How To Survive In A Hot-Desking Office - 4 Tricks
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How To Survive In A Hot-Desking Office - 4 Tricks

|Jul 9, 2021

Hot desking offices have become quite popular in the last few days. However, despite its popularity, it takes a while for employees to get used to this new working model. Although managers have it complicated, with the appropriate office hot desking solutions – such as Autonomous Hybrid Work – they can figure out the best outcome for the workplace.

It may take a while before the official announcement, but once it is done, many employees will be panicking – as is your case, likely. But there is no need to worry.

Surviving at a hot-desking office isn't impossible, and you can get used to it quickly if you step in the right direction. That's why, for today's article, we'll be exploring the hot-desking office definition and what you can do to survive in this new environment.

The hot desking modern office: What is it?

Let’s find out the hot desking office definition. A hot desking office is a workspace where employees come to the workplace, allocate a particular desk, and start working on their daily obligations without further ado. As a result, everyone goes through the same process, which assures collaboration, maximizes space efficiency, and grants people better and more flexible job opportunities.

The hot desking modern office: What is it?

Benefits of a hot-desking office

Many employers describe more benefits of hot desking than drawbacks. For instance, employers opt for this working model due to some of the following advantages:

  • Research has revealed that an office hot-desking solution promotes collaboration between all kinds of professionals and businesses.

  • Furthermore, studies have found connections between hot-desking and improvements in employee innovation. Companies can enjoy this advantage thanks to granting more flexible opportunities to employees. Thus, they are allowed to work whenever their inspiration is at its fullest.

  • Last but not least, companies will maximize the space used while also reducing the costs associated with rent and utilities.

This working model may allow certain companies with more opportunities to grow and expand their empires while also granting their employees pleasant work experiences, allowing more room for employee satisfaction.

However, please note that not everything is pink-colored, and you should take into account the pros and cons of hot desking before deciding to implement the working model into your company. After all, not all enterprises are compatible with such a way of organization, although there are other options you can consider, such as office hoteling and even flexible working spaces.

How can someone survive hot-desking and get used to it?


Are you working at a hot-desking office for the first time, and you're not sure whether you'd be able to keep up with it? There's no need to worry. For a first-timer, everything can be quite difficult, but with the proper mindset and some tips, you can get used to it in little time. It doesn't have to be a complicated challenge.

For instance, you can start by learning a bit about hot-desking etiquette. You can also try to follow the tips we’ll describe next.

1. Be open-minded

Hot desking offices are not new; they have been used for a long time. However, many reports and studies reveal that it may not be compatible with all companies. Therefore, all employees should thoroughly evaluate the advantages and challenges they will face upon its incorporation. However, it is important to arrive at the office with the right mindset and give this working model a try.

Be open-minded

You may enjoy the perks of working remotely as well, as it is often included in this arrangement. You may also get used to sharing your desk with new people after a while, which can help you to collaborate with your coworkers better.

It's also possible that you will end up not liking it at all, which isn't that bad. However, if the experience has been quite unpleasant for you, don't hesitate to report how you are feeling to your manager.

2. Don’t forget to give feedback

Please, avoid waiting until you're already overwhelmed by your discomfort to tell your leader how you feel about it. If your experience has not been the best after a while, you should give constant reports to your boss whenever possible. If your boss hasn't allowed employee feedback for a while, perhaps you should encourage them to do so. After all, employees are the most vital part of a workforce, and managers should consider their opinions.

Don’t forget to give feedback

Be honest with your experience. Try not to sugarcoat it – even if the comments are not anonymous. You’re not saying anything “harmful” for the company at all; you're just letting them know how you feel about it. There is a difference between constructive criticism and straight-up offenses.

3. Team up with coworkers that share your point of view

Whether your experience has been pleasant or terrible in the hot desking office, you should let it know. But before that, you should listen to what your coworkers have to say and find out if some of them share a similar point of view.

If it has passed a while since your employer asked for feedback, perhaps you should rally with teammates that share your point of view. If multiple people that think the same ask for it, it’s very likely that your boss will listen to them.

However, before saying anything, you should think about everything thoroughly and make sure your comments and criticism are shaped so your boss can digest them and use them as a tool to improve your company's conditions.

4. If there’s a problem with your schedule, discuss it

Everyone has different lives and obligations they must attend to every day. Some of them may be conflictive with the current schedule your job is permitting. However, that doesn't mean that you're not compatible at all with your company. Maybe all you need is to ask for a schedule rearrangement.

If there’s a problem with your schedule, discuss it

No one will know if there’s an issue if you don’t talk about it. However, please keep in mind that, sometimes, you may be unable to work at convenient hybrid work schedules in your hot desking office. It all depends on the availability of the company and the situation of other coworkers.

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