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How to Set Up a Streaming Setup with Ergonomic Items

How to Set Up a Streaming Setup with Ergonomic Items

|Oct 29, 2020

Most people want a basic streaming setup so that they can create live videos. What do you need for this? Surprisingly, a beginner streaming setup doesn’t require a lot. An average smartphone contains all the hardware you need, and you can download any other software you want. There are also websites allowing you to stream your live videos from apps downloaded directly to the smartphone.

However, just because you can use a smartphone to live stream doesn’t mean you should. There could be times where you don’t have the right features or options, making it impossible to stream on a smartphone. For example, to use the YouTube app, you need 1,000 subscribers.

There are considerable drawbacks of using a smartphone for streaming purposes. If you are taking it seriously, now is the time to learn how to setup a streaming setup in your home.

Methods of setting up a streaming setup in your home

1. Basic Streaming Setup Structure

You don’t have to follow a specific pattern or path for live streaming. Your goals may be to socialize or drive sales. There are different content options to achieve what you want. You’ve also got various social networks and platforms to help reach the right audience.

The type of content you create doesn’t necessarily matter, but you still need to know the beginner streaming setup with the right items. These include:

Basic streaming set up structure

Of course, this is the basic streaming setup and the easiest way to get the job done. We’re going to talk about each option to better serve your needs.

2. What Is the Best Audio/Video Source for a Basic Streaming Setup?

audio source

Learning how to setup a live stream starts with the video and audio source. This is the data that you feed into the encoder.

You can use various devices, such as:

  • Webcam
  • External microphone
  • Built-in mic
  • Computer screen
  • Advanced cameras

The least expensive option here is to use the computer screen for your beginner streaming setup. It works well for how-to videos and tutorials.

3. How to Setup a Live Stream – Encoder Factors

Encoder factor

The encoder is the device that takes the data from your camera and puts it in the right format for the streaming platform. You can choose between a software and hardware encoder. For your beginner streaming setup, you probably want the software option because it’s free.

Typically people use Streamlabs OBS and OBS Studio, though there are others.

You’re probably going to want a gaming computer to handle all the work that your CPU requires. They’re designed to have high resolutions, higher frame-rates, and quicker bit-rates.

4. Have a Decent Internet Connection

The data delivered from the encoder to your streaming platform or service needs an Internet connection. In essence, the encoder uploads the information in real-time as it gets encoded.

Generally, you need high upload speeds. If the bit-rate is 3,000 Kbps, you should have an upload speed of at least 3 Mbps.

Remember, speed and bandwidth aren’t the same. It’s best to test out the speed first so that you know if your beginner streaming setup is fast enough to handle it.

5. Streaming Platforms

You’ve got many streaming websites and platforms where you can stream through them. Some are free, while others offer a tiered payment structure. Social networks also have live streaming options. Then, you’ve got paid subscription services.

Since you’re new and still working on how to setup a live stream, you’re probably going to stay with the free options. You may also be using them already, which makes it easier to transition to live streams. Just ensure that the platform you choose matches the intent of the content. For example, marketers might want to try video marketing platforms, while gamers who wish to stream might choose gaming platforms.

6. Why Should You Use a Standing Desk and Ergonomic Chair?

Standing Desk and Ergonomic Chair

When learning how to setup a live stream, you are sure to be doing a lot of work and spending much of the time sitting. Because of that, an ergonomic chair is essential. With the ErgoChair Pro, you can fully customize every aspect of it. Reduce back pain and get more support for the spine. This means you don’t have to stop and take a break as often.

Learning how to setup a streaming setup is essential. Many people prefer gaming chairs, and AvoChair is quite similar to one. It still has wheels, but it’s got more of a laidback setup, which can be helpful when you’re working long hours.

The next thing to consider is your desk. Any beginner streaming setup requires a standing desk, such as the SmartDesk Core. It features a motor to raise and lower it. That way, you can press a single button and get the positioning you desire. You may also choose four preset options and program them to make life easier.

SmartDesk 2

Of course, learning how to setup a streaming setup means having the right placement of your equipment. Often, a traditional desk isn’t big enough for everything you need. The L-shaped SmartDesk can help because it is almost two desks in one.

7. Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

Ergonomic keyboard and mouse

An ergonomic keyboard and mouse are essential to protect your hands and wrists. The average mouse puts more strain on the wrist, and a regular keyboard makes your hands stay in unnatural positions for long periods.

Typically, you could find yourself getting carpal tunnel syndrome if you often utilize non-ergonomic products all the time. Of course, you may not be streaming a lot right now, but this is likely to change if you become popular. It’s better to invest in ergonomic products sooner than later so that you don’t hurt yourself as time goes on.

You can look at it as a preventative measure. You use them now so that you don’t develop issues in the future. If you regularly use the computer for your job, you’re at high risk for carpal tunnel syndrome and many others. Though it might not seem severe, those who now have to deal with it every day think otherwise, and you don’t want to be like them.

Pros and Cons of Ergonomic Items for Your Beginner Streaming Setup

You can find many advantages of using standing desk accessories, such as:

  • Proper hand and wrist placement
  • Less stress on the body
  • Ability to work longer periods with no issue

While there are seemingly endless benefits of ergonomic items, there are a few drawbacks:

  • Takes time to get used to them
  • Initial cost might be higher
  • Setup can take longer


Now that you understand how to setup a streaming, you are on your way to creating videos and streaming them for the world to see. It’s not easy to do this, but the benefits outweigh the time and effort it takes if you’re serious.

Of course, you want to choose the right products and equipment, but ergonomics are essential. Therefore, it’s a good idea to focus on your beginner streaming setup, starting with how to use a standing desk and ergonomic chair to create your content. From there, you can find the most appropriate keyboard and mouse and make sure that everything is setup correctly for optimal posture.

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