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Industrial Style Office Chair – Is There a Place for it in The Office?

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 26, 2018

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Industrial style office chairs are seeing a big comeback. Seen across various businesses such as bars, hotels or restaurants, these chairs are now in full force in the modern office as well. But as with any type of chairs, it’s not only the functionality which is important as design plays a large role in the entire concept of an office space. Of course, industrial style office chairs are not new. They have been around for a number of years but today’s design takes inspiration from their early days, in the 1950s. With a new approach which also focuses on minimalist influences, is there a place for the industrial style office chair in the office?

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Helps establish a visual identity

There are many benefits to industrial style office chairs and office furniture. However, those who have not yet used such chairs might still be in doubt. One of the main reasons to consider these office chairs is the fact that they can help create a visual identity. There are endless offices being built in high traffic areas, abandoned factories or in high-rise buildings. Mix and match can work as a design if done right, but using an industrial design as a theme can be a shorter route to visual identity.

Having a unified visual identity can certainly help each business. The businesses only dealing with employees can create this identity in their eye but those dealing with customers can even an even larger impact. Companies spend a large amount of their budget to create identity and brand awareness. But this starts right at home, with the premises, where the identity is first built. Since the industrial design is also characterized by an attractive rugged simplicity, there are a few great options to consider when it comes to chairs. Of course, industrial does not mean the chairs cannot be customized.

Style is followed by function

The discussion on style in the workplace can be endless. Workers can vote, discuss, choose and arrange offices, desks, and chairs in ways which they think is most efficient. But in many cases, leading office chair manufacturers have found ways in which to establish a better relationship with style without sacrificing function. It is why so many modern office chairs would have seemed science fiction just a decade ago.

But this can go even further as the concept is integrated with desks and other office furniture. For many workers, it comes as one of the best ways to ensure the workplace is not dull, empty and with no character. These days are soon going to be behind us. Just a few years ago, companies offering these types of working conditions were making the headlines. Now, practical but style-orientated office chairs are the norm for most self-respecting businesses.

Industrial and environmentally-friendly

Businesses can have a large impact on the environment. Even a small number of employees can need considerable resources to run a business even for a year. This means that sustainability is crucial. One of the positive examples comes with Autonomous’ own AvoChair which can be easily broken into components which can be recycled. This type of design is highly recommended to what the future of business can look like. As those using the chair already know, recycled materials don’t need to be seen as sub-par as they can be at least as good as regular materials, providing a trustworthy chair.

Furthermore, in the context in which businesses need to deal with a large number of employees and desks as they grow, the issue of sustainability can be even more important.

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Great for communal areas

One of the unique advantages of industrial style office chairs comes with their adaptability and rugged profile for communal areas. Businesses with a large number of employees can use these types of chairs in open spaces or for desks which are not specifically assigned to an employee, as in co-working spaces. The industrial durability of the chairs recommends them among the top solutions for this purpose.

But communal areas can also include meeting rooms, staff rooms, lounge areas or any other types of spaces dedicated to multiple people around business premises. These types of areas can benefit the most from the minimalistic approach of the design which does not sacrifice durability.

Improved productivity

Simplicity can often enhance creativity. It is why an industrial design can prove to be a great gift when it comes to office productivity. Without too many distractions, workers can think clearly. It can be recommended to have a unitary look in the office where there are little distractions across multiple departments so that this can be proven at a psychological level across the company. With co-workers which are also focused on their tasks, meeting deadlines can be easier as well.

Creativity on a budget

One of the biggest issues facing modern businesses comes with the investment budget. Creating a space for the employees is not cheap anymore. Adding office furniture can also significantly increase the cost a business has in this direction. It is clearly recommended to stay creative in the workspace where this can be a real challenge, even for professional designers. But even designers need to abide by budgets and industrial style office chairs are certainly the right option. Even without having to look for vintage alternatives, these office chairs are now found new and in the best shape to abide by any type of budget.

The creativity of the office chairs with an industrial appeal can certainly be completed with a similar style desk. In the right environment, this can even reduce the costs of the office further. Industrial style office desks come with the same ruggedness and minimalistic design as their chair alternatives.

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Industrial elements to add character

So if you decide to choose an industrial style office chair for your own office or your own business, how would you integrate it in a wider space? From a style perspective, keeping the same industrial feel in the office can be the path to take. A few elements which go well with these chairs include:

  • Brick walls
  • Exposed ceilings
  • Signage and minimalistic artwork
  • Hanging lights

Some of these elements might need to be installed. Other elements such as brick walls may already exist on certain premises, such as in warehouses. Of course, lighting can also influence the entire feel of the office. With lighting in the right areas to highlight these elements, the industrial feel can also be enhanced. The good news is that these types of minimalistic chairs also work great with monochrome floors and carpets which ensure the minimalistic cohesion.

Some types of commercial buildings such as warehouses also allow for more freedom for design identity. It is why workers can have separate areas with the same industrial style chairs but in different colors, as to mark a different department or a different project in a business.

More space for the employees

But where did this industrial style came from in the first place? Rooted in reinvented commercial premises, the industrial design puts an important emphasis on function. Having the ability to work with more space in these cases, can also mean employees can benefit from a different type of productivity and comfort while at work. Studies show that the diminishing space available for the modern worker can often even be associated with depression in the long term. Having enough space for each employee ensure well-being is taken care of. Since the industrial design of the chairs is minimalistic by nature, it is recommended to consider this type of design when freeing up more space is a priority.

Industrial style office chair and the office at home

If the inspiration comes from business premises, the last place you would expect to see industrial style office chairs in at home. Those working from home or those who have office rooms can think of various styles but industrial designs are certainly starting to get noticed. With plenty of minimalistic options with an industrial inspiration for the home office, there is a reason to believe the trend is only going to get more popular in the future. In fact, many design rules are meant to be broken. People start using standing desks at home, which was not even imagined a few years ago. Furthermore, with increasing costs on the modern lifestyle, having a simplistic option is often recommended. For many homeowners, minimalistic and robust chairs such as those of industrial inspiration can also come with gained free space.

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How to choose an industrial style office chair

If you want to choose your first industrial style office chair, it is recommended to look at its functionality and how it is going to be integrated with the office design. While some may look for a fully adjustable chair which comes with a certain industrial appeal, others may favor fully industrial chairs with few moving parts. However, there are a few actions which are not recommended with these designs.

Using industrial style office chairs with vintage desks

Industrial style office chairs may be simplistic, but they might not work well with vintage desks. Those desks made from hardwood materials with a lacquered natural wood finish might not work as well with modern industrial style office chairs. A traditional desk with side wooden drawers might not be the best option.

However, plenty of design exceptions have been made over the years. The idea is to balance the colors and the design of the chair with the design of the desk. In this case, these chairs work best with modern and minimalistic desks.

In classic offices

Classic offices are still around for some types of businesses. In this space, classic chairs would be a better fit. Instead of replacing the vintage-inspired leather chair with an industrial style office chair, these offices would benefit from the same unitary look without needing a general makeover. Industrial designs can work in these spaces with a few exceptions. One of them comes with busy businesses where people come and go as the robust feeling of the chair can benefit these types of high energy offices.

Final considerations

Industrial style office chairs are here to stay. They have even left traditional offices and they are now used across multiple other businesses in the food industry or even coffee shops. Industrial designs specifically made to be used at a desk can come with all the functionalities one would expect from an adjustable chair. However, it differentiates itself from a certain simplicity and ruggedness which create its appeal of durability.

Most people looking for an industrial style office chair should also ensure it fits its purpose well. It means ensuring proper support for a correct posture. Many industrial chairs are simply not made for sitting long periods of time. But this does not mean overlooking some of the most important characteristics related to back support. Industrial chairs can also come with other characteristics such as height adjustment or swivel function. Even a rugged design represents an interesting choice when it comes to adjustment and the good news is it works great for at least some type of adjustability.

Autonomous offers a range of chairs inspired by the simplicity of an industrial style design. The ErgoChair 2 can be easily integrated with rugged industrial offices while the MyoChair can be an affordable alternative. Those looking for the best back support with mesh materials can consider the OsmoChair with its modern interpretation of an industrial design with an ergonomic design which meets simplicity and rugged materials.

Cyber Monday deals are now live for these chairs and other Autonomous products. If you are looking for a good deal, it is the best time to choose your preferred office chair to integrate either at work or at home for a modern working space. At the same time, those who are looking to build a new office space can benefit from the discounted rated for Autonomous’ height adjustable desks during the discount period.

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