Lighten Up Your Home Office with a White Ergonomic Office Chair

Lighten Up Your Home Office with a White Ergonomic Office Chair

|Sep 22, 2020

Many people work at a desk for most of the day. It is how they earn their income. However, a study shows that people sit for about ten hours per day. Whether it is jotting things down, typing up an email, or making phone calls, desk workers have gotten used to sitting down. 

Health experts warn that sitting down for too long can have damaging effects on your health. Lower energy, high blood pressure, and obesity are some of the dangers that desk workers face. However, it is complicated to avoid sitting while you work.

Instead of running up your risk of an unhealthy lifestyle, combat the dangers with a white ergonomic office chair. The color and comfort can bring a unique energy to your home office, making you more productive and happier.  

1. What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is all about making sure that a person feels comfortable in their workspace to maximize their productivity. Having ergonomic office furniture can make the work environment much more comfortable.

Additionally, there are scientific studies that prove certain qualities of ergonomics. For instance, keeping your computer screen a certain distance can keep you more productive; adjusting your chair to a certain height makes you more comfortable to keep you consistently on task; and certain colors can influence your efficiency. With some minor ergonomic adjustments, you can get more work done without even realizing it. 

2. Why Do You Need an Ergonomic Chair?

2.1. The Importance of Ergonomics for the Home Office?

Ergonomics is essential for your office because it can make you more efficient. Scientific studies show that individual adjustments can improve your focus. Color and comfort also influence your mood. By finding the right fitting furniture and office accessories, you can strategically make your office a space that only benefits you. 

Color and comfort also influence your moodTherefore, when you are planning on making upgrades to your office space, consider the ergonomics and how you can make the workspace work for you. 

2.2. What Are the Characteristics of an Ergonomic Office Chair?

There are many aspects to an ergonomic chair. All parts play an essential role in keeping you comfortable for the day. 

One of the main characteristics of an ergonomic chair is the height adjustment. To sit in the proper position, you should keep both feet flat on the floor. Knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle. The best way to ensure all this is by adjusting the seat height. 

Another feature of an ergonomic office chair is the supportive backrest. Here, you can find fantastic lumbar support due to the backing's curved formation that naturally forms to the spine's S-shape. Plus, an adjustable seat tilt provides all you need for complete spinal comfort. 

Ergonomic chairArmrests and headrests provide added comfort to your ergonomic chair, though you might not think them necessary. Armrests keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle while the headrest gives support to your neck. Together, these features reduce the risk of shoulder and neck tension you may experience at the end of a long workday. 

A quality ergonomic chair uses comfortable material in its construction. This is to provide the most comfort possible to a desk worker. Wheels and a swivel also boost your office efficiency, allowing you to spin and glide your way to workday bliss. 

2.3. Is an Ergonomic Chair Expensive & Worth the Price?

Due to their many features and high quality, ergonomic chairs sit on the upper end of office furniture pricing. However, all the characteristics of an ergonomic chair support your body and prevent you from experiencing workday muscle aches and tension. 

Overall, even though the prices are generally higher, you can find more quality in ergonomic chairs- and less muscle tension. 

Ergonomic chairs can bring a lot of positivity to your office space, making them worth their price. Overall, you can feel more comfortable while working because your chair is working for you. Adjust it so that it forms in your body and feels more productive. 

Ergonomic chairs also promote better posture while sitting, which has some added health bonuses. Plus, you can have less back and neck pain after a long day of typing, writing, and making phone calls.  

3. Why Buy a White Desk Chair?

Believe it or not, but color has a significant impact on your mood and focus. Scientists have found that specific colors boost your drive to do certain activities. For example, blue is usually used to promote focus and reduce stress. Meanwhile, yellow can lead to creativity and positivity. 

White colorExperts have found that lighter colors have a positive effect on workers' mood and productivity. Natural light, especially, has shown to improve worker attitude, leading them to be more efficient. Lightening up the office space with a white desk chair is just one of the ways you can bring some cheer to your work area. 

3.1. The Science of Color in Workspaces

Keeping the color scheme simple in your office can lead to a positive effect on productivity. You may even see a happier shift in your overall mood. Using natural and clean colors in your workspace, you promote a more organized atmosphere that encourages productivity. 

3.2. Is a White Ergonomic Office Chair Worth the Price?

A white comfortable desk chair with all the ergonomic features can be on the upper end of pricing. This is, of course, due to the adjustable capabilities of the chair. However, the lighter color coincides with the fact that simple colors can boost productivity. 

However, a white ergonomic office chair may seem like a lot of money, but a combination of ergonomic comfort and color strategizing can boost efficiency in your office. 

3.3. Where to Buy a White Ergonomic Office Chair?

Ergonomic chairs range between $100 and $500. A white desk chair on the lower end of the spectrum most likely is not going to give your body the support it requires. However, reverting to the other end- the more expensive end- can have you paying too much. For this, you need a quality white ergonomic office chair in the middle. 

Autonomous specializes in creating ergonomic office furniture. So, you can go to an office furniture superstore for cheap supplies, or you can get high quality at a reasonable price with Autonomous. 

3.4. The Perfect White Ergonomic Mesh Chair

This white ergonomic mesh chair from Autonomous, called the ErgoChair 2, is all you need in office furniture. It has customizable adjustments to maintain your body in the proper posture. Plus, it is flexible and has wheels so that you can be as efficient as possible. The mesh backing is also a bonus. It keeps you cool even when working tensions run high.  

The ErgoChair 2 comes in a variety of colors to match your office persona. However, the white ergonomic mesh chair, through psychology, manipulates the brain to be more productive. Therefore, if you cannot pick between the fabulous colors, opt for the white ergonomic mesh chair to keep things plain and productive. 

4. What are The Benefits of White Office Chair

4.1. The Pros of a White Ergonomic Office Chair

A white comfortable desk chair emphasizes the light that you need to boost your mood. It also gives your body support throughout the day. 

a white comfortable desk chairAn ergonomic chair also has the power to maintain your posture. It is natural for desk workers to start to slouch gradually. This sort of posture can increase muscle pains, stimulate headaches, and lower your energy. To combat this, an ergonomic chair forms to your body and maintains you in good posture. 

4.2. The Cons of a White Ergonomic Office Chair

The main con of a white ergonomic mesh chair is the price. Many people feel it unnecessary to invest in an office chair when there are cheaper options available. Of course, there are always cheaper alternatives, but this does not mean you are to get the same overall quality. Putting just a tiny bit more money into a white comfortable desk chair can revitalize your office and muscles. 

4.3. The Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs in General

Primarily, ergonomic chairs support good posture. This alone has impressive health benefits, such as less muscle tension, fewer headaches, better circulation, and an overall better mood. Besides this, ergonomic chairs keep you comfortable and relaxed, even as the routine work stresses stick their foot in the door. 

All in all, a quality ergonomic chair can sprout health benefits and reduce the muscle tension caused by improper sitting formation. 

5. Do Ergonomic Stools Work Just as Well?

Ergonomic stools are a great way to mix things up in your office. Sitting for too long has already proven to be a harmful activity for humans. However, like a white ergonomic mesh chair, an ergonomic stool has its way of influencing your health. 

ergonomic stoolUsing a stool instead of a chair engages your core, boosts circulation, and increases your focus. These are all fantastic features to incorporate into your workday. 

The only downside of stools, though, is that they do not provide the back support of an ergonomic chair. They also do not do much to help posture. However, they are fun additions to your office when you need to change things up.

6. FAQs of Using a White Ergonomic Office Chair

6.1. Why Make Office Space Lighter?

When rethinking an office space, color says a lot- and influences you more than you may realize. Color affects humans psychologically and affects behavior, emotion, and work ethic. Whereas blue can promote calmness and focus, green reflects balance and nature. 

Using lighter colors, especially white, can make the area feel cleaner and more organized in your workspace. White is usually associated with a clean slate. When you start working, it is always good to feel refreshed and clean before jumping into another workday. A white ergonomic mesh chair can bring some light colors into space. 

Natural light, as research shows, also affects worker attitude and productivity. Even if you do not have a window, incorporating light colors can have similar effects. Thus, when shopping for new office furniture, go for the white comfortable desk chair. 

6.2. Little Ways to Brighten Up Your Office Space

A white desk chair is one addition that can make your space brighter and cleaner, but there are more ways to do this. 

If you have access to a window with natural light, use curtains instead of blinds. Often, blinds cut out some of the natural light that seeps in. Using light-colored or even sheer curtains can make space feel bigger and brighter. 

Go for light-colored furniture. You already have the white comfortable desk chair down, but maybe head for a light desk color or new drawers with a solid color. 

Instead of buying a new white desk chair or any other furniture, you can paint the walls to feel cleaner, as well. Choose a light color that can promote productivity or efficiency to get the most bang for your buck. 

6.3. How Should You Adjust a White Ergonomic Office Chair?

After purchasing a new ergonomic white desk chair, you should adjust it properly to get the most benefits. First, focus on the height. Your feet should rest on the floor flatly with knees bent at a solid 90-degree angle. Tilt the back so that you sit up straight and can clearly view your desk. 

Customize the armrests so that your elbows also sit at a 90-degree angle. The headrest should also allow you to look straight ahead without interfering. 

All in all, adjust your white desk chair so that you stay comfortable throughout the workday. 

6.4. How Should You Sit While Working All Day?

How should you sit while working all dayA white comfortable desk chair cannot do all the work for you. By focusing on good posture, you can reduce the risk of annoying muscle pain. 

Make sure that your back is straight. The hips should be as far back as possible. If you catch yourself slouching, just catch yourself and adjust. It is best if your feet are flat on the floor with your computer about arm's length away. The top of the screen should be in line with your eyesight. 

Finally, keep your neck in a neutral position and allow your shoulders to relax. It is easy to tense up while working. Take periodic breaks to take a deep breath and reset. 


A white comfortable desk chair has many benefits from improving your posture to psychologically influence your mood. Try one out for yourself and see a positive shift in your productivity and make yourself a smart workspace.

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