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Incredible Ways for Hybrid Work from Home Schedules
Hybrid Working

Incredible Ways for Hybrid Work from Home Schedules

|Mar 18, 2021

Whether world events have forced your business to work from home, you enjoy working from home, or a mixture of both; one thing is certain: working from home is hard and building a productive hybrid work from home schedule is harder, and full of distractions unless you are prepared for it. There are several different ways to create an effective remote work schedule that are designed to increase your productivity, reduce stress and distractions.

Finding ways to support your hybrid work from home schedule that you will need to undertake with some trial and error, and there are three good hybrid work from home models that most offices and individual entrepreneurs take. Looking at each of these three models and seeing which one works for you is the best way to get started before building your work at home schedule.

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The Three Work From Home Models

While it might seem that working from home is a fairly simple and self-explanatory concept for most people, it turns out that there are three main work from home models. These are the occasional work from home workers, the full-time work from home workers, and the work from anywhere model. All three of these hybrid workforce have different advantages and disadvantages, and it should be up to you to figure out which one can help you out.


1. Centralized Office and Occasional Work From Home

This method has a central office that everyone can and should go to get the majority of their work finished. However, it also offers a work from home option, either for emergencies or for convenience. If someone lives further away from the office or cannot get to work because of an emergency or other matter, they can seamlessly work from home.

Most companies typically have a number of hours or days that employees can work from home in a given month or week. If you love getting into the smart office and seeing your co-workers, but also want to have a safety net for when emergencies do happen, this remote work model can provide both.

Centralized Office and Occasional Work From Home

Moreover, the main con of this strategy is that you might need to split your attention from an office environment and a home environment. It can be difficult to adjust to both of these environments if you are not accustomed to your workplaces switching around. It is easy for you to build a good hybrid work from home schedule with this model as required working time already is included and proposed by the company.  

If emergencies do not happen for you, then you can certainly take a day to just not go into the office if you feel like it. That is another option that a lot of workers take!

2. Centralized Office and Work From Anywhere

Next, this hybrid woking method has a business in a physical location but does not allow that business to be restricted by location. If you are not in the same location, they might still hire you and have you work from anywhere. You can work from a couch, coffee shop, or an airplane without any trouble; you just need an internet connection! There, you have all the authority for your remote work schedule. 

Centralized Office and Work From Anywhere

In these cases, the company often gives out some form of benefit to the remote workers to make the remote work worth it. You might get paid more, get free dental or other benefits, or get trips that allow you to travel to visit the central location.

The disadvantage of this method depends on where you are in the world. If the company has a deadline in their time zone, it needs to be done in their time zone, which means you might need to work some unnatural hours to get things done on their time. Try to create a hybrid work from home schedule that always sticks to different time zones. 

3. Fully Remote Work

Lastly, this method of remote work is the most common for freelancers, who spend a lot of time working for several different clients at once. If you want complete control over your schedule and want the ability to take on as much or as little work as you choose, then this is the right model for you. There are many tools for freelancers to boost their productivity while remote working.

Fully Remote Work

Fully remote work can make workers more productive, especially if they are given free rein to complete projects on their own timetables. If you are working for clients rather than companies, this is the type of remote work that you are doing. It is also one of the most common types of remote work available. However, it is quite difficult for you to have a sustainable remote work schedule with this model as it requires high flexibility in time and you easily get distracted by the surroundings. 

How To Stay Motivated With Remote Work?

No matter what type of remote work you choose to do, chances are you are going to get distracted by something. Even with a dedicated home office design, it is still your home, and there is plenty to do. Your home is where you do chores, watch TV, relax, unwind, and spend time with family. It is very hard to make that a working environment too!

There are a few ways to remain motivated, however, with ergonomics playing a very big role in the process. Ergonomics is the combination of comfort and productivity, where you can be comfortable doing something for a long period of time. Designing your space to be ergonomic is a first step towards being very comfortable work from home environment.

How To Stay Motivated With Remote Work?

Secondly, you need to work on scheduling skills with some useful time management techniques. Whenever you were at the office your mind was conditioned to focus on work and had strict deadlines. When working from home, it is very easy to let those deadlines be relaxed a little. Resist the urge and still try to keep your normal work schedule.

Wake up at the same time, eat your lunch at the same time, and get your work done at the same time every day. If you can get your day on a strict routine, even when working from home, you can easily get all your work done without any worry.

Take Regular Breaks

Everyone is guilty of not taking breaks as much as they should whenever it comes to work, and at home, it seems to be even harder to take breaks. Scheduling regular effective breaktime into your hybrid work from home schedule to get more productive work. Scheduling your time using software like the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes work and 5/10 minutes break) works very well, as does 50 minutes of work and 10 minutes of break.

No matter what schedule you use for your breaks, make sure to stick to them. Even grabbing a small snack and getting up for a quick bathroom break is good enough after 30-60 minutes in front of a screen. On the flip side of that, do not get drawn into distractions like watching TV or checking social media. You should de-stress during lunch breaks with good meals.

Take Regular Breaks

You can easily spend more than your allotted five to 10 minutes on these activities while hybrid working, and then you start to fall behind!

Working from home is not as easy as everyone makes it sound, and it does require a lot of discipline to make sure that you can do it correctly, especially while making a good work at home schedule. If you can find that discipline, then no matter what hybrid remote work model you use and how to create hybrid work from home schedule, you are going to be perfectly fine with being productive at home.

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