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HubSpot Employee Discount Program by Autonomous

Autonomous|Jun 20, 2022

It is important to remember as a small business owner that each employee has a major role in the success of the business. Your company will benefit both short-term and long-term from concerted efforts to keep your employees happy. Many companies offer employee discounts such as retail stores. When exploring this kind of HubSpot employee benefits program, you should think about why an employer might offer such a benefit to their employees.

New employees are often offered a special discount on items from the company store as an incentive to join the company. Employers can improve their recruitment efforts by offering this perk and other employee benefits.

HubSpot Employee Benefit

About Autonomous EPP for HubSpot Employee Benefits

Employees who participate in the Autonomous employee purchase program see their pay packets go further and enhance their overall financial well-being. They're especially useful when they offer a HubSpot employee discount of up to 7% on products and services they already use regularly.

The essentials can be found at the grocery store. Regular savings can add up, while discounts on big, one-time purchases such as holidays or technology offer significant savings.

In addition, employers save a lot of money with employee discount schemes because they're often either free or very affordable. As a result, employers can offer employees a great perk without spending a lot.

Employers can offer their employees a great benefit without spending a lot of money. Moreover, employee discount schemes help retain employees (more on that in a minute), which saves the company a lot of money on hiring replacements.

Besides saving employees money on clothes and vacations, Hubspot employee purchase programs or discount schemes can do much more. Employees can also benefit from products and services that improve their well-being.

Discounts of this kind are hugely significant because they apply to vital wellness products that they might not otherwise be able to afford. We provide employees with the right accessories, exercise equipment, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and more to help them stay healthy at work. 

About Autonomous EPP for HubSpot Employee Benefits

About Autonomous Products

Benefits of ergonomic office furniture

Whether they are typing, filing, or answering phone calls, your employees should be in a safe and comfortable environment during this time. While hunching over a desk may not seem dangerous now, imagine the health risks of working from that same position for 15 years!

It is now time to install ergonomic workstations if your employees suffer from pain or discomfort as they perform their daily work duties. The ability to improve your employees' health is the most significant benefit of ergonomic workstations. As time passes, ergonomic office furniture will help keep your employees comfortable and prevent unnecessary injury to their spines and joints.

Your employees will avoid work-related aches and pains by installing ergonomic keyboard trays, adjustable ergonomic desks, and adjustable ergonomic monitors. There are several benefits to implementing office ergonomics in your workspace and when working from home, including:

  • Pain relief for neck and back
  • Employees are happier when they have the right office furniture
  • Interaction at work is promoted
  • Provides a modern look to your office
  • Leaves a positive impression
  • It proves to be cost-effective.  

Standing desks

Standing desks

Considering the average working adult works 9-5, seventy percent to eighty percent of their workday is spent sedentary, the situation becomes clearer. We work for several hours during the day. What time is left for exercising?

You can make all the difference by making small changes to your daily routine. You can benefit from stand-up desks, standing desks, and adjustable standing desks in so many different ways.

You can relieve the stress on your spine caused by sitting all day by standing for just one hour at your desk. Choose an electronic adjustable office standing desk if you're looking for a sit-stand desk to reduce back pain.

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs

Employees favor chairs with armrests, adjustable seats in certain positions, and moderately high backs. Office climate determines what fabrics employees prefer for their chairs. Select comfortable ergonomic chairs for clients and guests in your lobby area. They will give a more constructive impression of your company.

If chairs are being used, take the mobility aspect and the desk area size into consideration. A receptionist's task chair or stool will usually need a larger space than an executive chair. Another consideration is a reclining ergonomic chair model with swivels or tilts. The foot zone at the chair base is important.

All employees would need the same size of office chair if they were of similar height and weight. Fortunately, these factors are taken into account when designing good office chairs. Visitors and clients should also be provided with comfortable office chairs. There are minor dissimilarities in the sizes of backs, seats, and seat stature ranges. Having a chair that can be adjusted is necessary, not just a convenience.

Office accessories

Office accessories

Being surrounded by your own home at work is a catch-22. You might be working with a kitchen table and chair in place of an ergonomic rolling chair, large desk, and organizers of all varieties that result in a longer and less enjoyable workday.

The desk or office accessories won't keep every distraction away. Still, after working in our new home offices for the last two years, they have made us more productive, comfortable, and focused.

Buy More, Save More with HubSpot Employee Benefits Program


Everyone loves discounts, and employees are no exception. Would you like to design a practical, effective Hubspot employee purchase program? There are also special features for employers in this employee purchase program, just as there are for HubSpot employees. Employers can save time and make their employees happier by using the EPP.

Additionally, the procurement process is simplified. Simply invite your team to the Autonomous employee purchase program, and they will be able to choose their favorite furniture pieces and place orders at a discount. You receive the order after your employees have decided on their order so that you can manage and finalize it. It's fascinating that you can adjust the number of your employee's orders and receive volume discounts.

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