Is a Smart Standing Desk Actually Smart?
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Is a Smart Standing Desk Actually Smart?

|Feb 26, 2022

A simple change in the environment can substantially affect the mood hence impacting the performance, especially in workplaces, where our surroundings are considered very keen to make or break our motivation to work. Modern workplaces have realized how the layout, design, furniture and type of atmosphere in the office can impact employee wellness.

Hence, there are many modifications in today's workplace compared to the conventional office, which was all about work and strictness. Modern workplaces are ergonomic, flexible and comforting, all essential factors to instill better employee motivation.

With workplace flexibility paid huge regard, a smart standing desk or simply a home standing desk is a popular product you see when it comes to achieving the high efficiency of employees. But are smart adjustable desks really smart, and where to buy a standing desk that fits your needs?

In this article, you will get all the answers about the best ergonomic desks and lesser-known facts about smart electric desks and how they impact your workplace.

Why Should You Buy A Smart Desk?

Smart desks, just as the name suggests, are one step smarter than ordinary desks. They are made to make a workplace more ergonomic and health-friendly for the user. Since office standing desks are popular due to the numerous health benefits of working while standing, a smart desk ensures additional features that make a workplace a more pleasant experience.

There are many features that you would observe in a smart desk compared to a conventional standing desk. These features include, for starters, the memory height adjustment where you can preprogram certain heights and attain them with just a touch of a button and other functions to control the work environment.

Smart desks allow you to attain user connectivity with Bluetooth Wi-Fi; they also have charging ability and keep track of users' health and heart rate. Many smart desks can also reflect the productivity level of employees while working.

Things to Know About a Smart Electric Standing Desk?

Things to Know About a Smart Electric Standing Desk?

A smart standing desk, also known as an active workstation, is the most modern and health-friendly invention of science for the workplace. Smart standing desks, as opposed to a normal desk, offer various features in one product; hence they are also more expensive.

But what makes a smart standing desk so great and better than a common standing desk? Here are some things which are not so popularly known about a smart standing desk.


Posture correction comes with a standing desk, and many modern office desks offer a vast range of heights to attain the best posture position for you. But a catch here is that you will have to adjust the height yourself; hence one might not know what height is the most suitable for achieving the perfect posture.

Smart electric desks like standing desk connect can help you attain this. You can edit your height, and the desk will reveal the best adjustable height for your upright posture and working angle.

Voice Control

Smart electric standing desks, compared to a basic standing desk, allow you to avail yourself of the option of voice control. With voice control, you can give your desks commands and raise and elevate the height with just your words. Smart desks often have google assistant as their voice control, and they are very receptive to the user's command.

Alternating Positions

Alternating Positions with smart standing desk

Maintaining sitting or standing time becomes easier with a smart desk. We all know that sitting or standing for long periods is detrimental to our health. However, we do not keep track of how much time we spend sitting or standing. These advanced desks have advanced capabilities that allow you to measure your standing goals accurately.

A smart desk determines your exact standing goals by calculating your height and weight depending on your BMI. As a result, this is yet another important aspect of the smart standing desk. When other desks allow you to sit or stand, the Modern smart desks will notify you how long you can sit or stand during your workday.

Fitness Routine

Did you ever think you would get a desk that keeps you right on your fitness goals and not only cares about work? The modern desks are all about you and your wellness and making you the employee of the year alongside too.

These desks remind you to drink water, have a healthy snack, and exercise while you're at work. Workplace pressure will always exist, but neglecting one's health for it is not the way to go. With AI fitness indicators and notifications, smart workstations help to assure this.


Connectivity with smart standing desk

Do you need to enjoy music or pair Bluetooth headphones for a sudden prompt to call? While an ordinary desk will keep you searching for the right port to plug the headphones in, a smart desk has features like Bluetooth connectivity and similar features. You can connect your headphones, cellphone, and other smart office devices. This ensures you can get a smooth work experience along with a distraction-free work zone.

What Are the Best Smart Desks for Your Home Office?

Smart desks are advanced. Hence they cost a dime too. But to pick the best desk at the said price, you must choose the right product for you. Here are some of the best smart desks for a modern workplace.

1. SmartDesk Connect

SmartDesk Connect smart standing desk

SmartDesk Connect is a modern ergonomic desk from Autonomous with multiple smart features. This desk works with a convenient application on your phone that ensures none of your preferences are missed or overlooked. Smart desk connect works your way with fine-tuned controls and commands.

2. Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Another of the best standing desks is the Jarvis Bamboo, which, as the name implies, is made of bamboo – it's eco-friendly and has a durable polyurethane covering.

Underneath it is a frame capable of sustaining more than 150kg, with a full extension ideal for people up to 7 feet tall. It's a solid desk that glides into place (quietly) with adjustments performed using a basic up/down control panel or an improved programmable handset that works on memory settings.

3. Next Ergo Smart Desk

Simply the next generation desk, this desk offers all the features that make a standing desk modern and kind. You get connectivity, voice control, memory settings, as well as reminders to exercise, eat, drink and whatnot. Ergo, the next smart desk is made with patented technology to achieve what you all need.

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