Is a Wood Office Chair Comfortable for Office Workers?
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Is a Wood Office Chair Comfortable for Office Workers?

Autonomous|Jun 15, 2022

Buying the right office chair covers many factors and aspects that you might not have realized before. This cushioned buddy that keeps you in the same place for hours, five days a week, deserves some thought and proper research. Even though sitting all day when working isn't the right way where you should alternate between standing and sitting with a standing desk, an office chair needs to be comfortable for even the tiny hours you are using it for. Other than just a chair that catches your eye, you need to look for multiple factors that deliver a comfortable seating experience.

A wood office chair is a popular choice among office workers because, let's be honest, wooden furniture's elegance is second to none. From wooden desks to solid wood office chairs, the physical effect of wooden furniture is huge. It is not only natural and pleasing to look at but also very durable and gives a sophisticated and rich look. Though many people pass on wooden furniture because it is heavy, a light wood office chair gives you the best of both worlds. But is a wooden office chair comfortable, and can it beat the level of a computer ergonomic chair, which relaxes all the pressure points in the body and keeps you well-rested? Let's find out!

Types of Wooden Office Chairs

Having office furniture that simply uses the term wood is not enough because there are multiple wooden office chairs, and each type has different qualities. The benefit of opting for natural furniture is that you can get products with multiple features and distinctive features. Here are some different types of wooden office chairs.

Pine Wood Office Chair

Pine Wood Office Chair

Pinewood office furniture is less expensive than hardwoods like oak and cherry, but it does not have the same exquisite appearance. On the other hand, its rustic style can work well in more informal office settings. Pine can also be stained dark to make it look more like its hardwood counterparts.

Cherry Wood Office Chair

A cherry wood office chair offers greater quality because you can find it in both dark and light finishes. Cherry is well-known for its strength and beauty. Traditional wood office furniture may have finely detailed accents in a dark cherry finish, but modern pieces in a lighter tone of the same wood may have very straight lines and a simple surface.

Black Wood Office Chair

Black Wood Office Chair

A black wood office chair, also known as the walnut office chair, is known for its gorgeous color and grain pattern. You can get creamy brown to dark patterns, which are all perfect for a modern office. This type of office chair bodes well for elegant and luxurious workspaces.

Oak Wood Office Chair

Oak is a tough and long-lasting wood. This is critical for a piece of furniture that will support the weight of your workplace equipment. It is also a great choice for office chairs because oak can tightly fasten with nails and screws, working well for joints in an office chair.

Things to Consider when Buying Wood Office Chair

When purchasing an office chair, there are several variables to consider. Aside from appearance and price, it's critical to think about how the chair will be used daily. We've put up a simple guide on buying an office chair, complete with some helpful hints.



One of the major frustrations for office employees is when they have to get up from their chairs to grab a file or even a pen. This makes their entire workflow interrupted, and if it happens multiple times a day, you can lose a lot of productive energy this way. Hence desk chairs with wheels are a blessing for office workers as they provide ease of movement. Though wheels are commonly seen in plastic office chairs, modern wooden frame office chairs also come with four or five-wheeled bases to ensure free movement.


Comfort is one of the major deciding factors for an office chair because an uncomfortable chair can lower your activity and compromise your energy. Thankfully modern chairs are made comfortable to address various points. You can find a chair with an adjustable seat tilt, an adjustable seat height so you can reach the surface or even a desk chair with a footrest that gives you a comfortable position when your feet are feeling tired from all day of hanging.



The best mesh office chair has a breathable back to prevent sweating and feel hot while working. These types of chairs are designed to elevate employees' comfort and energy level because your back doesn't feel suffocated against the thick fabric or leather.


Office chair purchase drops a significant amount in your bank, and hence it is a purchase that you don't make every other day. You need to be smart with the purchase, and even though it means paying a few dollars extra so that you don't have to suffer from buying a new chair a few months later, it's all worth it. After all, you wouldn't like purchasing the best ergonomic chair only to find it broken or loosened after a few months of use. Hence make sure you are choosing a durable product.

To guarantee durability in your product, two things matter the most. The brand reputation because a company with a famous name and huge claims wouldn't subject themselves to humiliation this way. Secondly, the warranty they offer on the product. An office furniture bought without a warranty is a huge risk taken. Moreover, brands like autonomous that offer perks like Autonomous employee purchase programs have an image to stick to; hence they can be counted as durable.



How to Identify Natural Wood Office Chair?

The grain pattern of real wood is distinct and not entirely symmetrical. In comparison to faux wood, it is also sturdy and slightly weighty. If a chair has a repeated pattern or shows symmetry in design, it is probably processed or artificial wood.

Are Wooden Desk Chairs Comfortable?

For ultimate comfort, most wooden desk chair options include a curved seat. For both work and play, a hardwood chair can be quite comfy.

Is Leather Wood Office Chair Durable

Leather office chairs are more durable than fabric office chairs because leather is a naturally existing strong material. Although they demand constant maintenance, a leather chair gives a lasting usage if maintained and properly.

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