List Of Questions That You Should Ask During The Employee Satisfaction Survey

List Of Questions That You Should Ask During The Employee Satisfaction Survey

|Apr 17, 2021

An employee satisfaction survey is imperative for office operations. It will help you to understand whether your employees are satisfied or not. If you find out any issues, you can take the necessary steps. Now, we will take a look at the definition of a staff satisfaction survey. 

Well, it is a powerful form of survey that the HR department conducts. The purpose of this survey is to provide management with a direction regarding the satisfaction of the employees. If the survey result is not up to the mark, you have to consider that the employees are not satisfied enough. It may help you to improve employee productivity.

In that case, you have to take the necessary steps to make your employees satisfied. So, the first thing that you have to do is to prepare a set of questions. After that, you have to ask those questions to your employees. So, here are some of the questions that you can ask them. 

Job satisfaction questionnaire regarding employee satisfaction and organizational relation

Do they understand the objectives clearly?

Do they understand the objectives clearly?

Numerous studies suggest that if the employees are clear about their goals, it increases their satisfaction level. Also, it will elevate their job performance. If you see that some of your employees are not clear about their objectives, you should try to make them understand.

Are they going to work in the same organization for the coming two years?

You should know that a satisfied employee is beneficial for your organization when it comes to promotion. So, if the answer is yes, you are good to go. However, if the answer is no, you have to take corrective measures as soon as possible. 

Are they feeling overall satisfaction?

Are they feeling overall satisfaction?

Now, it is an important question. The response to this question will allow you to get an overall view of the employee. To be specific, the employee’s perception of your company will be clear. It will help you to make the right decisions and take corrective actions.

Do they believe that they can grow their career in your office?

If you witness that the employee has no idea about the growth, there is a possibility that he or she will leave your organization sooner or later. However, if your employees have a specific direction regarding the company’s growth, you can consider them satisfied.

Employee satisfaction survey question regarding employee satisfaction and teamwork

Employee satisfaction survey

  • Does the employee enjoy being a part of your team?
  • Do they get the necessary support from their team when in need?
  • Does your team inspire you too?

Employment satisfaction survey question regarding employee satisfaction and work-life balance

Employment satisfaction survey question

  • Are they feeling a tremendous amount of stress after working?
  • Is your job environment good enough to allow you a work-life balance?
  • Does the manager understand the significance of work-life balance?

Why do you need an employee satisfaction survey?

Employee satisfaction surveys come with plenty of benefits. So, the benefits that you will come across are:

  • It will provide anonymity to your employees. Most of the time, workers don't prefer confrontation. However, this survey will eliminate this issue, and you will receive some honest insights.
  • Your staff will become more productive as well as engaged. If they understand that you are giving importance to their survey, they will become more productive and engaged. If you want to increase their productivity, you can present them with an office ergonomic chair or adjustable standing desk. Besides, you can also place bulk furniture orders for your employees. Engagement will also help you to build work relationships with employees.  
  • You will also get honest feedback from your employees, which is imperative. The feedback will be biased as well. With this survey, you are allowing your employees to speak freely about your organization. Sometimes, honesty can be too brutal. However, you will be able to fathom what they think about your organization. Also, they will offer you various innovative ideas. If you can incorporate those ideas in your operations, you will come across numerous improvements. 

What are the different employee satisfaction survey types?

Why do you need an employee satisfaction survey?

There are different types of employee satisfaction surveys. Knowing these survey types will help when it comes to communicating with your employees. So, here are the different types of employee satisfaction surveys.

  • Standard survey - It is the most common survey type. Here, the managers will ask various types of questions. For instance, there will be standard questions as well as advanced questions. Besides, there will be branching options and robust survey logic.
  • Pulse - It is a short and simplistic type of survey. However, it is a powerful survey that will help you comprehend the morale and the mood of your employee. 
  • Three hundred sixty reviews - It is an employee engagement survey. To conduct this survey, you will need detailed analytics.

What are the elements to measure and track the employee satisfaction surveys?

  • Delegation as well communication of work.
  • Work’s nature and completion.
  • Workload distribution
  • Support and mentoring
  • Organizational culture as well as value
  • Appreciation and performance recognition.
  • Advancement plan
  • Dynamics and team members
  • Perks and benefits

So, here is everything that you should know about the employee satisfaction survey. You must understand that an employee satisfaction survey is pivotal for a company’s growth. If you don’t conduct surveys, you can never improve. The insights that you will get will help you to take your company to a higher level.

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