Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring: Which Is Better?
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Laminate vs. Hardwood Flooring: Which Is Better?

|Sep 29, 2022

Are you planning to renovate your home office or thinking of giving a new look to your living room? In either case, you may think about doing something about the flooring. Since hardwood and laminate wood flooring are the two most relied types, people often wish to draw a comparison of laminate vs. hardwood flooring to know which is better.

When compared on multiple grounds, these two wood types are quite different. However, people who cannot afford to buy classic hardwood usually go for laminate flooring due to its cheaper price. Nevertheless, this criterion alone does not define much, and neither does it explain if laminate wood flooring is better or worse than the former.

So, it is vital to compare the multiple aspects of engineered hardwood vs. laminate first to understand their differences. You must know what engineered hardwood vs. laminate too. Nevertheless, you don't need to worry about how you will do that because we have shared everything in this insightful blog. So, read ahead as we explore further! 

What is Hardwood vs. Laminate?

What is Hardwood vs. Laminate?

Hardwood flooring, as its name suggests, is made using solid wood. You will find two types of hardwood flooring in the market, though. One is engineered hardwood, while the other is solid hardwood. The engineered hardwood looks a lot like solid hardwood because of the similar surface material.

However, underneath the thin layer of hardwood flooring, there lies a high-quality plywood core. People often like going for engineered hardwood because of its affordability. It is more DIY-friendly and can be easily glued to the floor.

If you compare engineered wood vs. laminate, the engineered wood is mainly made using wood pieces from maple, oakwood, walnut, and cherry trees. On the other hand, laminate wood is made using fiberboard and by-products of wood. Nevertheless, you may find multiple design prints, mainly on the laminate flooring sheets.

If you think what is engineered hardwood vs. laminate material’s thickness, the laminate wood is thinner than the former flooring type. It is mainly a floating floor that is not to be nailed or glued to any surface. If you think of which option is the right one for your home office, you should know the difference between these two materials first. 

Some Major Differences Between Engineered Hardwood and Laminate

Here are some major differences between hardwood and laminate wood flooring. Once you understand them, you will have a clearer idea of what they are good for. 


Laminate vs. hardwood Appearance

Solid hardwood is known for its attractiveness. Even the cheaper versions, like the red and white oak, are more attractive than the laminate flooring. The appearance of laminate flooring is such that it looks like solid hardwood from a distance. If you observe the newer versions, they have a more repeated pattern and grainy texture to make them look more real. However, when you observe them closely, you can tell that it is laminate and not hardwood. 

Safety & Resistance

Laminate vs. hardwood Safety & Resistance

The hardwood is usually installed over a radiant heating system whose temperature is to be controlled to avoid the shrinking of woods and opening of joints. Solid hardwood gives very poor performance when it comes to water resistance. These flooring cannot withstand floods or standing water.

However, engineered hardwood gives a comparatively better performance in this regard. But when you compare engineered hardwood vs. laminate, you will realize that the laminate is way better in terms of resistance to water and stains; however, if water gets in between their joints, the fiberboard swells, and chips.

That's why laminate is not recommended for places like the bathroom. Still, laminate is considered comparatively better in terms of resistance to water and stains. That's why it is recommended for humid areas. 

Cleaning Routine

The cleaning routine for both hardwood and laminate is very simple. You are only required to sweep the floor to remove dust and a damp mop with a wood cleaner to give the final touch to hardwood.

However, if you are planning to clean laminate flooring, you will need a damp mop dipped in laminate floor cleaner for best results. You must avoid the use of a steamer to clean laminate flooring. In addition, you don’t even have to wax any of these kinds. 



When comparing the durability of laminate vs. hardwood, you will realize that hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. You only have to care about the resealing of hardwood periodically. Nevertheless, if there is an incident like a flood, you will have to treat the flooring in time to avoid any repairs ahead.

As far as laminate wood is concerned, you have to take good care of its maintenance and learn how to protect laminate flooring from rolling chairs in an office. The laminate flooring often gets damaged when any object hits on them with greater force. In addition, UV rays and water infiltration are also among the common causes of laminate flooring damage. 


The laminate wood flooring has foam underneath its surface; that's why it is comparatively more comfortable to walk on laminate flooring than it is on hardwood flooring, which is comparatively harder. Nevertheless, the laminate flooring might flex underfoot. 


The laminate wood flooring is comparatively very cheap when compared with hardwood flooring. However, if the idea of having hardwood flooring is still your top choice, you can go for engineered hardwood instead because it is a cheaper choice for the same. 

Resale Value

When it comes to reselling, the laminate flooring never adds to the value. Still,  it is better than carpeted floors. On the other hand, if you have hardwood flooring in good condition, you can resell it as a premium flooring material. 

Endnote – Which Flooring Type Should You Choose?

Endnote – Which Flooring Type Should You Choose?

The entire discussion funnels down to which flooring out of laminate vs. hardwood you should choose. If you are looking for a good resale value, more durability, premium looks, and authenticity, it is better to go for hardwood flooring. However, if you have a limited budget, laminate wood flooring won’t disappoint you.

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