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How to Shop at an Online Stand Up Desk Store

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 3, 2017

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If there is anything that society has adjusted to, it’s our lives moving from the real world and onto the Internet. Anymore, anything you might want is available at your fingertips. However, online shopping has its own nuances that need to be learned if you want to get the products that you want. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things you should consider when you are looking around in an online stand up desk store.

Stand up desk store

Consider What You Need

Before you do anything, you need to consider what you are buying. Mainly, you are going to want to measure your space. You don’t want to buy a desk that won’t fit in your office or is too small to hold your desktop.

This also means measure yourself, though. How tall does this desk need to be when you’re sitting? Standing? It is best to check and make sure that the desk will be comfortable for you in both positions.

Determine If You Want a Whole Desk or an On-Desk Attachment

Online stand-up desk stores usually offer you two options when it comes to sit-stand desks. The most common one that people choose is a whole desk replacement. This is an entire desk that you use that elevates and descends as needed.

However, you can also choose an on-desk attachment. This can be a small platform for your computer or an entirely new top to attach to your desk to lift as you need.

Consider How You Want Your Desk to Elevate and Descend

If you want a desk that will automatically raise and lower, you should choose an electric height adjustable desk. This usually offers you more control over the adjustment and some will even keep your preferences in their memory.

Gas cylinder and spring-assisted height adjustable desks are one of the more environmentally-friendly options. These will give you fast and easy changes without sucking up any electricity.

Crank desks are okay but only if you want infrequent adjustments. These don’t usually have a wide height range but are usually a little cheaper than electric options.

Pin-set height adjustable desks are another, cheaper option but you won’t want to change the height very often. In fact, they are meant to be set and left at that height through most of the duration of their use.

Make Sure You Don’t Get A Desk That Doesn’t Have An Adjustable Keyboard Desk Height

If you want a desk for your keyboard, don’t forget to check that it will adjust with your desk. After all, a keyboard desk won’t do you any good if you are planning on using the desk standing but the keyboard only stays at a sitting height.


Make sure you keep these tips in mind when you are looking for a sit stand desk such as the SmartDesk 2 at any online stand up desk store. After all, if you spend your money in a nice, new desk, you are going to want to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

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