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Improving Office Seating Arrangement That Maximizes Productivity

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Sep 14, 2021

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The way you set up your office has a high impact on the productivity of your employees. A good setting arrangement can boost employee mood, reduce stress, and increase their productivity. However, most employers do not pay high attention to this aspect of the office. They demand higher productivity and better work performance, but they never improve their seating arrangement.

Maximizing productivity isn’t only related to how much a person can work or complete in a given time frame. It is also about changing the environmental conditions to help that person be comfortable as they finish their obligations without feeling stressed. When someone doesn’t feel comfortable in their workspace, it is unlikely for them to be able to complete their work in less time or to be as productive as they can be.

Office seating arrangements have a high impact in how a person handles their work. As office workers, they complete their responsibilities while being seated most of the time.  There are various seating arrangement types, office design concepts, and more. So, we have listed some important seating arrangements that can maximize productivity. These are discussed below.

1. Adopt Modernity

You cannot adopt productive seating arrangement ideas while sticking into your old office. If you want the productivity of your employees, then you must adopt modernity. You should be ready for change. Modernity can be adopted in two major ways. First, you must change the way your office looks and secondly, look for some modern chairs, desks like standing desks, book and document shelves, the latest computers, and the right accessories. Seeing a good environment and modern approach to work, employees will be encouraged to work better. So, their productivity will automatically increase.

2. Get Some Plants

Get Some Plants

Plants have a lot of benefits for employees. Most modern and big offices have added plants in their offices. Why is it so important in seating arrangements? Well, plants improve mood, health, and breathability and positively impacts the productivity of employees. But how does this work positively on productivity? When mood and health are better, employees will concentrate on work. So, their productivity automatically gets a boost. Besides, office plants also make humans more energetic, which is a bonus here. Add plants in different areas inside your office. While forming seating arrangements, add a plant near every desk inside the office building. 

3. Teams or Groups Stay Together

Almost all offices have divided their employees into different teams for specific projects or have formed complete groups for specific departments. The more these groups interact, work together, and discuss, the more their productivity increases. However, if these groups are placed on different floors, different areas, and rooms, then the interaction between these members will become difficult. This directly targets their ease of communication and productivity. So, how do we make things work? Well, the answer is through group seating arrangement. This makes the best office layout for productivity.

4. Offer Flexible Seating Arrangement

Offer Flexible Seating Arrangement

Don’t be rigid with your seating arrangement. It should not be like; it is your desk and chair, you have to spend the rest of your time in the office while sitting here. Employees should be flexible to move, and this flexibility comes from the employer’s preference of seating arrangement. Therefore, design an office that is not rigid. When employees have flexibility, they choose the spot that makes them more productive, working, and performing better. Plus, the modern approach to workplace design also focuses more on flexibility. Rigidity has been outdated now. So, try out something new and have a friendly work environment.

5. Identify Specific Spots for Gadgets

Gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and iPods, etc., have made work easier. However, as much as they have made our lives convenient, they have also become huge distractions for most of us. Employees spend most of their time on social media while using their phones. It is a common thing inside offices. So, how to cope with this issue? Don’t worry; the idea is simple. While deciding a seating arrangement layout, make sure to add a gadget home. It can be a cabin, a few shelves, or even a room where employees place their productivity gadgets, or if necessary, they can also go there for a while to use the phone. With less distraction, employees can perform better and be more productive.

6. Make the Space Cleaner

Make the Space Cleaner

Cleaning should be your top priority. You cannot increase the productivity of employees while providing them a dirty environment. It is as important as getting good chairs and desks, etc. You cannot expect your employees to perform better while providing them a dirty atmosphere. Offices must have specific staff for cleaning. Plus, the COVID’19 and the ongoing health challenges have made better cleaning processes need time. So, make sure to adopt the new home office design trends, seating arrangement, and modern office structure while keeping cleanliness your top priority.  

7. Don’t Concentrate Much on Physical Layout

The physical layout is important for various reasons. However, putting 100% concentration just on the physical aspect and ignoring the atmosphere and right choice of items will only make things difficult. So, make sure to get some comfortable and high-quality ergonomic chairs, good desks, productive accessories, and more. Plus, you must also communicate about everything, important projects, and the goals of the company. This is as important as other stuff. 

8. Planning and Employee Consent

Planning and Employee Consent

All of the above-mentioned ideas for better seating arrangement need planning. You must plan well before adopting a specific seating arrangement. It is not just about changing the places of your desks and chairs, but it is about creativity. Besides, during the planning phase, make sure to discuss the new arrangement with your employees to get their consent and view. Keep in mind; you want a new seating arrangement layout because you want productive employees. So, ask your employees if the proposed arrangement can contribute to their productivity. Once the employees agree on something, they move on towards implementation.

This phase may not be as simple as it sounds. However, through proper planning and the right communication, you can make things better and easier. So, choose what your employees want, adopt the new seating arrangement. Discuss with them. Make sure to consider high-quality chairs and desks, etc., like the ErgoChair Core by Autonomous. Do not compromise on quality if you want to ensure productive employees, a better and highly comfortable work environment.

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