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Lift Standing Desk: 10 Best Options to Upgrade Office
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Lift Standing Desk: 10 Best Options to Upgrade Office

|Sep 24, 2021

A lift standing desk can help to counteract and prevent sedentary behavior. Even though we are not supposed to sit all day, most of us spend a significant chunk of our working lives hunched over at a desk. Throughout the day, you should alternate between standing, sitting, and moving. 

According to research, standing provides several advantages over sitting, including burning more calories and preventing back and neck pain. An excellent desk lift for standing might assist you in getting out of your chair and not sitting for the entire day. 

Standing Desk vs Desk Converters

Standing desks are the newest craze in the workplace, and they are said to have a slew of health benefits. They are so popular because they encourage movement, productivity, and a positive attitude in addition to the health benefits.  

In addition to providing a better mood and being in a more comfortable position at work, it can also boost your output and productivity. Employers understand that a happy employee is a hardworking employee. 

That is why many businesses are deciding to provide their employees with the most up-to-date lifting desks available. 

A desk converter is a device that converts your sitting desk into a standing desk using a lifting action or the press of a button.  

They can actively raise the height of your lift standing desk by elevating your monitor and keyboard. Unlike standing desks, which require only standing, desk converters can be used as either a sitting or a lifting desk at any time. 

7 Top Lifting Standing Desks For Your Choice

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

With a height adjustment speed of 2.3 inches per second and a noise level of 50 decibels, the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is the fastest and quietest. If you plan on shifting your workstation frequently, these considerations are critical. 

The frame of this lift standing desk is solid, and the multi-monitor desk comes with an XL table length that is large enough to comfortably fit two 32-inch monitors and two office chairs. 

There are fewer customization possibilities than similar competitor goods and there are a variety of top-and-frame combinations to pick from. You can also choose from two top lengths, five top fabrics, and three frame colors to make your own desk setup design

It may take two people around an hour and a half to set up. Although the instructions are clear, some may find that viewing a video was more convenient and efficient. 

You may never worry about your monitors falling off the lift standing desk when trying this over six months and altering the height multiple times a day. However, they may wobble at the highest peak.

Pros of Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

  • Fast height adjustment.
  • Wide height adjustment range.
  • Customizable height presets and styles.
  • Meets ANSI/BIFMA and UL certification for office use.

Cons of Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

  • A little shaky at higher altitudes.

2. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse

The Autonomous Autonomous Desk Expanse has a modern design with clean lines that go with any decor, and the L-section of the lift standing desk is ideal for students who need more space. 

This adjustable standing desk has a range of 29.5 to 48.5 inches, so it can also accommodate tall people. It moves swiftly as well, ascending at roughly 1.5 inches every second. 

The crossbeam structure minimizes monitor wobble even at maximum extension when typing or gaming. This lift standing desk desktop is also made of one-inch thick MDF wood, which means it may not bow over time. 

Nothing on your desk gets in the way with this Autonomous Desk Expanse, which expands quickly and easily.

Pros of Autonomous Desk Expanse

  • The desk is robust, and it does not wobble even when completely extended.
  • The frame has a five-year warranty, and the top surface has a one-year warranty.
  • You have a 30-day return window with a full refund.

Cons of Autonomous Desk Expanse

  • There is no built-in stop protection feature.

3. Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot's low-cost option is roomy and durable, and assembly should take no more than an hour. While it lacks the modifications of the other proper lift standing desks on the list, it is more than adequate for anyone looking for a straightforward standing desk.

With a simple two-button push method, it elevates to your preferred height at a smooth and silent rate of one inch per second. Two monitors, as well as other items such as office supplies, can be accommodated on the desktop. In addition, the general quality of the desk is excellent. 

The liftable desk's major flaw is that the assembly instructions are unclear, and some parts don't fit together correctly. It is recommended to do it slowly and enlist the assistance of a friend. Once you have completed the assembling process, you may use the lift standing desk with ease.

Pros of Flexispot Standing Desk

  • Straightforward controls.
  • Spacious.
  • Quiet.

Cons of Flexispot Standing Desk

  • Assembly might be difficult.

4. Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

The Fully Jarvis Standing Workplace has just the right mix of design, height, and accessory options to make it an ideal desk for a wide range of users. 

This Standing Workstation is a fantastic electric lift desk with a wide range of height adjustments, a smooth and easy-to-use mechanism, and the ability to accept various setups. It's also reasonably priced and comes with a solid warranty. 

The metal frame of this lift standing desk with the motorized adjustment mechanism is available in various colors and materials and as simple as possible. Furthermore, this desktop comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including rectangular and curved alternatives. 

You can use your own monitor arms and other accessories, but Jarvis also provides them. These extras aren't cheap, and some of them may necessitate drilling holes.  

The programmable memory panel, which allows you to remember four height settings, is the only one considered essential. If you share a workstation with someone else, this is beneficial. The adjustment is swift; however, the motor makes a high-pitched noise as it works. It is not particularly loud, but you may not want to alter it while on the phone. 

Additionally, for an additional $20, the Fully Jarvis offers an extended range, allowing the desk to adjust from 24.5 to 50 inches, accommodating people of varying heights. Despite a few bespoke features and extras, the Fully Jarvis is less expensive than other comparable solutions. 

The Fully Jarvis is solid and stable. This lift standing desk is equipped with two 27-inch monitors mounted on dual gas-powered monitor arms. It quickly ascends and descends. You can also lean on the desk without danger.  

However, there is a noticeable wobbling at higher levels. When you bump the desktop, the displays may swing slightly, and some individuals have noted feeling a tiny front-to-back movement when they lean on the desk.  

A crossbar would be a transparent approach to improve stability here. Still, you wouldn't be able to readily extend your legs under the desk when seated. You should own this desk lift for standing right now!

Pros of Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

  • Customizable design.
  • Quick and easy to adjust.
  • Customizable height presets.
  • Priced low to start.
  • Seven-year warranty.

Cons of Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

  • Slight shake at upper heights.
  • Additional crossbar can restrict legroom.

5. Uplift V2

Uplift V2

With excellent build quality and a focus on stability, the Uplift V2 is one of the best lift standing desks on the market. Some standing workstations, significantly when expanded to higher elevations, have the potential to be shaky. Uplift, on the other hand, is highly steady because of built-in stability supports. 

Anti-collision technology stops the desk lift for standing from lowering if it collides with something, and dual motors allow it to alter its height quickly and silently. There are numerous accessory mounting points on the tabletop. 

There are many different sizes and colors of desktops (and frame colors) to pick from and built-in cable management and curved or corner desk options. These devices also come with a seven-year warranty. 

The Uplift is offered in two versions: basic and commercial electric lift desks (the latter with significantly better stability thanks to a crossbar). Those living outside the United States can order a unit to be shipped.

Pros of Uplift V2

  • High-quality workmanship.
  • Many mounting points for accessories are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Cons of Uplift V2

  • International shipping may be expensive.

6. Branch Standing Desk

Branch Standing Desk

The Branch Standing Desk is a multi-functional piece of modern office furniture that may be used in various settings. It is the tallest of the electric lift desks in this collection, providing a stable work surface for people up to 6'8 inches tall. 

Additionally, the lifting movement is exceptionally smooth when the desk is lifted with two motors. A three-stage column system ensures stability even at the highest altitudes that this desk can reach (adjustable feet help achieve this goal). 

Four memory presets for the most frequently used heights, and cable management functions are included. The Branch Standing Desk consists of a few useful extra features, including in-desk power outlets (and USB connections), and it's straightforward to put up. 

A Team-Plus model and an Executive Desk model with the same depth but a larger width are available (60-inches rather than 48-inches). This liftable desk, which has a modest asking price and a 10-year warranty, might interest you.

Pros of Branch Standing Desk

  • The surface is stain and impact resistant.
  • It has the highest level of extension. It's easy to put together.

Cons of Branch Standing Desk

  • Four-to-six-day delivery.

7. Evodesk Gaming Desk

Evodesk Gaming Desk

Evodesk makes several great ergonomic standing workstations, including one specifically for gamers. The desktop can be significant, with options ranging from a 48-inch monitor to a 72-inch monster. 

Furthermore, the Evoguard finish is a nicely textured surface that appears like a high-end mouse pad and is great for using your gaming mouse. 

This gaming lifting desk also has a curved (concave) edge for better ergonomics and an integrated Harman Kardon sound system. 

When the action heats up, and you are frantically mousing over that Evoguard finish, it is crucial to have a well-made and robust mouse. 

The Gaming Desk may be changed to over 250 various height combinations with a smooth raising/lowering movement (and comes with the standard memory settings).

Pros of Evodesk Gaming Desk

  • Explicitly designed for gamers.
  • Large work surface.
  • Textured surface.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Built-in speakers.

Cons of Evodesk Gaming Desk

  • All features may not be used.

Best 3 Desk Converters For Your Workstation

1. VariDesk Electric Pro Plus 32

VariDesk Electric Pro Plus 32

A top recommendation for the best standing desk converter is the VariDesk Electric Pro Plus 32 Electric. It does not require any assembly and is ready to use right away. The VariDesk is extremely simple to adjust: a touch-button operation includes an up button that raises the height to 19 inches and a down button that lowers it quickly. This means you shouldn't be dragging or lifting anything. 

A second tier (32 x 15 inches) is large enough to accommodate two monitors. The lower layer has enough space to accommodate a keyboard and mouse. This heavy-duty desktop converter is constructed of commercial-grade materials and can hold up to 50 pounds.

Pros of VariDesk Electric Pro Plus 32

  • Heightens by nearly 20 inches.
  • It can hold two monitors.
  • Maximum load of 50 pounds.
  • There is no need for assembling.

Cons of VariDesk Electric Pro Plus 32

  • Highly priced.
  • Heavy and difficult to move.

2. Readydesk 2 Adjustable Standing Desk

Readydesk 2 Adjustable Standing Desk

Consider the Readydesk 2 standing desk converter if you need an adjustable desk converter that is comfortable for a shorter height.  

The height of most desk converters can be altered, but the vertical space between the two layers cannot. The Readydesk 2, on the other hand, features 10 different shelf notches, allowing you to put the keyboard and monitor shelves as low as you need them. 

There are also built-in spaces for tucking cords away. On the company's website, you can also purchase an additional shelf to make three workstation layers. 

The Readydesk 2 has a weight capacity of 75 pounds.

Pros of Readydesk 2 Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Height adjustments are possible.
  • It can hold up to 75 pounds.
  • Birchwood is a renewable resource.
  • Purchase of a third shelf is an option.

Cons of Readydesk 2 Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Assembling is required.
  • Shelves are not as large as those on other desks.

3. Mount-It! Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Mount-It! Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Mount-It! is ideal if you require a large desktop. This extra wide height adjustable standing desk converter is 48 inches wide, allowing for many monitors to be used. It also includes a place for holding tablets and smartphones upright. 

A gas spring system raises the desk from six inches to 19.25 inches, giving it a total height adjustment of 14.4 inches. A separate tray is provided for your keyboard and mouse. 

The desktop converter can handle up to 33 pounds of weight.

Pros of Mount-It! Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Two-tiered wide desktop.
  • Tablet and smartphone slots.
  • Footpads made of rubber.

Cons of Mount-It! Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Raise and lower manually.
  • Some assembly is required.

Final Thoughts

Standing workstations can help with inactive behavior prevention and decrease. There is something to meet your needs, whether you want a desk for gaming, an affordable option, or something with a more polished look and feel.

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