List of Extra Wide Gaming Chairs for Comfortable Sitting
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List of Extra Wide Gaming Chairs for Comfortable Sitting

|Mar 20, 2022

It's no coincidence that almost all of the finest extra-wide gaming chairs look as though someone plucked them off a customized Subaru. It's not just because we're all playing motorsports lunatics (though some of us are), but because both racers and gamers spend too much time remaining seated. That implies that whenever someone creates an armchair for them, it must promote good posture and ease.

Choosing the greatest gaming chair with a wide seat for you will guarantee that your spinal cord is well-cared for. Why pay top bucks for an advanced computer build to overlook your wellbeing? That frail, meat bag physique is more sensitive than you would believe. Take, for instance, the Karnox's Leather Gaming Chair, which is the royal gem of restrained-style gameplay seats. But before we get into the options, let's understand the gaming chair guide chart below.

Gaming Chair Size Guide

A gameplay chair's sole purpose is to maintain your backbone in good alignment as you remain seated for lengthy periods. To do this, you must select the appropriate chair dimensions for your physique. Compact, medium, big, and extra-large gaming seats are all available. 

Males are often categorized into four main primary height groupings, as per Health line's average height elevation for men statistics:

  • Short guys are under 5'2" tall and make up roughly 5% of the male population.
  • Guys of about medium height: These stand approximately 5'2" and 5'10". Young teenagers make up the majority of persons in this height range.
  • Guys of normal height: Around 5'10" to 6'2" is the typical height. This height category accounts for more than half of all players.
  • Tall guys represent 5% of males and are defined as taller than 6'2".

So now you know your height, let's figure out which chair would be best for you. Short people require gaming chairs with a maximum weight capacity of over 400lbs. Similarly, medium heighted people require chairs that can hold up to 500lbs of weight. And tall people will require gaming chairs that can hold up to 500+lbs of weight. Read our recommendations below if you are now looking for the best wide seat gaming chair.

Some of The Best Extra-Wide Gaming Chairs You Should Buy

Keep your alignment in consideration while selecting a chair for yourself. It would not usually be at the top of your priority list as you prepare for a raid at the stores, but you should not overlook ergonomics along with aesthetics. While you could go with an inexpensive gaming chair, why not reward your backside with something special? We've evaluated many gaming chairs, including a double-wide gaming chair among today's modern, most reputable manufacturers listed below. 

1. Bluish Gray Chair by Karnox Legend

Bluish Gray Chair by Karnox Legend

It is a gray fabric gaming chair made out of grade 2.0 PU leather upholstery which provides the chair with a breathable and airy fabric. It means that the user will not feel uncomfortable, let alone sweaty when using this chair. This one is specially designed for everyone, beginners or pro gamers.

2. Gray Gaming Chair by Karnox

This PU leather gaming chair has a fantastic tilting feature that accommodates the user's seating inclinations with ease. It's made of plush synthetic leather-encased over strong molded foam. The chair has a crisp appearance and performs well.

3. Vertagear's SL4000

Vertagear's SL4000 extra wide gaming chair

The Vertagear's SL4000 is an outstanding ergonomic computer gaming chair entirely inspired by racing car designs. It is made to be ergonomically correct and fit the user's posture. The high-back supports the user's neck and back and keeps the posture alignment in place.

4. Special Edition Chair by Vertagear

Special Edition Chair by Vertagear

It's a limited-edition seat designed to adapt. The racing series-inspired gaming chair is intelligently created to accommodate the user's head and back while promoting their physical wellbeing for a more enjoyable multiplayer experience. It can be considered one of the best gaming chairs for back pain.

5. Knox's Suede Gaming Chair

The Karnox's Suede extra-wide gaming chair features a beautiful black suede fabric upholstery, and it is also one of the comfiest gaming chairs out there. It accounts for one of the best wide gaming chairs available in the market, and it can also be denoted as the very best gaming chair for big guys.

6. Secretlab's Evo Titan 2022

Secretlab's Evo Titan 2022 extra wide gaming chair

The chair's user-friendly aerodynamics make it a wonderful match for prolonged nights' gameplay or 8 hours long typing at a keyboard for business, thanks to its excellent built-in lumbar support. It's very adjustable, so you'll have no trouble finding the perfect fit. The four-dimensional armrests, comfy sitting support, and magnetized head cushion are worth mentioning.

7. Omega from SecretLab

The extra-wide gaming chair uses top-notch, cooler foam to show assistance. It seems a little stiff initially, but then, it becomes comfier. With its velvet memory foam backrest and head cushions, the seat makes an impression on the crowd. It is among our list of big and tall office chairs. It's so comfortable that we can easily relax in the chair and snooze if we desire.

8. Herman Miller and Logitech's Embody

Herman Miller and Logitech's Embody

The chair's cascading spinal support design and ridiculously high artistry are outstanding. Yet, it comes with a few extra embellishments to entice gamers. The chair includes additional cooling material, particularly intended to enable a more dynamic gaming stance. It's extremely comfortable to be seated on for long periods, promoting an extremely healthy alignment. 

9. Gaming Chair – NeueChair

It is a good choice if you want utility over flare. That's not to imply that the NeueChair isn't elegant; it is available in a sleek, subdued black or bright chromium-based finish, including both bold and lovely arched backrests and an appealing black netting fabric. However, more crucially, it is made to last, robust manufacturing.


Several extra-wide gaming chair seats appear to be able to accommodate us large or tall gaming enthusiasts, but the fact is that most of the chairs are designed for people of ordinary stature who don't require that much seat room, comfort, or a high backrest. Investing in a chair that is appropriately sized and offers ergonomic assistance may make a significant difference in your long-term pleasure and assist you to prevent any stains or aches.

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