How to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

How to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

|Sep 16, 2021

It's the middle of the day, and a whole lot of work is remaining, but suddenly you want nothing more than resting at home. This is a common story of every adult in every workplace. You might call it a lack of sleep, workplace fatigue resulting from any factor, or maybe the impact of a boring or toxic workplace. Workplace motivation is hard to achieve, and one even harder thing is to stay strong with that motivation.

How to Increase Motivation in the Workplace?

While there could be someone who seems motivating at work, and you might want to chat with them whenever you feel no motivation at work, there still needs to be a proper solution to fight the lack of motivation in the workplace. It is also true that the internet is full of effective motivation techniques, but sometimes you don't know the right way to get motivation in the workplace.

If you are suffering from a similar dilemma, this article will cover some of the best employee motivational ideas you would love to experiment with within the workplace.

Workplace Theme

Workplace Theme

You might have heard about color psychology, and the workplace theme plays an important role in workplace motivation. There are specific colors for motivation used to bring an optimistic attitude in employees, and hence you will see such colors repeated in most workplaces. Blue and yellow are specifically known to let the creative juices flow while dark colors are more associated with boredom or laziness.

Office Layout

Office Layout

Do you know how a simple modification in furniture placement or the design of walls can motivate the workplace? The whole concept of the modern workplace is about bringing diversity in an office, which is why many workplaces are now opting for multiple ways of best office layout for productivity.

For instance, an office layout is a part of workplace motivation that supports a diverse group of people is the right way to instill productivity. For example, some employees might need a quiet corner to work, while some would love to work in teams. Making workspaces that cover both quiet and engaging areas makes sure each employee gets the chance to be their most productive self. Work pods are also an effective way to separate the crowd rather than allocating separate rooms to employees who might prefer a little quiet.

Workplace Accessories

Have you heard of productivity gadgets? This might sound like new terminology, but workplace gadgets that give productivity are important in improving the overall experience. There are various workplace accessories or productivity gadgets to motivate employees.

Smart Desk

Smart Desk

Modern workplaces have modern furniture to improve health. And healthy employees are more productive employees. Standing desks are known to give better energy levels and also motivate employees to work better.

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair makes the user feel comfortable and saves their energy for the work rather than wasting it on physical fatigue. Ergonomic chairs also allow the user to feel energetic for hours, so they don't feel tired during work.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

The need for focus while working is important to get desired results. Make sure your employees have separate quiet work settings, or if not, they must be able to get noise-canceling headphones to block the surrounding noise.

Appreciate your Employees

Appreciation only leads to more success and is a vital workplace motivation method. Appreciating your employees is a way to make them do more and better. Rather than just criticizing them each time they mess up, make sure to appreciate them when done well.

Small Attainable Goals

Small Attainable Goals

Rather than creating a ten-year-long plan and causing many to lose motivation on the way, set tiny realistic goals and achieve them every day. After all, big goals are just a bunch of tiny goals achieved over a duration of time.

Encourage Them

Setting modest, quantifiable objectives is crucial since it gives you many opportunities to recognize and reward your team's efforts. Of course, this doesn't mean you have to give everyone a standing ovation for showing up on time, but it is critical to let everyone know how their efforts help the company go ahead.


Transparency plays an important role in workplace motivation. Trust is the foundation of all relationships, including business connections. One of the greatest ways to foster an attitude of trust among you and your team is to default to openness and a team that trusts you will be more driven and engaged with their job.

Transparency also ensures that all parties are working with the same data. That, in and of itself, can be advantageous to the team.

Positive Attitude

Happy employees are productive employees, and there is no doubt about that. No workplace motivation is better than that. Don't you think why organizations post the happiest of their employees on social media marketing banners? Well, happiness is linked to productivity and motivation. So strive to achieve a positive attitude in the workplace rather than a strict negative role, and soon you will experience better productivity levels.

Body Fuel

Proper amounts of controlled caffeine are important to keep the brain active. Especially when there is a lot to manage, it is common to lose motivation. In such cases, a mug of warm coffee can make a difference. In addition, make sure your employees have proper lunch breaks and snack timing to restore their energy levels.

Regular Breaks

Sometimes you need to step back to see the bigger picture, and nothing could be truer in the workplace. Rather than just fretting over the issue, take a deep breath, relax and recognize the problem. You will see it isn't that big of a deal.

Prioritize Yourself

Prioritize Yourself

This doesn't mean you should binge-watch your favorite season while the work is waiting for you, but prioritizing yourself is not pushing yourself beyond healthy boundaries. If you feel sick, take a break, and employers must also pay close attention to giving breaks to their employees.

Share Your Vision

Here is another idea for your workplace motivation. Do you think employees can work if they don't see the success coming up? Ensure the employees are aware of your long-term and short-term plans, and each time you complete a milestone, how about a little celebratory cupcake party?


There is a difference between leadership and being bossy. Workplaces that have a leadership attitude succeed more than organizations that are bossy. The right leadership can be the biggest motivational factor for employees.

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