Autonomous Autonomous | May 18, 2017

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Two years ago ‘Hello Alfred’ an app connecting people with other people who could do their daily chores was developed in the name of  ‘affordable luxury’ and to give people more freedom and more time in the day to do what they enjoy. It made waves across the Tech circuit and two years on they are fully established and up and running.

This year a new Alfred appeared on the scene: Alfred.oi. But this Alfred isn’t a host of graduates with humanities degrees, this alfred is the Autonomous Deep Learning Robot infused with the API and PubNub API to create a functioning robot butler.

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Alfred was built last weekend during the Disrupt Hackathon, by the talented Dossey Richards and Dmitry Nazaroff of Lotus Technologies.

If you get something delivered to your house when you are out or can’t make it to the door, Alfred will answer the door for you, collect the products and bring them into the house. It can also go to the shop or a cafe to collect items or deliver things to you.

We’ve been making good use of Alfred already in our office. Check out our video of the first ever coffee delivery by Robot. Welcome to the future.

Just as we were recovering from the 24 hour Hackathon and a busy aftermath, we got an unexpected phone call. Lotus Techologies asked us to join them in presenting alongside some of the best of the Disrupt Hackathon in an official recap of the event.

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So we headed back to the mainstage with Dossey, Dmitry and Alfred to show the audience just what the app to control the Autonomous Deep Learning Robot could do!

We got a great response from the audience as Alfred carried objects across the stage. It was great to see the Robot come to life with some great software from some talented developers.

We’re excited to see where he’ll be heading in the near future!

We’ll be sharing our full run down on the event this Sunday. Stay tuned to see what all the Autonomous teams came up with, including our official Autonomous Winner!

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