Inspirational Ideas of Home Office for Two in Remote Era
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Inspirational Ideas of Home Office for Two in Remote Era

|Nov 3, 2021

It can be challenging to share a home office with someone. However, a solution has already been figured out for building a home office for two, so that's encouraging. Here are some handpicked small and spacious shared offices for two people that are minimalist and quirky - including side-by-side structures, open-plan arrangements, and arrangements for face-to-face communication.

Ideas on Creating a Home Office for Two

1. Flexible office layout

We should begin with desks suited for a home office for two, essential to staying productive and creating an ergonomic workspace. A standing desk provides flexibility, comfort, and ergonomics all day long. Consider a sturdy white standing desk for your home office after researching the best options.

The perfect shared home office desk should suit your preferences, let you perform a wide range of tasks, and hold all of your equipment. In addition, you can alternate between standing and sitting desk modes if you want a change of pace during the day in this 2 person home office layout. In our opinion, the Autonomous Desk Duo for 2-person desk setup is made for two people and doesn't occupy too much space.

2. Compact office layout

Compact home office for two

Since the top of a standing desk is much larger, you could easily use that extra space to store your headphones, iPads, and other electronic devices that need charging. In addition, plants in pots can create a barrier between the 'workspace' and other parts of the living room, creating a sense of solitude.

You can try facing your small writing desk against a wall if you have one in this dual workstation home office idea. It'll minimize distractions. You can also use this layout if you do not like people walking behind you while you work. Or if you want to be able to see the whole room or office or you want to be looking out into open spaces for inspiration.

3. Wall desks

Are you planning on moving your shared workstation away from the center of the room? Then try placing two floating desks side by side against a wall with our backs facing the rest of the room.

This home office with two desks placement frees up the rest of the room and if you think the space feels too bare, then try adding floor décor. Additionally, you can install some floating shelves above the desks to free up even more floor space.

4. Distraction limits

Distraction limits in home office for two

When you're in a room in your home office for two, are you easily distracted by what's going on? Do you find yourself concentrating better when you’re focusing on a wall in front of you? It may be advantageous to put your desk in a corner, next to a window if that is your situation.

You can only see leaves on the trees because the window starts higher than your desk, so this ergonomic home office is soothing rather than distracting. In addition, you have your back against the room door, actively blocking out unwanted distractions around the house.

5. Converting that extra empty room

Consider the following ideas if you want to turn the spare room in your home or apartment into a home office desk for two. Instead of a sterile or boring office, design your shared home office to be like a second living room.

Stay away from any space that is supposed to make you feel uninspired! A shared home office can be made more comfortable by including a place to sit. You can add a small couch or indoor swing or create a creative sitting area like a bean bag chair. If you need

6. Customizability for variety

Customizability for variety

Your two computer desk setup at home should give you the advantage of sitting in different positions throughout the day while feeling productive. Many remote workers divide their day into large blocks of work and meetings and sit in another location for each task.

Similar thinking could be applied to meeting management and other business items. Working from home becomes more productive this way. Remember that the desks do not have to be the central feature of your office.

If your home office for two ever needs a meeting room, the additional seating areas can convert to one. Having your back stretched out might be a refreshing change of pace if you have to make a long call.

7. Silhouettes

Style does not need to suffer because you have a small space. You can find contemporary slender designs and provide ample function - think drawers, shelves, and surface space.

8. Add visual inspiration

Decorating your home office for two with accents that reflect your personality is a great way to show off your unique style and boost your creativity and productivity. Keep the colors bold and the designs clean and minimalistic to keep the creative flow going. This will prevent distraction from work at hand (or cluttering the workspace).

9. Open-air layout

Open-air home office for two layout

Getting a cool breeze on a hot day doesn't mean leaving your office - simply position your desk and chair facing the door or window leading to a patio or backyard. Choose materials that allow you to see through them, minimalist textures, and organic colors for your desk. For example, a glass-and-wood desk paired with an iron table lamp creates understated boldness that compliments the view and keeps you focused.

10. Statement fixture pieces

There is a lot of lighting needed for late-night photography projects: passion, dedication, and a lot of time! Table lamps are an essential fixture in any type of home office, adding a touch of style and balancing out the room's decor without becoming a distraction.

11. Indoor garden

When you need to 'clear your head,' give nature a chance! Even indoor plants emit natural detoxifiers, which tend to help purify the air.

12. Add in recreational lounge corners

There are times when a more comfortable home office leads to a more creative workflow. Set up both an executive desk and lounge seating in one corner of your space. Make the space both educated and relaxed.

13. Using warm colors

Using warm colors

Depending on your work, you might find it easier to work with softer, warmer neutrals than bright colors. As the former effect can be relaxing and calming, the latter can be energizing and inspiring. Invest in a workspace that helps you function correctly!

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