Interesting Work from Home Game Ideas for Remote Teams
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Interesting Work from Home Game Ideas for Remote Teams

|Sep 29, 2021

Working from home can get quite lonely and boring at times since you are not meeting your team physically every day like you used to. Chances are, your project head would have been sharing a lot of teamwork quotes and interesting activities to pump you up for your workday, but that's not enough. Having some work-from-home game ideas can always help you in this regard.

The significance of having such activities is that they help you promote teamwork even if you are not meeting your coworkers daily. This practice has become more important than ever due to the pandemic. Now is the time when you need certain work-at-home game ideas to boost your productivity and level up your game.

We know that most of you might be pretty doubtful as to what these games can be if your manager has not introduced some work from home team game ideas to you. That’s why we have shared some of the best work from home game ideas for adults to help you with virtual team building and teamwork in general. So, without delaying any further, let’s have a look at them. 

Great Work from Home Game Ideas for Remote Teams

1. Breakout Room Games

Breakout Room Games

Zoom app’s breakout room games are a great way to mingle with your teammates. What the breakout rooms do is that they help you divide a big group into smaller teams. Thus, interaction between one another becomes much easier. Having such an environment, playing ice breaker games has become much more fun. 

2. Scavenger Hunt

You would have heard people playing Scavenger hunts outdoors usually; however, you can also play this game online. Such a game helps you collaborate with your team better and give a home-like experience to them.

One of the most famous games in this category is Agent V, where you and your coworkers are agents, and you have to collect tools and codes to get a bomb located and defused. You can only win such a game with better remote collaboration, so it keeps you active throughout. 

3. Pinturillo

Pinturillo for work from home game ideas

Pinturillo is a unique work from home game idea that is quite fun to play. It mainly revolves around the idea of doodling. The game goes like one player gets a word, and they have to doodle it. The rest of the team is supposed to guess what the person doodles. Since this game keeps you engaged, you do not feel left out while working in a remote team. 

4. Bingo

Playing Bingo can be one of the best team-building activities and work from home game ideas that will also ensure that you stay fresh and active. A Remote Work Bingo is a great way to have fun with your teammates. To make the game more loveable, you can also have prizes at the end for the winner. 

5. Trivia

Trivia for work from home game ideas

Having a little element of music can be a great way to gel well with your teammates. Think of having a pop culture quiz or playing old songs and make your teammates guess the song. Having such an interactive session before your meeting can be a great way to freshen up your teammates to have a better and more productive day

6. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms come in vital when you wish to have a breather between your busy day. Think of using your webcam to show your teammates a room with puzzles and ask them to solve it instantly by collaborating with one another. This is one of those work from home game ideas that will test your coworker's problem-solving skills and make them participate in work team activities

7. Donut Extension

Using a donut extension to your Slack is yet another game that you can think of playing with your colleague. This extension randomly pairs you up with your coworkers, helps you have a one-on-one ice breaker session, and allows you to work with them on any project together. 

8. Virtual Team Building Games at

Virtual Team Building Games at

Every employee is not interested in participating in team-building activities, as they might not be interested. In such a case, you can think of using other team-building platforms online. There is a great gaming website named that has myriads of team-building games.

Such games help you interact with your teammates while working remotely; thus, they ensure you all are fresh and happy working online. 

9. Kahoot Quiz Bowl

Think of using Kahoot Quiz Bowl to have a short quiz session with your coworkers before beginning a meeting, as this can be a great work from home game idea if you have more time. Remote workers often feel dull and find it difficult to get into the work mode.

So, having a Kahoot quiz on, say, some inside jokes or some interesting topics can help you get yourself, and your teammates engaged better. 

10. Team Map

Team Map

Team Map can be a great way to promote a healthy culture in your hybrid workplace. Since most of the teammates would have joined as remote workers since the beginning, having a short game session called Team Map allows you to know a little more about your coworkers.

What you do here is that you tell three fun facts about yourself, and the other person does the same. In this way, you get to know more about each other and build a better work environment. 

Final Words

Using the right virtual bonding idea can help you build a better work environment for you and your coworkers. All the work from home team game ideas that we mentioned above can help you have an interactive workday with your teammates. So, think of adding them to your daily routine. In this way, you won't get bored or feel any loneliness while working from home.

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