Which Hybrid Work Technology to Implement for Business in 2021
Hybrid Working

Which Hybrid Work Technology to Implement for Business in 2021

|Jun 23, 2021

Many companies are turning to a hybrid workforce, but what does that mean? Ultimately, it indicates that some of the employees work from home while others do their job from the office.

There are different methods to the hybrid workplace model, and each one can be beneficial to your company. With that, though, there are concerns, and it can take a while to set everything up.

If your goal is to create a hybrid work environment for your staff, you need to understand what hybrid work technology you require. Here are a few things to ponder:

Why Hybrid Work Matters in 2021

Primarily, hybrid work or flexible work focuses on supporting the employees to do work in the office and remotely. Most of the time, the hybrid team works out a hybrid work schedule to meet all of their goals and needs. Some people might work at the office on certain days during the week and spend the rest of the time at home.

The main reason for hybrid work is because of the pandemic, but this also showed company owners that people could work productively from other places than the office.

Why Hybrid Work Matters in 2021

Many businesses have already implemented appropriate hybrid workplace technology and use it daily. If you haven’t yet, you can still do so. However, you must focus on the scheduling and remote work technology so that each person has the tools they need for the job.

Since people can prove that they’re productive at home or the coffee shop, they can save time and money by not having to commute every day. Typically, companies want to see their employees split their time between the office and remote working.

Still, it should be up to the employee, as some people don’t have the means or willpower to work at home. If they can’t, they must be allowed to work at the office all the time. Others who can and do want to work remotely should be offered that option. They may feel more empowered and do an even better job than before.

However, with so many companies turning to the hybrid work model, appropriate hybrid work policies must be in place. That way, each employee understands what they must do.


With that, the right technology for the hybrid work model has to be in place. Everyone needs the right tools for the job. Though most people think that only means having a workspace in the home, it embodies so much more.

Remote work technology includes a laptop/computer and the tools needed to do their jobs. For example, you may use Word documents, spreadsheets, and specialty software programs designed specifically for your brand. Employees must download those things and use them at home like they do at the office.

Technology for Hybrid Work Model Options

There are various hybrid work technology options available, so it is important to understand what they are.

Hot Desking

Hot desking is a newer buzzword that’s taking the office by storm. With so many things changing, hybrid workplace technology is a necessity.

What is hot desking? This is a trend where in-office workers can use whatever desk is available. They don’t have an assigned spot or a permanent desk.

Many companies are turning to hot desking as part of the technology for hybrid work model needs. You might want to take out a few cubicles or offices to have room for other things. Since some people are always working at home with the hybrid work model, you can do that.

Hot Desking

However, that means you might not have workspaces designated to one person anymore. Instead, employees can check-in and use any open seat available.

There are many Autonomous hybrid work products and tools that can help you handle hybrid work technology efficiently.

For example, the Autonomous Desk Hybrid is a great addition to your company. It’s the ultimate hot desk for your flexible office. Employees can book it, set it up to fit their height and needs, and stand to work when they want to keep going.

You can find two sizes (regular and XL), and they both come in different colors for the top and frame. With that, it already comes with space management software, so you can immediately put it to use.

If the same employees tend to use that desk, it can remember their preferences. That saves time because they can push a button and start working immediately. It also mixes well with office hoteling.

Office Hoteling

What is office hoteling? It’s often used interchangeably with hot desking, but it is a bit different. With it, the employee must first reserve a space with appropriate software before they can use the desk.

Some people use this for meeting rooms; it’s easier to book a larger area for collaboration and other needs. However, you may have certain workspaces that require a specific type of desk. For example, one room might house a printer and fax machine; employees who must send a lot of correspondence might use remote work technology to book that room/desk for an hour or so when they come in.

It’s important to have the right technology for the hybrid work model, and that means using software to “book” the space when employees need it.

Autonomous also offers this option. With the Hybrid Office software, you can harness both worlds. It’s easier to let employees decide where they’re working today.

Office Hoteling

Hybrid lets them manage flexible office spaces. That way, productivity and satisfaction are high, and there are fewer issues.

The goal of Hybrid Office is to support individual success. Employees can use their smartphones to check-in at a specific workstation and check out. That way, others know that this space is now free to book.

What might happen if an employee is working from home but needs to print out information and fax it? If they don’t have those tools at home, they have to come to the office. However, the printer is in one area only.

With office hoteling software, the employee can book that space for a particular time. When they arrive, they check in with Hybrid Office, which tells other employees that the workstation is unavailable.

However, when the employee is finished, they check out, which also lets others know that it is open again. It saves a lot of time and aggravation. The second employee must wait to print out their documents or use the fax machine, but they can move on to another task until that space is freed again.

Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Remote work technology must also include appropriate communication tools. There are many categories and options, such as instant messaging tools, project management, and virtual video conferencing.

Project Management Tools

Typically, project management tools allow everyone to connect whether they are working at the office or home.

Email integration is a great option. That way, you can use your preferred email inbox but receive work-related emails or send them.

You also have a list of projects that must be completed. Some of these tools allow you to create tasks and check them off as you complete them. It’s a great way to stay accountable and focus on productivity.

Project Management Tools

However, hybrid work technology really shines for file sharing. In business, there are so many times where you need to send someone a document or spreadsheet. You might ask them to look into something, add things, or use data entry skills.

If the person is working from home that day, you must be able to share the information with them. Hybrid workplace technology should include project management tools with file sharing.

Another technology for the hybrid work model is where people can access their office computer at home. Different applications or hybrid work technology allow this, and it is great when attending meetings from home, presenting information via video, or when it’s that employee’s turn to work at home.

Time Management

Most offices don’t use a traditional punch clock anymore, but you do want to keep track of when employees are working.

Sometimes, this is done with access keys, but that often only shows when they are in the building. You may also use online punch clocks.

At the office, it’s easier to keep track of who’s working and where. You can use the software app to see who is at what station and how long they’ve been there. It’s also possible to go to them and make sure they’re working.

However, this isn’t as easy to do when the person is working from home. Remote work technology can ensure that your team is focused on the task at hand.

Time Management

There are many time management tools out there to track work done. Some of them work as a stopwatch; you hit “play” when you start working and “stop” when you’re finished. It’s a great way to stay accountable, and it can even show when breaks were taken.

Many of these remote work technology tools automatically track idle time. However, it depends on the task and the business as to if that is effective. For example, people who write often might take frequent breaks to think about what they want to say. They’re not “idle,” but they’re not physically doing something on the computer.


Communication is crucial for remote workers. There are bound to be times where in-office employees need to collaborate with people working at home.

The easiest way to do that is by having hybrid work technology, such as JAM from Autonomous. What is it, though?

JAM app offers permissionless and spontaneous calling. Sometimes, you just need a quick chat with someone to get things going. This tool includes click-to-talk technology and focuses mainly on audio.

While everyone is abuzz about Zoom, the latest hybrid workplace technology tool, it requires a lot of work to get started. Each person has to accept the call or invite, which can take a while if they’re busy working on something else.


Instead of videos, which can sometimes be embarrassing or low-quality,this hybrid work technology is like an instant chat messenger tool. You get to see each person’s picture, and it’s ready to go with the entire team or a quick talk between two people.

It’s instantly available and can sit in the background on your computer or smart device. Each person logs in with their work email at the start of the day. Then, you click on a colleague’s name to chat. You can even have ongoing conversations. In a sense, it’s similar to stopping by someone’s desk to talk about conversion rates or just say hi.

Typically, people interrupt their workflow because they have to be ready for a scheduled call. Sometimes, employees stop working five to 10 minutes in advance because they’re afraid they might get in the zone and forget or be caught off guard when the phone rings.

Now, you don’t have that problem because you just hop on JAM when the need arises, get your quick answer, and be on your way.

Online Workspaces

When you do have to schedule meetings where visuals aren’t required, JAM is a great go-to solution. This hybrid work technology tool lets everyone join the chat and get the required information.

It’s so much quicker and better than sending an email. While there’s a paper trail, it is often disjointed. Plus, you never know if someone read the correspondence or not. With JAM, you know they’re seeing what you’re saying.

Plus, many employees like JAM for its “water cooler” styling. You can jump on and have a quick chat during your break. This helps you refocus and get the skinny on what’s happening at the office or a co-worker’s home.

Online Workspaces

Online workspaces are just how they sound. This is a centralized environment found on the Internet and used by groups of people who must access the same information.

Though this hybrid work technology is still new, it is the epitome of the hybrid work model. JAM from Autonomous and office hoteling play key roles here.


While many companies are switching to a hybrid workforce model where some people work at home and the office, others haven’t done so. If you plan to offer that for your business in the near future, it’s time to focus on what hybrid work technology you want to use.

There are many options available, and Autonomous has you covered for your hybrid workforce. Hybrid Office is used as office hoteling software to book specific spaces or let others know that a particular desk is occupied for the day.

Then, you also have JAM, which is a great communication tool that lets everyone connect, whether they’re at home or the office! Consider Autonomous Desk Hybrid to help in-office employees stand or sit during the workday!

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