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How to Remove Gas Lift From Office Chair
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How to Remove Gas Lift From Office Chair

|Jul 17, 2022

What are the workings of an office chair? Chairs are magical because a vertical beam supports the seat and is fixed to the desk chairs with a wheelbase. Gas springs give chairs their magic. Unlike ordinary chairs, office chairs must meet technical requirements that enable the user to customize the chair to suit their body and the type of functions they will perform. In this sense, the ergonomic designs of desk chairs incorporate hydraulic systems, reclining capabilities, and previously tested materials to ensure maximum comfort and a pleasant experience. Many of these models feature casters and levers to adjust the height, proportion, tilt, etc., which isn't just a cosmetic addition. Prices and features vary from model to model, making it more complicated when you try to remove gas lift from office chair. 


In gas springs, the piston is attached to a cylinder, and the cylinder base is coated with oil to prevent the Nitrogen gas from escaping. Locking the piston ensures the desired height, and the seat cannot move further up or down. Learn more about how they work before you see how to remove gas lift from chairs.


Working to remove gas lift from office chair

  • During the first stage of the process, the pressure in the cylinder is greater than the combined effect of atmospheric pressure and the weight of the empty chair. In this way, the gas spring reaches its maximum height.
  • A person sitting on the office chair presses down on the lever, which releases the lock, and the piston can move.
  • A person's weight is assumed to contribute to the downward force so that force is greater than the pressure exerted by nitrogen. Thus, the piston moves into the cylinder and compresses the gas as it moves. That sounds like hissing.
  • In compression, the gas's pressure increases, providing more resistance to the downward force.
  • As the piston moves, the user can lock the lever at any point.

What is the Procedure for Removing the Cylinder from an Office Chair?

There is a danger of personal injury when handling or attempting to remove office chair gas lift cylinders since they are hermetically sealed. Contact the manufacturer's representative to have it repaired or to disassemble the office chair gas lift. Having the necessary tools and knowledge would allow you to disassemble the cylinder, but you would not be able to operate your chair since it would be inoperative. Purchasing a new chair, which doesn't cost much, would be the best decision. Replacing an old chair may even cost more than a new one.

Is it Possible to Fix a Gas Cylinder on an Office Chair?

Is it Possible to Fix a Gas Cylinder on an Office Chair?

As far as we know, most gas spring mechanisms cannot be repaired. Or, if they can be, you will need to know how to repair them. Nitrogen or several non-reactive gases are charged into them under moderately high pressure. Also, once the gas escapes, the cylinder seems no longer useful.

It is possible to replace an office chair gas lift cylinder, however. With an online search, we discovered several companies selling replacement cylinders. You will need to remove your old one and measure it before ordering since many lengths and diameters are available.

What Can You Do About a Sinking Office Chair?

What Can You Do About a Sinking Office Chair?

With the help of pressurized air, office chairs are raised and lowered using a pneumatic cylinder. The seals on most chairs fail after a few years, typically because they are too damaged to maintain a constant pressure. Replacement cylinders can be purchased to restore full function to your chair, but they are nearly as expensive as replacements. By following these easy DIY methods, you can adjust the height of your chair to one convenient height. You have three options: 

  1. Connect the hose with a hose clamp. To prevent the cylinder from sinking, wipe it clean, wrap duct tape around it, and mount a hose clamp on it.
  2. You can use a PVC pipe. You will need to cut it vertically, pull it open, and press it against the cylinder until it completely wraps around it. The office chair without wheels will also be mechanically prevented from sinking.
  3. Gas cylinders should be exchanged. Temporary solutions can be applied to the first two.

What is The Procedure for Removing an Office Chair Piston?

What is The Procedure for Removing an Office Chair Piston?

You don't. That's all there is to it. All the parts are welded together, so it's stable. Under the chair, we assume you were referring to the hydraulic lift. Other hydraulic pistons are found in some fancier ones, and since they can easily be replaced, anyone who knows how would do it without asking. A screw is usually used to attach the pistons.

You may encounter this issue when learning how to clean fabric office chair. Bases with chair casters attached to them are different. The trim may clip or snap on, but the body is mostly welded together. Once you'd cut the welds, welded in a replacement, repaired the seams, and painted it.

A replacement base can be bought by looking through office chairs or dinette sets. Sometimes, the SKU numbers of the bases and seats differ. This makes it easier to match them. Bases and seats are attached with screws or bolts. Once you get this far, follow the arrows on the top plate that say "front." Otherwise, you will fall off the chair and land on the ground.

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