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How to Start Standing At Work From Tomorrow
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How to Start Standing At Work From Tomorrow

|Jul 11, 2021

Most managers hire their employees to help out with tasks to be done daily. They expect you to work independently and work well. The best employees know this and do all they can to contribute to the team. The ones who make the biggest impact are the most innovative regarding how smartly they work. Employees know that performing well means following ergonomic habits like standing at work, using ergonomic tools, and doing these things:

  • They are sleeping well every night so that they don’t develop fatigue easily.
  • They are preparing a day earlier to have no rush – planning attire, documents, and other items.
  • They are attempting to reach work early. 
  • Investing in an ergonomic workspace

The stand-and-work trend

The stand-and-work trend

While busy in the office, employees have begun standing at work or rather standing while working. Doing this breaks the long hours during which we stay seated to lower the issues connected with excess sitting:

  • Poor posture
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Aches in shoulder, neck, and back

Of course, standing all day at work isn’t good either – so we try to draw a balance by investing in a good ergonomic standing workstation. This is a type of desk that makes standing and working much easier and efficient and avoids these negative side-effects of sitting.

Tips for Standing More at Work

If you’re intrigued by the concept of standing up at work or want to know how to ease into it, keep on reading. To begin with, focus on getting the right electric adjustable desk, and then move onto our tips for better health at work.

Getting a good sit-stand workstation

Getting a good sit-stand workstation

The first change that you need to make is to convert your desk into a standing one. This helps you to get used to the standing workstation by trying it out before buying one. The most affordable way is to start small by starting with a fixed-height standing desk and focus on posture first.

Fixed Height Desk Benefits

  • Easy Assembly
  • Very Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Single furniture piece with a uniform look 

You could try making your own standing desk by increasing the height of your desk, using converters, or even monitor stands. For example, you can try using the kitchen counter or island. Simply stack up some books so your device is at eye level.

First, get used to this setup and then move onto the adjustable standing desks. There are various solutions for you to choose from based on your budget and home office layout. For example, a desk converter can change your standard desk into a sit-stand desk.

Sit-Stand Desk Benefits

  • Offers More Space
  • Ergonomic
  • Affordable
  • Single furniture piece with a uniform look 

This works if you can’t move your old desk or want an affordable option to promote standing at work. The price tags are higher, but there are significant advantages like varying height ranges, customizability, color options, and different frame sizes. Also, consider the amount of space that you’ve got.

Tips on using your standing desk

Posture adjustment

Posture adjustment

Focus on posture correction when setting up your standing desk and using it. First, keep in mind all the distances, angles, and height limits for your ergonomic standing desk position.  

  • The screen should be about 28 inches away from your face.
  • It should be tilted at a 20° angle.
  • Eyes should fall slightly downwards at the monitor
  •  The height of the desktop should be at elbow level
  • Elbows must be at a 90° angle when using the keyboard

Staying active while seated

Sit-Stand Desk Benefits

When you are seated, try being as active as possible and not confine yourself to the seat. Try getting up and walking to get your coffee, some water, or even to the front door for your lunch delivery! Move from your seat to the cabinet to get your files or talk to your colleagues.

Otherwise, consider an active desk chair that supports or encourages movement and better posture. There are different designs, styles, and budgets that you can choose from. For instance, the chairs have adjustable seats, footrests that aid better circulation. Other chair seats are unstable enough to promote muscle motion.       

Creating stability

Sit-stand desks tend to wobble as they move up or down. Stability is essential and can be affected by this height adjustment. Search around for models that have less than 0.5° wobble. These models have exceptional strength even at taller heights. If you’ve planned on getting a converter served for standing at work, look for a heavier or weighted base.

Weight limits

Weight limits

Various standing desks have weight limits indicating how much they can carry. This varies depending on your needs, and while most desks can hold heavier items, you may have to upgrade in case of something more.

Space concerns

The standing desk model that you buy should fit the space you plan on placing it. Note that bigger models are made for holding many devices, separate mouse, monitor keyboard. Even with the bare minimum, the desk should fit well and leave additional space for moving around and extra storage spaces. Check to see if you can even accommodate a setup that can support the neck, wrists, back, and arms. Going on these factors, you will know if you require accessories like monitor arms, keyboard trays, etc.     

Manual Or Automatic

Manual Or Automatic

Some converters and desks come with a manual crank. This could be tough to keep turning throughout the day for adjustment. Some manual models have spring systems that are a little faster. The electric models are popular as they require the least amount of work when moving from various set heights. Electric models are higher priced as they offer a lot of other features and are fitted with motors, a gear or pulley system, a power grid, and a button console. It is better to promote standing at work for you.

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