choose artwork which is made to be minimalistic and affordable. Various frames with quotes are now available in most large stores. They can be used across the office to make its style more contemporary. A few off-the-wall artwork ideas can include:

  • Removable decals
  • Hanging planters
  • Paintings
  • Chalkboards
  • Stylish reflective mirrors
  • Inspiring words
  • Asymmetrical shelving
  • Canvas sets
  • Hanging tapestry
  • High-quality pictures
  • Unique maps

These ideas can be mixed and matched. However, from a style perspective, it is not recommended to clutter the walls with too many items, but to rather add just a few to change the perspective of the workplace.

Mix old and new objects

Great designers know that a style project does not throw away all old objects. Some of them can be kept for a unique appeal. Many objects can be simply given a new beginning. Walls can be painted, rugs can be washed, and lights can be cleaned for a cleaner, more modern style;e.

Consider better lights

Lights play a crucial role in the overall style of the office. Even the best chair is hard to appreciate aesthetically if there is not enough light in the room. Artificial lights can be combined for a more unique space. Commercial and residential lights can work together for a unique workspace. Lamps and bulbs are also recommended. Smart lights which are controlled with sensors which also be more recommended from a practicality point of view.

But the best light remains the natural light. It is often recommended to place the desk next to a window so that breaks from work are easier to take. Simply looking out into the distance can come with a positive effect for the eyes, allowing them to relax. Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities to place the desk and chair in a position which does not face the window directly to avoid contrasting sunlight, but rather to the side, which can be easier on the eyes when spending long hours at work.

Save space with a corner office

The classic corner office is not going away anytime soon. In fact, increasing office space costs in large urban areas are likely to need to make the most of existing space. Small spaces can also be used for home offices for practicality reasons. Placing the desk and chair into a corner might not be as simple. The same stylish tips are recommended.

In a few cases, space can be saved with desks placed under the stairs. Similar to a classic corner office, this space still needs to be free of clutter. It also needs to have sufficient light for the worker. Working in a dark corner might not be the best way to approach the issue. Many workers can also find corner offices to be not suited for a workspace due to a dark feel. Mastering light with desk lamps and overhead lights can be a good way to ensure these tight spaces can work for business purposes.

Save space with a corner office

Plants and rugs

Rugs and plants are another stylish options to highlight the chair and the desk. Floor plants can come in all shapes and sizes. Since they are kept on the floor, the can also be larger. Smaller plants can be kept either on the desk or on shelves. The argument between natural and artificial plants is still going strong. If workers don’t have the time to care for the plants, artificial options are recommended. At the same time, if workers want a genuine feel to the office, natural plants are a great idea. Some natural plants need minimum care and watering from time to time and they can be a great choice.

Rugs and carpets in the office can change the entire perception of the floor. If open-space offices tend to have corporate or commercial carpets, smaller offices can be decorated with various smaller rugs. They can be more personal and they can add a distinct feel to the office. Of course, the carpet is one of the most important elements to highlight the style of an office chair. If there is a single object purchased to place the chair in a better light, this can be a carpet. Dark color chairs work great with various lighter carpet. But carpets also come with various patterns. They should also be considered according to the surrounding environment.

Choose the stylish office chairs to suit the office

The time has come to change the office chair with a stylish alternative. After considering all elements which can put it in the spotlight, such as seen above, workers can make the most of the opportunity and take their time with the choice.

One of the principles of modern design is based on simplicity. The ErgoStool is such an example. It allows workers to sit in a position which engages their core and it does this while offering a unique spherical design. Having an adjustable chair, which allows workers to sit in a higher position, changes the entire perception of the works space.

The ErgoChair 2 is another stylish option. Made with a modern design, it often represents a good solution when used in modern spaces. The curves of the AvoChair work great with certain curves in the office space. With an elastomeric back, the seat works great in open spaces where the idea of space is enhanced.

These choices represent stylish office chairs which change the way an office looks and the way worker feel. One of the results of a successful re-design is enhanced worker morale.

How does a stylish office chair influence the work space?

Stylish office chairs are easy to replace. Out with the old and in with the new. However, the process might not be as straightforward in modern offices. These offices tend to transition from an open space design to a shared space design. In these conditions, it is hard to make the most even of the most stylish chairs as they can serve multiple people.

A few elements can also negatively impact the feeling of a chair and of the work atmosphere. Constant air conditioning which can’t be adjusted, automatic overhead lights and loud noises from other coworkers can negatively influence the work experience.

It is why following the directions above to a certain degree can offer the much-needed stylish change when choosing aesthetic office chairs. Many workers will be able to see the change differently when incorporating it with the immediate office space where this is possible. A stylish office chair is an investment and it deserves an environment where it can be highlighted.

Style rules are meant to be broken

Style rules are meant to be broken

However, as all styles rules go, exceptions always apply. Many inspiring offices are simply made by pushing the limits of what was seen as acceptable. Designs come and go and even the style of office chairs has changed over the past few years. If working on a larger project where multiple chairs are upgraded to a stylish design, it is often recommended to work with a designer to integrate this into a certain visual concept.


Some of the most stylish office chairs can now be purchased in stores and online. They tend to come at various prices and they require some type of investment from employees or employers. But at the same time, if integrated with an office concept, they can really shine.

Those unsure where to start can always declutter the immediate office space. This will take the attention away from clutter and place it on the desk and the chair, which become more visible. Having the ability to do this often requires using various other storage options or even moving the desk or the chair in another location. Regardless of the chosen chair style, workers also need to think about function. Even some of the best-looking chairs might not be suited for a correct working posture. It is why it’s worth choosing a solution which works for all essential aspects of the office life and proper posture support is at least as important as style.

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