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How to Set up a Productive Space for People Working from Home
Workplace Inspiration

How to Set up a Productive Space for People Working from Home

|Sep 21, 2021

As a real-world employee, your colleagues act as the biggest threat to your productive space. So, they come and speak with you at your desk, invite you to lunch. If you're easily distracted, you may find it challenging to benefit from the social benefits. You can let loose without colleagues around when working from home, so those inhibitions don't bother you.

There's no one watching you at the home office. Those same pressures from peers or a sense of communal obligation to accomplish things don't necessarily apply to you. You’ll soon find it's very easy to become your own worst enemy in your productive office space, even though family members can be distracting. 

Creating a Pro-Productivity Home Office

It's hotly debated whether employees who work from home are more productive than those who work in an office. Having employees work at home on a regular schedule is more productive, in our opinion. What's the secret? Their productive space is pleasant and encourages productivity.

By creating the productive office space design you need for your work, you can accomplish the same thing. By designing your ideal office from the ground up, you're in control of every aspect of your surroundings and aren't restricted to the space you've got. Here are the best productive space tips they shared with us to use in your own workspace.

A Quiet Space

A Quiet Space

It is incredibly frustrating to listen to people's everyday noise: children playing, pets, air vents, nearby traffic, etc. Your home office shouldn't be located in a high-traffic area. Find a place to work in which you won't be distracted, away from TVs and playgrounds for optimum efficiency and concentration. It's best to avoid your new productive space sharing a wall or home with another room or living area. Also, install a door over the workspace to cut out the noise.

Add a View

Consider positioning your desk so that you can enjoy the view in your productive space. Your productivity will go up if you position your desk to overlook a picturesque or calming view. It is better to position your desk facing the inside of your home if your window faces a busy street or another home. Your office space will be more conducive to controlling the things you see and what distracts you. To keep your eyes fresh when you need to look away from your computer screen, you can hang a picture on the wall you will be facing.

Keep Only Necessary Equipment

Keep Only Necessary Equipment

A computer and fast internet access are necessary for working from a home minimalist desk setup. In addition to a high-performance laptop and a Wi-Fi connection PC setups with download speeds greater than 5 megabytes per second, you should also consider investing in these items. A wireless keyboard and mouse will help you work more efficiently. Your wireless devices should also have rechargeable batteries, as well as two monitors.

Focus on Ergonomics

Focus on Ergonomics

For an office to be functional, you will also need a desk and chair. If your existing chair doesn't have the perfect lumbar support, you can add a small pillow or layer a blanket on top of it to help. When you sit at your desk for an extended period, you might benefit from this. For better comfort, try pairing a standing desk with an ergonomic office chair.

Featured here are stylish standing workstations that let you stand up and stretch your legs. Since these desks are portable, you can set them up in any part of the productive space in your house. Depending on your budget and use case, these desks come in many different styles. To spend your workday in comfort, get a comfortable chair.

Finding a desk chair that is suitable for your needs and fits under your desk requires you to investigate rolling or reclining chairs. You must have the right software so you can collaborate with coworkers. You should also ensure that your files and documents are stored in the cloud so that they can be accessed at any time.

Tidy up Your Desk

Tidy up Your Desk

The more paperwork, books, and pens piled on your desk, the less likely you will make any progress in your productive space. For your attention to remain focused on your work, make sure your workspace is as tidy as possible and accessible, but not in the way of necessary items.

A tangle of papers and pens slows you down, but what should you have on your desk? The common office accessories we have lie around the office, including folders, sticky notes, and binders.

You might be able to make use of sticky notes, but everything else - extra books, piles of paper, and lukewarm coffee - will interfere with your focus and productivity. The best desk setup places your tools and toys within reach, but it's also nice to have your desk free of clutter! Try to free up as much space on your desk as possible by putting all extra items in cabinets and drawers.

Adding Plants and Greenery

Adding Plants and Greenery

The addition of plants to your workspace can provide fresh air and a visual break from your screen when you create a productive space. You can choose low-maintenance plants such as cactus and succulents. Workflows can be improved by having a refreshing scent in the office. When you're working from home, some essential oils have been scientifically proven to increase productivity. Among the many scents out there, peppermint can boost your energy levels, while rosemary aids in concentration so you can accomplish your tasks faster and more effectively. An orange scent can make you feel better if you're anxious or fearful.

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