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Important Features of Office Hoteling Software for Hybrid Working Model

Important Features of Office Hoteling Software for Hybrid Working Model

|May 8, 2021

The future of the workplace is filled with practices that are targeted to improve efficiency and increase employee comfort. As the focus on the effect of the workplace on mental health is increasing, many organizations are taking considerable steps to introduce various models that provide efficiency and relaxation to employees. The implementation of famous hybrid remote work in view of the pandemic has shown a substantial rise in productivity.

Although a hybrid workforce seems to the future of workplaces, various modifications of it can be applied. One such is the office hoteling software. The terminology might be new to some people, but it is no different from flexibility and comfort in the workplace. There are various features of office hoteling software that target to improve the workspace efficiency not in terms of more work done but also by reducing cost and maximum space utilization.

Office Hoteling

For people wondering what is office hoteling? They should know it is a way of booking space in the workplace for the following day. Yes, you read it right, booking at your own office and discovering whether your required space is vacant or not. Office hoteling aims to increase the productivity to per square footage ratio, and many employees find it interesting and frustrating.

But the truth is office hoteling is not just a concept; it is a whole study that proves to be more efficient only if applied properly in the workplace. There are many ways to make this transition smoother such as office hoteling apps, highlighting the importance of office hoteling etiquettes and the need for office hoteling, its benefits, and much more.

What is an Office Hoteling Software?

It's about time employers realize that most of their workspace goes free on a common workday. With the introduction of work from home, many employees still find working from home comfortable and don't need to come to the office every other day (unless it's important). Moreover, many companies have workers that are busy on sites or attending meetings at other places, the cost of infrastructure remains wasted.

What is an Office Hoteling Software?

This results in office space that is not utilized, and hence there are fixed workstations for each employee. The concept of space sharing is not very popular. But thanks to systems like office hoteling or hot-desking, when there are only a limited number of spaces and each employee before coming to office has to book their own space; in a way, it is made necessary to book their table if they wish to work from the office.

Though it is a pretty tough task to manage and organize enough spaces, making sure neither goes to waste, nor many are left vacant, which is why there are various office hoteling app benefits or hoteling software best practices that execute these tasks perfectly. An office hoteling software can help you with:

  • Locating Each Employee in the workplace
  • Finding the departments working together
  • Time spent by an employee in each workspace
  • The free workspaces and the occupied workspaces
  • The workspaces which need to be cleaned before being used again.

This automated system can help increase efficiency in many ways. Office hoteling has software in its program, but it also contains having the right desks, cloud storage systems, and hardware set-ups for each desk.

Characteristics of a Successful Office Hoteling Software

As you might have realized, the important factors and complex considerations involved in an office hoteling model, but with the right software, the experience becomes rather breezy. Choosing software for your workplace is a one-time thing, so make sure you invest wisely and mark all the boxes with the necessary features.

Characteristics of a Successful Office Hoteling Software

Resource Booking

The booking system should be top-notch and flexible. Whether employees want to book a space from their desktops or mobile phones, the system must be responsive at all times. This is the most important factor to check in an office hoteling software system.

Check-In System

Rather than comparing and checking whether a person has booked space in your office and wasting their time, go for an automated check-in system. Automated check-ins will easily enable visitors to their desk with the right map, location, and guidelines such as cloud storage and internet connection. To ensure system security, you can opt for a GDPR data privacy system.

Check-In System

Display Screens

Display screens are important to show the vacant and occupied seats at all times. This is also a great idea for when a meeting is in progress within a room. So no visitor or person enters the room and disturbs the flow. A digital system can also highlight the duration for which a person has booked a hot seat and whether they have made it to the seat yet or not. In a case where a person fails to reach their prescribed time, the reservation will be opened again.

Display Screens

Workspace Information

Not all workspaces are friendly enough to offer all tasks, and this is mainly important when a person requires extra hardware or a software system that only a few systems in the workplace have. By having the capability and information about each hot desk revealed before booking, employees can better book their workspace according to their needs.

Workspace Information


Wayfinding is an important feature for a workplace, especially for a first-time visitor to your office. Offices with multiple floors must have a wayfinding feature for your workplace. Also, the directions need to be easy to follow and suitable for each person's access so that a visitor can easily locate their hot desk.

Office Hoteling Experience

Getting the right office hoteling experience is essential for everyone to transition into this phase and enjoy this software system. Although booking every day for your required workspace seems like an additional job, it becomes much easier for people who are constantly moving from office to office during the day or those who have to join the office during the second half.

Office Hoteling Experience

Office hoteling software can eliminate the risk of not getting an appropriate working place until the last minute and the anxiety of missing precious work hours due to unavailability of space.

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