Ideas of Christmas Décor for Chairs in Office
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Ideas of Christmas Décor for Chairs in Office

|Dec 3, 2021

Christmas is just around the corner. Although some people already start their decorations in early November, it’s never too late to bring the holiday spirit to your office or any other space you may have at home. That’s why many people are interested in Christmas décor for chairs.

Decorating your chairs for Christmas can be a fun activity and can also help you bring the festivities to your office while keeping everything functional. Office chairs can also be part of your Christmas decoration, and here we are to help you during that process.

There are many office Christmas decoration options you can consider, and in this article, we’ll explore a few ideas you can take into account for your office chair Christmas décor. Who says you can’t bring the holiday spirit to your home office? Here we have a few ideas you can consider to keep the Christmas spirit alive even during your work hours.

Christmas Décor for Chairs: How to Decorate Your Chairs for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

The Christmas style comes in different forms and shapes. Therefore, you can combine your favorite colors as well as elements appropriate for the season. However, it can be pretty challenging to come up with original ideas for this purpose, so here we have a few options you can consider if you’re having a hard time trying to find good options for your décor.

These creative workspace ideas can bring a different atmosphere to the room, which can be helpful to your mood if you’re having troubles with stress throughout the day.

1. Christmas Holiday Patterns

Christmas Holiday Patterns as Christmas décor for chairs

Let's start with the very basics. Santa Claus elements are always a good idea to keep around during Christmas, regardless of whether it's the hat, the satin scarf or the suit. However, more than that, you can also include other elements like Ginger Man patterns, for instance.

You can easily bring the Christmas spirit to your office by using a red color chair cover in your office chair. The best part is that you don't need to be an expert to include all these elements in your chair as they're pretty easy to handle.

2. Fabric Pennant

You can make a fabric pennant with the typical Christmas colors (red, green, gold, white, or a combination of those). Here we have the steps you need to follow to complete the process:

  • Start by marking the felt, and then use fabric scissors to cut the pennant silhouette.
  • You can create a second layer by utilizing a fabric of a different color and cutting it at a smaller size.
  • You can also add wooden letters if you'd like to decorate them even further. You can, for instance, spell names or any other holiday message.
  • As an extra, you can incorporate grommets around the edges.

Once you finish the fabric pennant, you can use it as a back-of-chair Christmas décor that will never grow old.

3. Ribbons

Ribbons Christmas décor for chairs

Ribbons are an easy option for Christmas décor for chairs. Fabric ribbon is inexpensive and easy to find at any store. Plus, their colors are always vibrant and will keep your chair shining as much as possible. If you don’t know how to make a ribbon, you can easily tie a knot and hang a few Christmas balls to make it even more appropriate for the holidays.

4. Christmas Garlands

Christmas garlands are everywhere during the holiday season. You can find decorated garlands that will prevent you from making some extra work, although you can also make them yourself.

Once you finish looking for or decorating the perfect Christmas garland for your chair, then you can proceed to attach it to the back of your chair as you would with any other of the Christmas décor for chair options that we’ve mentioned here! Your ergonomic chair with a lumbar support has never looked so good during the holiday season.

5. Rosemary Swags

Rosemary swags are a versatile option you can take into account. You can incorporate a few rosemary branches tied together with a few other Christmas elements, such as burlaps or candy canes as ornaments hanging around them. Not only will it work as a decorative item, but it will also give a nice scent to the area.

6. Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath Christmas décor for chairs

If you don't feel like making any DIY project for your Christmas décor for a chair, then you can opt for the traditional Christmas Wreath. This decorative item is usually hung at doors, but you can also put it in the back of your office chair as part of the Christmas decoration in your home office.

These items are inexpensive and will continue looking as good as ever even after a few years. Therefore, if you’re not really into buying or building Xmas decorations now and then, then you can opt for the traditional Christmas Wreath for your office chair Christmas décor.

7. Christmas Stockings

Another easy option for Christmas décor for chairs includes a good old Christmas stocking. You can hang these items on any surface, as they're highly versatile. Plus, they are perfect for smaller spaces. You can also choose to fill it with a few treats if you like to bring in the festive spirit even further, too!

8. Snowman cover chair

Snowman cover chair Christmas décor for chairs

Snowmen are also a typical symbol of Christmas. Plus, they're relatively easy to make – all you need is a white pillow cover, a scarf and any other element you may have at hand to make its faces, such as black buttons or black cotton balls.

You can also include an extra piece of fabric to mimic a hat, using the design you like the most. Snowmen are quite versatile options as well, as you can give them the personality and appearance you prefer!


There’s plenty of room to choose from when it comes to Christmas décor for chairs. With a bit of creativity, you can give life to amazing creations.

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