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How to set up your gaming desk
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How to set up your gaming desk

|May 30, 2018

Nowadays serious gamers are having to really up their game. To remain competitive, you can’t simply sit back on the sofa with a gamepad, but rather you need a real gaming set up. The first step is a really strong gaming PC, but the desk on which you play is just as important. During long gaming sessions, it’s essential to be comfortable and to give your body the support that it needs to avoid any long-term injuries.

In this article, we’ll give some tips on how to set up your gaming desk and tell you some of the advantages of using an Autonomous PC Gaming Desk.

Sitting and Standing

The human body wasn’t designed to sit for long periods of time, but nor was it designed to stand still all day. The key point here is the balance. Ideally, you should spend about one hour in three standing to improve your circulation and stretch out your muscles and joints.

Although there are a number of adjustable desks available on the market, an electric desk is generally most highly recommended. Research has shown that users of desks with manual cranks are considerably less likely to switch between sitting and standing at the correct intervals than those with electrically adjustable desks. Additionally, manual crank users report that it is more difficult to maintain correct posture when switching between seated and standing mode.

We recommend programming your pre-sets effectively. When the desk is in sitting mode, you want your feet to be flat on the floor and have your ears in line with your shoulders when looking at the screen. Ideally, your arms will be at a 90-degree angle to your body so as to minimize arm strain. Make sure to sit back in your chair and retain the natural curvature of your spine – don’t hunch over or lean forward. A good ergonomic desk chair and footrest will help you to maintain good posture when sitting.

In a standing mode, your arms and neck should be in the same position. Raise your desk to such a height that you’re armrest naturally on the desktop and your head it straight when looking at the screen. It might sound simple, but finding the exact right height for you can take a bit of tweaking, which is why it’s really important to save it in your pre-sets so you don’t need to constantly fiddle and adjust.

Of course some gaming desks are used by more than one person, but that’s why our gaming desks come with four different pre-sets, so that you can share with friends and family without compromising your own comfort and ease.

Screen, mouse, and keyboard

It’s not enough to simply have your desk at the right height. Your PC gaming desk also needs to have a good setup with other hardware.

Your screen height needs to be adjusted to keep your neck straight and your head well supported. If you have a dual screen set up, ideally you will look directly at your primary screen and then glance left or right when using your secondary screen, but the height should be the same across both.

Ideally, you will be using an ergonomic mouse or keyboard. If not, make sure that you have support pads under your keyboard and a support pad on your mouse-mat. These will help to prevent RSI and hand strain further down the line. Your arms should rest easily on the worktop and your support pads should raise your wrists over the hardware to offer a more natural shape to your upper arms and hands.

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