How to Relieve Sore Feet When Working from Home
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How to Relieve Sore Feet When Working from Home

|Aug 27, 2021

For those who work from their home office or doing home chores, standing all day long can give you sore feet.  Add a heeled shoe, and you could have sore feet, backaches, and it could affect your spine too.

If you are wondering what causes sore feet, don't be surprised to hear this.  Sore feet can be caused by uncomfortable footwear, standing too long, whether working or standing still, leading to overuse or injuries to the feet. For example, athletes could land up with too much stretching or landing on their feet after jumping on a pole vault or other gymnastic activities. The American Podiatric Medical Association has done much research on this. In a research paper published a few years back, they reported that 77% of the American population in 2014 have suffered from a foot problem.

While the reasons could be many, the kind of sore feet you get at home is more from overuse and stretch; unless, of course, you have had a medical condition like Achilles heel or flat feet, or diabetic neuropathy, or more.

As you stand or sit and work, you can have sore feet either way as your feet take the maximum brunt of your body weight and pressure. While most folks always discuss using comfortable footwear to work, there are other ways to manage foot pain relief. 

Causes of Sore Feet and Solutions

There could be many reasons for sore feet. However, here are the top five reasons and how to relieve sore feet.

1. Fatigue


As you move around the house working, you could be on your feet for long hours. Most folks don't realize that you may get sore feet even at home.  With the pandemic, most folks have been working from their homes in restricted and small spaces. So when you dress up as you were in the office, working from home, you are wearing tight office shoes, but in limited spaces.  With timings between office work hours and personal space being blurred, there is unlimited office work. So you land up wearing your work shoes for more than what you would, had you been going to the office.

The tender bones in the feet and the heel take the brunt of all the pressure you manage between the office and home life.

Looking for sore feet remedies or foot pain relief? While many curl up with their legs under them, others question is sitting cross legged bad?

2. Shoe-bites


If you have picked up a new pair of shoes to be worn at home, you could be suffering from a shoe bite too. Additionally, feet swell up as they try and adjust into a new pair of shoes/space as you wear them.

Cure? After cleaning any cuts/ bruises, it is time to soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes.  If that isn't possible, you could always wrap your feet in a wet hot water towel for a few minutes. Oh, the kind of relief you get is marvelous and instant!

3. Exercises


As you work through the day, you realize that only certain parts of your feet are being overused. Therefore, after a hard day's work, it's best to practice some foot pain relief exercises to ensure they are evenly used and relax them.

Light and stretch exercises will ensure proper blood flow. Of course, you can always do some standing desk exercises. This is one of the best cures. You can stand straight, hands on your hips, and make circles with the toes pointed forward, hanging the foot in the air. Do about five to ten rounds as per your comfort, and then turn around.

4. Prop-up your feet

You can never miss the old homely trick of resting your feet on a foot pedestal while working on a chair. The first step is to remove shoes and put your feet on the foot pedestal. Don't have one? Some folks try curling their feet under themselves, hoping that their body weight can massage or put pressure on the tired calf muscles. Many others do seated stretching exercises.

5. Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Considered an anti-fatigue mat ever for foot pain relief? Even sitting and working from home, you can tire your feet easily as they stay in one position for long. So one of the easiest cares is to use the Anti-Fatigue Mat by the Autonomous group.

Don't miss this mat that cares for your feet and insoles as you stand even the entire day long. Just place your feet on the anti-fatigue mat, which has two inches of recline from the bottom towards the mat's top.  This wonderful foot pain relief mat resists tears as it is made from high tensile PU and vegan leather.

You don’t stand any chances of slipping as this standing desk mat has an anti-slip, abrasion-resistant material.  Even heavy folks can easily use it as it takes a weight of 330 lbs. It is available in black color and measures 33”L x 20”W x 2”H.  When not in use, you can easily roll it to store it away, thus saving space.

6. Flat feet cure

Flat feet cure

Many folks are either born with flat feet or develop this symptom.  How do you come to know? Well, there is no arch for your feet in the sole. Your entire feet are parallel to the ground.  Hence, your gait and balance are challenging as no air gets trapped between your heel and the shoe or the floor. A report suggests that a large part of the American population suffers from flat feet.


Being on your feet is a phrase for people who are actively involved in their work routine. It would help if you rested your feet as it has many benefits. Now with so many foot pain relief and cures available, just take it easy and keep walking!

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