Irvine Mobile Home Regulations & Top ADU Builders
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Irvine Mobile Home Regulations & Top ADU Builders

|Nov 11, 2023

Building an ADU offers plenty of living and economic benefits, especially in a state like California, where property taxes are high and living costs are rising. Many people opt for a prefab ADU in California to increase their property value, enjoy more living space, and develop something in the backyard for the perfect weather season. But building an ADU doesn't come without its laws and regulations.

Like any zone or area, California ADU law also states some Dos and Don'ts of building a structure like ADU on your property. If you are searching for Irvine Mobile homes and are planning to add a value addition structure to your property, then you must be aware of all the Irvine ADU laws and regulations for the area. Below is everything you need to know about the ADU permits California when setting up an ADU in your backyard.

California ADU Law 2023

All ADUs in any part of the country follow the same rules and regulations, but depending on the region, trends, weather, and safety constraints of each zone, there might be tiny tweaks in the law. While these changes might not seem significant, not sticking to them can cause you to lose your structure value and, hence, have an ADU that isn't approved for anything. Before working on prefab homes in California, Irvine, read all the ADU regulations below.

Allowed Locations

For ADU California, you can have a unit if residential uses are permitted on your property, and generally, no exceptions apply to this rule. The property with an ADU permit must already have an existing or under-construction single-unit family home or a multi-family unit, also known as a Duplex or triplex. The prefab ADU in California you are building must act as a secondary living or rental space, not a primary.

Allowed Locations - Irvine mobile homes

Minimum Lot Size

The good news with ADU permit Irvine is that your property can be of any size and will pass the eligibility for an ADU. There are no minimum size restrictions; hence, the structure permits are easy. This is not very common in other parts of the country, though; hence, you will find ADU grants California much simpler and straightforward.

Types of ADU

ADUs can be built on single-family homes by converting existing areas, such as garages, or by building new structures attached to or separate from the main house. It could be a pre-built portable container home in California or a full structure built from scratch.

Types of ADU

Unit Size

Firstly, the unit size must be compatible with the size of your property and the space in your backyard. But other than that, you will also find a standard size allowed for the unit size. On a single-family property, the allowed size is 800 square feet, and the minimum floor area should be 150 square feet. Some local ordinances also pass for larger sizes, but some conditions apply.


Setback for an ADU is the minimum space between the primary and secondary property. It is important to follow the setback regulations if you are planning the ADU for rental purposes, as setback allows you to maintain privacy and meet the living laws set by the state. For Irvine mobile homes, the minimum setback distance from the rear and interior side property lines for a new construction ADU on a single-family property is 4 feet. Setbacks on the front and street sides may be higher than 4 feet. These setback rules do not apply to converting lawfully existing structures into ADUs.

Permit Cost

The ADU permit cost California will greatly depend on many factors, and the most important one is the size of your ADU, its design, and the specific location you are planning your ADU. The range for ADU permit cost is generally $2K to $10K, but it can also increase based on the size of the lot. For an average 1200 square feet of property, the average ADU permit cost is around $8K.

Permit Cost

Fire Safety

If fire sprinklers are not required for the principal house, installing them in an auxiliary housing unit is unnecessary. But for a primary residence with fire sprinklers, you must have the same or less system installed in the secondary residence, too.

Rental Terms

Most people opt for a secondary living space or an ADU to generate extra income. This is achieved by renting a second property. But to ensure you comply with the rules when generating rent from your property, the law states that the unit must be rented for longer than 30 days to qualify as rental property. It cannot be used as a paid guest house or an AirBnB with only a few days' rental.

Rental Terms

Top Irvine ADU Builders in California

Hiring a builder for your ADU construction project in a messy and full-of-laws state like California helps you with your home construction project. Usually, builders help you from conception through execution by providing you with easy permits, helping you choose the perfect ADU site with the right materials, and complying with all the ADU laws to ensure you get a competent and long-lasting structure. But in choosing an ADU, you might also end up paying more for a unit when you could find the same services for less. Hence, a survey of the best property builders is important. Below are our top 3 Irvine mobile home builders in California to offer you the benefit of ready-to-live ADUs.

Autonomous ADUs

Autonomous ADUs are top-of-the-line ADU builders in the USA, offering services in all parts of the country. You can purchase prefabricated ADUs with customized needs, varying sizes, and all the standards met. You can also purchase Attached or detached ADUs or hire Autonomous builders to design and plan an ADU for your property.

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Coastal Builders

Another popular name in the ADU building business, coastal builders offer ADU properties for single to multi-family unit sizes. They have more than 5,000 ADU projects under their belt until now and provide fabricated and built-on-the-site ADU services with permits, approval, and all safety standards met.

Home Renew 360

Home Renew 360 is a popular construction company in Irvine, California, and they offer ADU services and deal with all kinds of home construction and improved projects. This family-owned business is recognized for its efforts and professionalism. They also have a strict timeline for completing their project on said dates.

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