KERDOM Black Friday Desk Chair Deals for 2024
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KERDOM Black Friday Desk Chair Deals for 2024

|Nov 2, 2022

Black Friday is a great time to purchase office furniture and work-related equipment. Since working from home has become a norm, Black Friday desk chair deals have significantly hit Black Friday sales. After all, what's a better time to purchase an ergonomic office chair that is heavy on your budget during normal days? And there is no point in working from home with a poor-quality chair that doesn't pay heed to ergonomics. Below we have gathered the best Black Friday desk chair deals and all the KERDOM ergonomic desk chair Black Friday offers, which you can find on Autonomous.

1. KERDOM Comfy Swivel Task Chair

This KERDOM office chair has an ergonomic design embedded into an aesthetic body. The chair has a breathable mesh back that suits well during the hotter months. Its space-saving design is suitable for compact work setups. It is also a great conference room chair with a simplistic and ergonomic design. The chair is available in more than seven colors and has an easy-to-install assembly. You will also get a 1-year warranty with the KERDOM comfy swivel task chairs.

2. KERDOM Ergonomic Chair: Additional Footrest

The KERDOM ergonomic office chair has an ergonomic design. It is one of the best ergonomic office chairs that will fit most of the budget, and as for Black Friday, you can also expect a great discount. with a multi-function feature to control full adjustability, you will also get 3D armrests, additional retractable footrest and a meshed back that can be tilted and adjusted in height. The chair also has a mesh back and cushioned lumbar support for additional support factors for people with weaker backs. It is easy to install and also has a 1-year guarantee.

3. KERDOM Ergonomic Chair: Advanced Contoured Seat

One of the best sellers from the KERDOM store, this ergonomic chair has a breathable mesh design to provide a high level of air ventilation for long work hours. The KERDOM advanced contoured seat ergonomic chair has a fully ergonomic design with multiple adjustment points. It allows working hours at a time, and the 3D armrests help you adjust in all directions. The comfy chair also has a high headrest that supports the neck and upper body. It has rollerblade wheels, making it suitable and protected to move on wooden hardwood floors. The chair has an easy-to-install assembly and comes with a 1-year warranty.

4. KERDOM Ergonomic Chair: Breathable Mesh Cushion

If you feel a meshed back is too hard for your sensitive back, then the KERDOM breathable mesh desk chair from the KERDOM ergonomic chair series is a great pick. The chair has a breathable mesh cushion which makes it different from other chairs. You will find the four support points helpful for a complete adjustment. The chair has lumbar support with rollerblade wheels. The silver legs are great for aesthetic purposes but also very durable, as they are rust-free in the longer run.

5. KERDOM Ergonomic Chair: Double Lumbar Support

Double lumbar support helps people with sensitive backs, and this KERDOM ergonomic chair has an ergonomic back design. It is a multi-function ergonomic chair with a new upgraded cushioned back feature. The chair has a tall, wide, meshed back for taller and bigger people. It comes unassembled but has a simple assembly in under 2 minutes. You will find this chair suitable for gaming, long work hours, and programmers.

6. KERDOM Ergonomic Chair: for Wooden Floor

The ergonomic chair offers the best lumbar support and four support points for the head, back, buttocks, and hands. You get a fully supportive chair to eliminate back pain and poor posture habits completely. The seat height, headrest, and backrest are easily adjustable to accommodate various needs. This chair is suitable for people between 5'4" and 6'4" in height and is suitable for petite to tall users.

Both the cushion and the back are absorbent thanks to the meshed back. It is made steady, well-shaped, and elastic using a high-quality mesh. Moreover, the chairs’ wheels are constructed from tough PU material. The chair operates noiselessly so there will be no disturbance to disturb you. PU silent wheels move easily and cause no damage to a wooden surface.

7. KERDOM FelixKing Office Chair: Elastic Mesh & Adjustable Backrest

The KERDOM FelixKing Office chair is a reclining office chair thanks to its adjustable back. The chair has a smart design. Though it does not have a headrest, the chair is fully adjustable, with a wide back covering the shoulders. The modern adjustable office chair has an ergonomic S-shaped design that fits the natural position of the spinal curve. The KERDOM felixking ergonomic chair comes with a 1-year warranty.

autonomous Black Friday desk chair deals

8. KERDOM Office Chair: Flip-up Arms

Classic color and modern design are two features that define the KERDOM office chair at first glance. This chair delivers a great sense of fashion and is ideal for large workspaces with many employees. The compact design and a seamless and easy-to-move base make movement around the big office easy. Be quick as a cat to grab the file at the end of the table with this office chair. The chair offers 8cm height adjustability, which seems slightly less but is suitable as the height falls in the range of most people. It has 90 degrees storage armrests and a thick surface chair with armrests.

9. KERDOM Office Chair: Waterfall Seat Edge

This chair's ergonomic backrest fits the lower back's natural curvature, relieving pressure on the back. Full flexibility, support, and breathability are all features of the high-density mesh waterfall seat edge chair. The chair includes a substantial, cushioned seat cushion that will keep you comfortable all day.

Its space-saving design makes it perfect for small setups and convenient storage. You can flip the arms up and place the chair under the desk to save room. The home desk chair can fit in a space that is not too wide.

The chair is a mid-back computer desk chair with a sleek design and easy adjustments. Complement various decorative motifs. Great for the living room, study, conference room, and computer area in the office and at home.

10. KERDOM Office Ergonomic Chair: Adjustable Armrests & Headrest

Closest to the human body's natural curvature, the chair is designed for an ultra-level of comfort. The KERDOM office adjustable arms and headrest chair is a multifunction office chair with a pneumatic seat height adjustment. Features like angle adjustability, 360 degrees swivel, and complete mobility facilitate the user. The chair offers 30 degrees rotation and a 2.8 inches height adjustment.

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