Improve Your Eyesight Naturally by Modifying Your Work Area
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Improve Your Eyesight Naturally by Modifying Your Work Area

|Jun 12, 2021

Over the years, computers and smartphones have increased the screen time from 53 minutes for a twelve-month child to 150 minutes or more by three years. If this is the case with children, imagine the screen time of an average adult?

Most studies point to the fact that it is not the average screen time that affects your eyes.  It is the way that you watch the screen, and the factors associate with it.  What could this be? Well, as per research, the factors that affect your eyesight could be numerous.

As people seek answers to improving your eyesight naturally, let's understand what causes poor eyesight.

What Affects Your Eyesight?

There are numerous medical studies and research done in this area. The top three reasons attributed are:

High screen time and incorrect use of monitors

high screen time

The most common feature today is glaring at screens for a long time as you work. With puffed, red, and watery eyes, folks see the optometrist with complaints of eye strain and stress. It is like standing in the sun and watching the sun directly without any protective gear. While it may not harm your eyes directly and instantly, it does cause your eye muscles to strain, which most folks don't realize.

Incorrect monitor angles, reading the screen too close to you, incorrect postures and distance, and many more factors lead to poor vision.  Most folks don't bother about ergonomics which defines the correct posture while working to increase your well-being.

Nutritionally unbalanced diet

unbalanced diet

Most folks start to add carrots to their diet when the eyes start troubling them. Well, carrots do have vitamin A in them, which helps to improve vision. However, unless you are practicing good and healthy eating habits, carrots alone won't help.

Healthy routine

Little or no exercises, including those for your eyes, surely impacts your eye vision. Doctors have also stressed the need for ample rest and a good night’s sleep as a primary factor in managing your eyesight.

This leads to the most important question, how can eyesight get better?

How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally?

Your question, how to get better eyesight, doesn’t have a direct and simple answer. You will need to work around a lot of things to manage this. Here are the top factors:

1. Balanced Diet

Having a nutritionally balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help better eyesight.

2. Exercises and rest


Routinely exercise your body to improve blood flow to the eyes and allow your body to rest with enough sleep time.

3. Manage your work area

This is one area most medical professionals mention but don't stress enough upon. We have covered this in-depth for you in the next section.

Managing Your Work Area for a Better Eyesight Naturally

When vision causes trouble, users most often turn to symptomatic treatments and miss out on preventive measures. Here are a few facts:

Have enough ambient light

have enough ambient light

While working, is the ambient light enough for you, or do you need an extra table lamp to help you see the screen better.  Be sure that the ambient light is enough to help you see and not a hindrance.

Reduce glare

Glare from computer screens and light bouncing off well-polished surfaces of tables and windows can hamper your vision. Consider upgrading your computer system with an anti-glare screen. Here some more ways to avoid computer eye strain.

Take frequent breaks to exercise the eyes.

Ensure that you take frequent breaks from reading, either the screen or even reading documents. Docs usually advise the 20-20-20 rule; Every 20 minutes, look at an object that is 20 feet away. YOu must look at this object for 20 seconds before you get back to your work.

An ergonomic chair with the correct height

ergonomic chair

Poor posture often leads to eye strain and stress that impacts your eyesight. Using a good ergonomic chair that allows you to adjust the height, seat tilt, backrest, and more can give you a direct line of vision to your computer screen. Since each user has a different height, you need to ensure that your eyes look directly at the screen and not above or below.  Any strain of the neck and shoulders also impacts your eye muscles indirectly. Find out more about the ideal office chair height.

Using the right desk for height

right desk for height

Even though you have managed to adjust the height of your chair, for some folks, the table desk space is far too low. This results in having to squeeze your eyes to glance and catch the text on your screen. What happens next is that your spine and back also get strained by a bad posture. You need to bring up the desk height. A motorized standing desk is your best bet as it allows you to raise or lower the desk height to match your vision to the computer monitor/screen easily. Also, during the curse of the day, you need to ensure your body has rested well. If you are not able to take frequent breaks, why not stand up and work for some time? This requires you to raise the height of the desk so that it matches your eye level.  Here are more details on the right height of office desk.

You can easily modify your workstation to improve your eyesight naturally.


To wrap up, while you take preventive measures, do ensure that you are focussing on improving your workstation areas using a standing table and an ergonomic chair, the two most out important factors!

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