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How to Improve Your Concentration: 9 Tips from Experts
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How to Improve Your Concentration: 9 Tips from Experts

|May 1, 2021

As an office worker or a student, you would have noticed quite often that you are unable to concentrate on the tasks that your manager or your professor assigns, and you feel the need to improve concentration. There is one thing that you need to understand at this point; that is, your attention span and your focus or concentration are two different things.

You should never confuse your ability to focus or concentrate with your attention span. Attention span is associated with the duration for which you can concentrate, whereas concentration is your ability to put in your mental effort into a particular task. The attention span is different for every person; that's why your productivity is affected due to your attention span. However, if you find a way to boost concentration, the ball will be in your court.

The good part is that even if your attention span is shorter, you can learn how to concentrate more on your task to get things done in a shorter span. Only adding the modern ergonomic chair or a better standing desk in your workstation will not help you get the right work environment to boost your focus.

You will have to follow the experts’ tips on this matter to improve your focus better. To make your life easier, we have curated the most renowned experts’ tips on how to concentrate on your tasks more efficiently below to help you excel at your projects. Well, let’s have a look at them.

1. Keep a check of your sleeping pattern.

track on sleep

Sleep disorders like sleep apnea are one common cause for you having a lack of focus and concentration at work. If you are working on some big tasks that need longer hours and burn the midnight oil for that, your sleep deprivation is occasional. The problem rises when staying up late becomes a habit. Experts usually recommend that getting at least seven hours of sleep is vital for an adult.

You should have a sleeping routine that is of around 7-8 hours normally. You might face problems in setting up your sleeping routine initially, so what you can do is start removing any digital device like your mobile phone or laptop an hour before you go to bed. Reading a nice book or listening to some soft music can also help in this regard.

2. Play video games

play video games

This might be an unpopular opinion for some of you as you regard this with getting addicted to video games, but video games can actually help you improve your focus better. Newer researches have proved that video games can actually help you improve concentration. To avoid getting tired while playing video games, it will be helpful if you use an ergonomic chair for gaming.

When you are playing video games, several neuronal changes are going on in your body. You become more alert and develop a better focus. You learn the behavior of how to concentrate via VSA (Visual Selective Attention) when you are playing a video game, i.e., you avoid all distractions and focus on one task. Such a habit can help a lot when you are working on your office’s tasks.

3. Invest in some brain training games

Getting games that can help you train your brain better is also a good idea. Games like Sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and coloring books are a few to name. As an adult, you can buy adult coloring books that are more detailed. If you are a student who is struggling with his focus and wants to know how to improve concentration in studies, you can also avail a lot of benefits from this practice.

4. Take some time out for a workout.

take time workout

Taking out some time for yourself is always beneficial for your other tasks of the day. It is better to add some physical exercises to your routine as well. Exercises like aerobics help improve your brain-muscle coordination and can even help reverse memory loss.

Nevertheless, you should remember that you should avoid doing any heavy exercises before going to bed as that has a negative impact on your health, which means a bad sleeping routine that in turn affect your focus at work.

5. Make your work environment nature-friendly.

workspace green

Once you have the right ergonomic office chair and standing desk, the second-best addition that you can make in your workplace is plants. Adding more plants in your workplace can help you have a better focus at work. You can think of adding succulents, but there are other plants that require low maintenance; you can add them as well. The greener your workplace, the more refreshing it is. Thus, you tend to have a better focus in such an environment.

6. Do yoga or meditate


Yoga or meditation is a good way to improve focus better. People have been using this method to improve focus for a long time now. However, you can avail many benefits when you make yoga a practice.

7. Use nature sounds or white noise while working.

Along with adding a good ergonomic chair to correct your posture, you can think of having some white noise, nature sounds, or classical music in the background to set an aura to improve concentration while working at your workstation. The genres of music can impact your mood and the way you work. Experts believe that classical music is the ideal one to improve focus better.

8. Add a little caffeine to your routine.


Caffeine is known to improve your focus. Nevertheless, if you have a diet plan where you are planning to cut caffeine, it’s fine, you can avoid that, but a cup of coffee or green tea is always better to boost your concentration when you feel like you are losing it.

9. Re-evaluate your diet plan

diet plan

There are certain foods that can decelerate your cognitive functions and certain that can help you boost them. So, it is better to re-evaluate your meal and add foods like spinach, eggs, blueberries, and fatty fish. On the other hand, avoid eating greasy or fatty foods that have too much sugar in them.


Having a lack of concentration is something that you can easily treat; in fact, you can even improve your ability to focus on your tasks if you follow the experts' tips that we shared above. Once you have better attention and focus, you can ace at your tasks ate the office and become more productive.

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