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LeapPoint x Autonomous: A Partnership to Improve Everyday Work

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Jun 7, 2021

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FacebookTwitterLinkedin and LeapPoint are glad to announce a new partnership aimed at improving the work experience for all employees. Autonomous designs essential office tools like electric standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and productivity software, and has now created a dedicated home for LeapPoint employees on the Autonomous website.

Introducing the LeapPoint Portal

All employees will receive special pricing on any Autonomous product, early access to new collections, expedited shipping, and 1-1 support.

LeapPoint x Autonomous - office furniture supplier

Those interested in the program simply need to sign up with their LeapPoint email addresses to be directed straight to the portal.

LeapPoint x Autonomous - office furniture supplier

We hope that everyone looking to upgrade their workflow will find this partnership useful. Access the LeapPoint Portal at

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