How to Soundproof a Wall for an Apartment? Easy Guide
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How to Soundproof a Wall for an Apartment? Easy Guide

|Sep 5, 2022

What is the best way to soundproof my room? There are so many ways to answer this question. For starters, if you're still building your house and are planning out your room design and layout, you can use manifold layers of drywall, plywood, and vinyl sound dampener to make the floor, walls, and ceiling about a foot thick (30 cm). The soundproof wall surfaces will be better isolated from the perimeter surfaces if vibration dampers are used. There are other ways to understand how to soundproof an apartment.

However, not all of us do. Some have even rented out readymade apartments to live and work in. As long as that's the case, one thing to remember is that outside noise is the source of your problem. To quiet down unwanted outside noise from entering your recordings, you may need to soundproof your rooms and take other measures how to soundproofing a wall.

Ways to Soundproof Your Room

What's causing the noise

What's causing the noise

To know what’s making those annoying sounds, you must first determine where it originates. For instance, you can soundproof the walls and floors if you listen to loud music. Soundproofing the doors and windows is more effective if the noise comes from a busy street outside. Occasionally, it may even be a common structural issue in older buildings. You can significantly reduce noise through walls in your room, even though no room can be completely soundproof.

For temporary solutions

Using double-sided tape or Velcro straps instead of tape will allow you to remove the blankets if needed later; it also reduces reflections between your vocal room and outside noise sources. In addition to dampening outside noise, foam panels around windows can isolate vocal tracks since acoustic foam doesn't reflect much sound.

For longer-term solutions

For longer-term solutions

One way to completely block out exterior noise is to build walls with thick drywall, which requires additional construction skills that many hobbyists may not have.

Acoustic paneling

The material in this soundproof wall absorbs sound rather than reflects it into the environment, thereby reducing unwanted noise. Acoustic wall treatments provide more mass than other surfaces in an area, but they generally don't eliminate audible echoes; they dampen them simply by providing more mass.

Add more furniture and appliances

Always think about the budget you have before making your purchase. The cost-effectiveness or convenience may not justify the expense. In addition to using furniture, bookshelves, appliances, and anything else that helps stifle unwanted noise from outside, you can soundproof your room for free by filling it with things like furniture, office accessories, bookshelves, and appliances.

Building an outdoor or garden office

Building an outdoor or garden office

In many cases, you may not always be able to control the amount of noise you live around. We’re also not sure if the solutions above may work for your working situation. If you are in such circumstances, consider building an office location away from home. Worried about how you would do that?

Relax; with our Autonomous Pod ADU, you don't need to have building permits or even hire a construction company. Yes, you heard that right! This is a prefabricated DIY office garden kit that you can assemble yourself or with the help of a family member.

The walls of each ADU unit are soundproof, and you can customize the interiors however you like. They are multipurpose in addition to being the perfect office getaway when you need to be left alone with your thoughts. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, too, so you don't have to worry about how to protect wood tables or reconsider whether you need wood for a desktop.

Autonomous Pod

Autonomous Pod

If you are seeking a noise prevention solution for your home office, we believe our range of Autonomous StudioPod could be the perfect fit. Easily installable on most outdoor surfaces, these portable houses are bite-sized and portable. Aside from their eco-friendliness, flexibility, and speed of construction, they are also comparatively low-cost.

Modular housing consisting of prefabricated components is called Pod housing. A feature like this allows them to be flexible to the fullest extent possible. It is common for businesses to specialize in certain designs, such as workplaces, workshops, studios, and garden office pods.

Furthermore, these pods are usually soundproof, so you will not be aware of any sounds nearby. Because it's located away from your house, you can enjoy total privacy. The noise levels at home can be kept to a minimum by separating your work and home lives.

Autonomous Employee Purchase Program

In the meantime, you can make smaller moves to make your home quieter. We have a complete selection of noise cancellation headphones - both wired and wireless. If you feel like you need a new desk, we have an even bigger collection of ergonomic height adjustable powered by silent motors.


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